May 25, 2017

Unique content is king for websites, Reasons why!

The catch phrase “Unique Content is King” sums up the importance of Unique content in a website. Since the internet is also known as the information super highway, people use it mainly to look for information. It is necessary that any website hoping to gain a significant presence in the web should have effective, quality unique content. The information available in a website is its content and the essence of a website’s unique content lies in the text.

Writing for the internet is different to writing for other media, especially print. A web content writer should create unique content that is attuned for an audience with a different mindset compared to those reading in print. Hence, the web content writer creates unique content aiming not only for expression but more significantly for effective and concise communication of the message the website wants to impart.

A web content writer must put himself into his reader’s shoes, so to speak, to successfully impart his point. He can achieve this through the use of brief but concise sentences, simple, understandable unique content, organized and logical train of thought and visually attractive presentation.

Meanwhile, unique content also serves a very important purpose in optimizing a site for higher search engine rankings. The use of important keywords and key phrases help in promoting the website to gain these higher rankings. Aside from link popularity, search engine optimization through the use of keywords is one of the most significant ways of boosting site traffic.

Unique content writing can be classified into three different approaches for different purposes:

Marketing Content:

Writing marketing content is akin to writing an advertisement. You will often see this cliché when you’ve searched for writing marketing content. Without successful marketing, your product or service will fail, without effective unique content, your message is lost, without good writers, no doubt there will be no good content”. However, in making marketing content, your marcom (marketing communication) materials must inform, captivate, and motivate your potentials customers, in a professional way. Meaning even though the aim is to attract potentials customers, it should always be in business tone.

Custom Content:

It is the creation of coherent, custom sentences based on a certain keyword forming three or more paragraphs. This content is normally used as the main page content of an e-commerce website. In this type of content, either the boss or the content writer himself determines which keywords will be used in the content. Usually the keywords are incorporated into the content making it keyword-rich and thus, increase the chances of a high search engine ranking. Paragraphs are made in a light, business tone.

Blog Content:

Blog content can be informal or formal or don’t need to follow any format or style of writing depending on the purpose of the owner of the blog. If the blogger intend to blog to market his skills or just showcase his craft, he can write a post about it in a tone or style that he wants, after all he is his own boss.

What these three types of content must have in common is that it must all be unique. A website content either it is a marketing, custom or plain blog content that is unique generate higher ranking compared to copied or duplicate content.

Quick TIP: Unique content is the very foundation of a website for it to be successful and achieve higher search engine ranking

Some website owners prefer to buy Private label rights (PLR) articles because they are cheap and you can get it in bulk. Unfortunately, the risk of duplicate content or copied content is very high thus your chance of generating higher search engine rank is just average and at worst is low.

Unique Content is always KING as:

  • It will gear you toward establishing a reputable or authority site on a specific niche
  • The chance of getting the higher ranking in the search engine is high
  • Google changes its algorithm by eliminating copied content from the search results giving way to unique, and quality contents

Web content writing has gone through different approaches like spinning or rewriting or rewording articles just to make a whole new article out of it. But the idea of “uniqueness” is no longer present there because the ideas and thoughts are the same. And that’s how web content writing works this time. But unique content in the very sense is writing an article on a topic that no one has ever written before.

New ideas, new thoughts should be the definition of unique content.