April 29, 2017

The Benefits of using Google Alerts!

If you aren’t using Google Alerts, I think you should be NOW! because you are missing the great advantages of this amazing tool created by the World’s Largest and Best search engine-Google.

Google Alerts is just one of the many beneficial Google service tools to keep you “ALERT” on everything from news, blogs, groups, videos from all over the world timely and instantly delivered right into your inbox.

You can search in your queries as complex the keywords might be, as often as you want and get the results the way you want it, daily or weekly.

I’ve enumerated the many benefits that Google Alerts can give on specific genres:  I’m pretty sure you will belong on one of these groups.


For SEO Specialists

SEO Specialists tasks include monitoring daily the progress of the website they are optimizing. Thus they shouldn’t be left behind even a day if they wanted to maintain their rank in the search engines right? So with Google Alerts, SEO specialists are updated on these areas:

  • Easy tracking of specific keywords and phrases especially the competitive keywords that are being used globally in the web. If you created an alert for your main keyword or keyword phrase, you can monitor articles from your competitors that are using the same keywords as yours.
  • Easy generation of relevant or niche websites for “blog commenting” purpose, by just setting up an alert on the main keyword for your niche topic.
  • Easy monitoring of competitors recent posts and website activities. Just keep an eye on your competition.


For Business/Website Branding

In online business, the more visible you are to the searchers, the more the chance of generating more sales. That is why website owners need to keep an eye on with their website standing in the web and be up-to-date on the latest innovations especially on how to maintain their ranking, ways and techniques to find customers fast and what products and services are now trending in the web.

With the use of Google Alerts for your Business it enables you to:

  • Monitor who’s talking grudges or bad-mouthing about your products and services or to your company in general. Basically if anyone says anything about YOU or your website domain, you’ll be notified right away.
  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s business activities by receiving alerts on your inbox on their latest article posts or product launching and etc.


For Bloggers/ Writers

If you are a blogger, Google Alerts is a great tool to find or scout for your niche bloggers. In this way, you can easily comment on their blog posts regularly and build a common community later on.

Aside from that, by easily finding your niche bloggers through Google alerts:

  • You can find inspiration on topics, interesting reading materials, and forums that you might be interested on and write something about it.
  • You have the freedom and the access to pick from the sites that have good PR to comment on.
  • Enables you to find websites that are using or copied your articles either legally or illegally by setting up a Google Alert for your name or for your main keyword or phrase or for your article titles.


For Job Seekers

Believe it or not! Google Alerts can help you find a job that fits your qualifications. By typing in your query, for instance,  “administrative assistant in Ohio”, Google alerts will email you a list of websites that are looking for that specific position in that specific location, without the hassle of browsing for different job sites. You can choose to email the job alerts to you daily or weekly and showing your specified results whether “all results” or just the best results”.

The best among the benefits that Google Alerts offer is its quality service is absolutely FREE! So, why not use it now to your advantage?

For newbies, here’s a Google Alert Tutorial video clip you can view on:

To Get Signed up with Google Alert just click on the image below…





  1. Robert Lloyd says:

    Thanks for this post Shane. I have also been using Google Alerts for a while and it can be very helpful when it comes to SEO. In addition to receiving alerts related to blogs where you can post comments on, I find that I often receive alerts from questions posted on Yahoo Answers or other similar sites.

    It is good because usually a Google Alert related to a question posted on Yahoo Answers (and related to a particular keyword) is sent soon after it has been posted, which is ideal, as you can immediately post an answer with an added link to your site, giving you very targeted traffic for that keyword.

  2. I’ve been using them for a couple of years now – for all the reasons you mentioned. I even have separate gmail accounts for for each alert.

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