May 25, 2017

Most expensive keywords

Here you’ll get a idea on how much adword advertisers are willing to pay for certain keywords. This will be a short post just redirecting you to a very informative website that I found with the most expensive keywords for adwords. Keep in mind that this is search engine Cost per click, not adsense.

Adsense cost per click I’m sure is much lower, however you can use this site to get a idea on high paying adsense niches. It is always best to pick niches that you’ll be able to write about on a consistent basis, something that you have experience in. If you’ve never made money online than do not create a website niche about making money online, make sense? Go where your passion is not what pays the highest would be my advice.

Here is a list of top 10

1. dui attorneys phoenix $133.14 cost per click

2. sell my structured settlement payment $111.36

3. donate your car los angeles $109.31

4. donate a car los angeles $103.03

5. texas mesothelioma lawyers $95.22

6. sell my annuity payments $94.16

7. florida mesothelioma lawyers $90.89

8. company settlement structured $90.44

9. mesothelioma clinical $88.89

10. rhode island mesothelioma attorney $87.56

There is also a search tool you can use on this site to find the cost per click on any adword keyword.
To see the list of 100 highest paid keywords just click on image below.