April 29, 2017

The purpose of a well written SEO article!

Articles play a significant role in internet marketing. It is one essential part of search engine marketing that can push a website UP or Down in the search engine result pages (SERP’s). Because of its viral capability of giving your website a higher traffic and good ranking, it is very significant that a writer knows how to write a well written SEO article.

If you will notice in the history of internet marketing, way back in the 90’s up to 2007, Google don’t give enough weight on the quality of an article a particular website is posting or uploading and even submitting on the different article directories for promotion purposes.  What they know at that time to gain more traffic is to stuff their content with keywords. For every article you will notice that the main keyword is mentioned more than 6 or 8 times in the whole content making it more readable to Google thus easily generated on the top of the result pages.  That practice is called “keyword stuffing” and now, it is in line with what Google called as “black hat SEO”.

Marketers have abused this scheme thus making content that has no sense at all, but with more keywords incorporated in the content. These optimizers are just after for the ranking and not focusing on the reader’s need for useful and accurate information.

But these days, Google have updated their SEO rules and regulations and have become very strict with the quality of the articles thus giving a chance to good writers around the world to speak their minds and let others learn, inspire and inform something about what they have written. Duplicated or copied content written by others can be penalized or banned or the worst may subject for legal action for “plagiarism case”.

With this fine-tuning to Google’s standard for articles being posted online, being a newbie writer wanting to write for the internet market, the first thing you should know is the purpose of a well written SEO article, given the fact that you already possess the art or techniques of good writing:


1.       Write for the Readers.

This is the ultimate secret for your article to rank or be popular in the web. A well written article is an article that brings light or a specific and credible answer to a searcher’s query.  It is free from any grammar or spelling errors and is deliberately compose for a single purpose of catering to the requirements and preferences of the reader.  Whether it be funny, informative, debatable, interesting, scary, and etc,  as long as it tickle or amuse your audience, you have achieve its purpose.


 2.       Write for Online Visibility.

There are numerous techniques featured on the web on how to have higher online visibility for your articles. Yet the most common and safe way to do it is to use SEO keywords and keyphrases on your content. Using SEO keywords and key terms is the only difference between plainly writing an article and writing an SEO article. You can find competitive keywords relevant to your main keyword using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. With this tool, you can see the keywords that have higher traffic internationally or locally that you can incorporate in your content so that google can easily fetched your content thus have a higher chance of good ranking.  This SEO optimization technique is basically for google’s eye only.  But make sure that you pick keywords that are appropriate or relevant to the idea you are trying to imply on your content.

There is no scientific explanation on how a certain article is likely likeable to millions while some articles are not. Sometimes a well written SEO article may be fetched by Google because of higher density attribute yet readers just spent seconds of their time on it and some may just click it. What I mean is that the readers or searchers are the one who holds the future of your articles online. What appeals to them will basically become their favorite.

Bear in mind that “human” will be the one to read your article at the end of the line and not the “bot”. So always write something that will let your readers see that you are passionate, experienced and credible on a certain field. That’s the secret!





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