April 29, 2017

The Warrior Forum, A Must For Online Marketers.

Hello Everyone,

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Today I would like to talk to you about The Warrior Forum and why I feel that it can save you hundreds, even thousands over the course of your online marketing career.

Not exactly sure but I believe the warrior forum started in 1999. The warrior forum is one of the longest lasting online marketing forums and by far the best on the net. When I first started my online marketing career I did what many people do and joined one of the several paid mentorship programs that you’ll find online. My starting investment into that club cost me $3000. At the time I thought it was a wise investment but over the years I realized that you do not have to fork out that kind of money to learn how to be a better online marketer.

The warrior forum has some great members, experienced marketers, and top guru’s “ By the way I hate using that word GURU” but many people use that name so if that’s what you want to call them :. Anyways, you’ll save money by being led in the right direction and as an online marketer we cannot be our own Island. Reaching out to a community and networking with more experienced marketers then yourself will help costly mistakes and shorten your learning curve.

Before I spend any money on a marketing software or the latest lead source generator I’ll log into the warrior forum and type in that product name in the search bar and usually I’ll find a thumbs up or down on that product. It’s great to have a resource to go to before investing money , to hear a unbiased review from someone who bought before you.

Also, They have great WSO’s also known as Warrior Special Offer. This is a category in the forum where other warrior members can offer huge discounts to other warrior members on a technique they use that makes them money, software, outsourcing etc. The best thing about the WSO’s is that you can read the reviews from the other members you who have already purchased them.

If you’re not a member yet of the warrior forum stop what you are doing now and go over to their site and sign up. It will save you time and money trust me on this. The warrior forum should be your go to place for researching and networking with others in the same industry.

Click here to visit Warrior Forum