April 29, 2017

Why is facebook advertising so hard to get approved?

Facebook Advertising is a great place to advertise.

Business analysts confirmed that social media is by far the most effective medium of reaching potential customers fast and easy. That’s why many business enterprises large and small alike see social media as a medium that can make their revenues flow into their pockets without slashing too much from their marketing funds.

The one that dominates the social media industry is Facebook. With millions of subscribers across the globe that interacts daily, minutes and even seconds, Facebook is regarded as the “king of social media”.  With its amazing features like chat, picture and video sharing, games, and many more, people are getting hooked to it. Plus, signing up is free and easy, so there’s no doubt that even your grandma has her own Facebook account right?

Facebook Advertising

Yes, Facebook is not just building a small community now, but becoming a “mini world wherein people of different races have the chance to interact with each other freely.  This is what marketers see as a potential to reach out to their customers easily and promote their products and services effectively.

Aside from Google Adsense and other Affiliate Marketing strategies that businesses are dealing with, they find Facebook Advertising as another valuable marketing avenue to generate more profit and gain more success.

But Facebook is also a company that set rules and regulations for security purposes. Facebook advertising specifically is just another awesome feature the company is offering since the market that Facebook holds is really huge.

However, there is one thing that marketers are concerned about, and that is why Facebook advertising is so hard to get approved?

Facebook has set terms and conditions regarding the ad approval processing. Of course, Facebook adheres to the standard of moral living thus; profanity and products that can harm people’s health and morality especially to minors are hereby restricted.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Facebook Advertising?


  • You can reach your specified target audience as their slogan says ‘Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business’. (For instance, you can set your ad o viewed by female audience only in a particular country or community having a particular hobby or activity.)
  • With millions of users worldwide, your ad has a very high chance of generating traffic
  • The ad cost is very low compared to others.
  • CPC and even CPM models are allowed
  • Easy to learn design screen ad system.


  • Only one shape of ad and only appears on the side panel not on your content.
  • Keywords and tags are limited
  • Tracking of your ads or the reporting system is not updated as it should be.
  • You can’t rename your page instantly. You need to contact the Facebook advertising department first before you can be allowed to do this.
  • If you’re a company, you can only run a Facebook business page and cannot create a group of personal Facebook profile.
  • Don’t allow same ads set in different currencies.
  • The ad approval process is very slow.

It seems the con’s outweigh the pros but given that the ad approval process takes 10-12 hours, sometimes a day and other cases takes weeks before they are approved, which is basically what marketers want Facebook to give utmost attention now.

What adds to the slow approval process is the checking of images that are submitted along with the ad. Facebook makes sure that your submitted image or images are appropriate to your product to be advertized, no nudity and adheres to the copyright or trademark law. I don’t know if they do it manually, but the percentage of skin or any exposed part of a body that is visible on your ad can be a ground for the disapproval of your ad.

Quick tip: The ad approval process depends on the present ads queue. There are times that ads are get approved in just 30 minutes or less. Don’t submit your ad after 5PM, because likely they will approve it the next day.  If you have waited for more than 3 days but no reply if your ad was approved, the key is to resubmit it.

The long approval process is indeed the disappointment of many to try Facebook advertising and marketers are appealing that Facebook must do something to improve it, but the way I see it, it really pays if you are really patient enough to wait and you know that you don’t violate any of the terms and conditions set by Facebook.

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