April 29, 2017

What is Google Panda? Better play by the rules with your SEO.

Beware of Google Panda because Google’s main goal is to give searchers the best possible quality results whenever they search for information online. With this, Google just launched last February a very significant change in its algorithm known as “Panda” or “Farmer”.

What is Google Panda? It is created to identify pages that are called “content farms” or sites that are of low quality in terms of content value but shows up and dominates the results pages because of texts and keywords that are relevant to the searchers query.

Google panda, what is it?

There are tons of garbage pages and even websites that are created to aim the top spot in rankings. This is basically the technique used by SEO marketers who are practicing “black hat SEO”. They create pages and websites and bombard them with articles and text that are mainly keywords, most of these articles don’t make any sense.

That’s why with this recent Google Panda algorithm, highest quality, most relevant pages must be the ones that will shows up in the results pages. With this, it has changed the ranking system and the ones that are affected the most by this so-called Google Panda Effect are those websites that have higher bounce rates, duplicated content, and a lot of content farms.

Given that Google is the king of the search engines and Google’s rule is a rule that must be obeyed if you want to see your site in the top pages of the search engine rankings. Better play by the rules if you want your site to stay around for many years.

Things you need to consider so that your site wont be affected by Google Panda Effect:

1. Keep Posting Unique, Quality Content. Quality results every time is what Google is aiming for that’s why it’s constantly updating its algorithm system. Disregard copying content and posting it on your site. Unique content doesn’t necessarily mean new titles and new information always. You can borrow information or date from other sites and write about the same topic as theirs, but be sure to write it in your own thoughts and words.


When we speak of quality content, it should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. You want to please Google to get a good ranking on the search engines. Your main aim in writing good quality articles is for your readers to get the best quality information.


Rewriting or spinning articles is still okay with Google Panda as of now as long as it is uniquely written. But for
how long? I prefer to write everything with with my own mind and thoughts, this way I can sleep at night knowing that I’ll never have to worry about being de-indexed from google. Warning, Google Panda may even affect this strategy in the future so why not play by the rules now.
Quick Tip: Keep in mind that low quality content in your other pages affects the entire site’s rankings even if some of your pages have high quality and popular content.


2. Go back to the basics of SEO. Google’s spider is still programmed to crawl alt attributes and still weigh in keyword density. Interlinking is also an effective basic SEO technique that you can use to recover your site from Google Panda effect as it reduces your bounce rate by holding your searchers to your site reading your older posts. Maximize how you can use keywords in your advantage especially the long tail keywords. Stay away from keyword stuffing as Panda can detect it.


3.Try not to use External Links.  Panda hates the use of paid external links especially when you are using this in monetizing your blog.


4. Try to make your site easy to navigate or easy to load. Google Panda hates sites that take time to load. Sites that have many images on it are the ones that load very slow. Try to minimize the use of images as it affects the loading speed of your site. Also, make sure that your readers can easily find their way around to your site with the right labels and right content.


5. Use social buttons to boost ranking. Social buttons like facebook, twitter, and other social bookmarking buttons will give you the chance of generating higher traffic when someone shares your article. Google Panda deemed that articles that are popular online or has generated more votes on bookmarking sites are reliable and quality articles.


To sum up Google Panda, Google will always change its algorithm if it sees any alarming situation that can hinder its main aim of providing high quality results to every search query. For you not to be affected by its changes, it is always best to obey the rules and follow the mandated guidelines. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you are always on the right side.


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  1. I applaud Google’s efforts to weed out bloggers and website owners who are attempting to game the system. Original, fresh content will always be King on the Internet, and Google Panda reaffirms this. However, I’m not sure I agree (or even understand) why external links would are frowned upon. Many websites and blogs depend on affiliate links to pay the bills and they many in fact be helpful to the reader as well, pointing them to more information about the product and customer reviews. How does one know if Google Panda is “slapping” them?

    • shane garrison says:

      Hello Michael,

      I do agree that if your content is valuable then you will have people naturally back linking to your site. But, that can be a slow process. As far as the affiliate links being frowned upon, well I have affiliate links on this site. I think it’s okay as long as you don’t get carried away having more affiliate links then actual content. Google panda is searching for spam fest sites that offer no value to the reader.

  2. If your website is being hit by Google Panda, you should check which page that has most hit. You can try to remove them first.

  3. I hope you can post more about Google Panda. I would love to know what I can do if my website is being caught by Google Panda. Is it any way to save it?

    • shane garrison says:


      Just stay on the right site and don’t go to the dark side ” Black Hat ” and you will be fine. Do all that you can making sure that your site is unique as well as all the back links.

  4. I am wondering what kind of sites that will be getting a slap from Google Panda?

    • shane garrison says:


      Your guess is as good as mine :-), but again as long as your content and back linking is unique and done mostly by hand you should have no problem. When it comes to back links I do everything by hand with a careful eye.

  5. This is the first time I’ve heard about Google Panda and I am glad that I read this on your blog before it’s too late. I thought of getting a blackhat SEO to raise my ranking. Thank god, I have not done it. You really saved my website.

    • shane garrison says:


      thank god you found out about google panda, always be treat your back links as a very special important part of your blog. You have no idea where your getting links from when you use these software’s that offer 10,000 backlinks. stay away :-)

  6. I heard some websites are already affected by this Google Panda. So, to all website owners, don’t try to play cheat on your website. Please post unique article on your blog to express your real genuine thoughts on them.

  7. Shane, Very insightful post as I know that google changes their methods of weeding out the bad apples all the time. I agree with you as it’s best to stay one of the good apples and just play it straight and play by google rules. Many ways to make it to the top of the rankings without being the black hat guy. Can take longer to get there but so much more worth it as its more long term and the foundation is rock solid.

    • shane garrison says:

      Thanks for stopping by Greg, totally agree. I know that a lot of white hat marketers sometimes get frustrated by playing by the rules, while some black hat marketers are making a killing online. Well, for all of us that have done it the right way from beginning just wait :-). While google kills off all these spam sites, We’ll get more traffic .

  8. Robert Lloyd says:

    The latest Panda update on the 14th of October was a big wake up call for many of us. You are absolutely right that Google should strive to weed out all the content farms and other sites that provide little content value to the user.

    However, many “good sites”, with unique, quality content and totally white hat SEO have been hit quite hard on this last update – including me! I am now looking into all sorts of variables, such as page load speed, which is quite poor in some of my sites, due to the large and numerous image files they contain (as you mentioned above). Hopefully, improving this will help somehow…

    I am already seeing some improvement today, specially when it comes to the long tail, which had almost completely disappeared. I doubt this has to do with anything I have done in the past few days, but more to do with Google doing some tweaks here and there…

    • shane garrison says:

      Hey Robert ,

      Thanks for your well thought out and insightful comment. I totally am in agreement with you. Google panda will affect Black Hat Seo Marketers more than us white hat marketers. I’ll sleep well at night knowing that I’m very careful of how I market.


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