May 30, 2017

What is Search Engine Optimization “SEO”


The other day I was asked from a friend to explain what exactly Search Engine Optimization is, at one time I had no clue either. So, I thought this would make a great addition to

It’s almost certain that you’ve visited one of the many search engines while doing your online internet activities. There are several search engines on the internet but the top three  search engines visited are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

We use these search engines to type in a set of keywords in hopes to find content that matches what we are looking for.  Once you type in your search keywords pages among pages show up on the search engine.  User’s generally will visit sites that are on the top of the first page and may scroll down and continue searching sites on the first couple of pages. I reckon that people assume that these sites must have the most relevant information pertained to what they are looking for since these sites are at the top of the search engines.  If you have ever wondered why some sites ranked better than others on the search engine it is simply because of  online marketing techniques  called Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO.

Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is a technique marketers use to get there sites as high up on the search engine pages for a particular set of keywords that people may frequently type in these search engines. This of course benefits the owner of that site with more free organic traffic visits to their websites. Aww, but what is organic search engine traffic?

There are two ways to get your site listed on the search engines, First way can be very costly but still effective and it’s called paid per click also known as PPC. When you type in a set of keywords everything on the far right, plus 1st top sponsored site of the search engines is considered paid per click. Organic is simply the best way for marketers because it’s FREE but does take some time and elbow grease getting your site ranked high, as well as knowledge.  Organic free traffic comes from search engine optimization, all the pages in the center of the search engine pages  is considered organic . Only way to get your site organically ranked for free is to have some seo knowledge, by using search engine optimization techniques.

The more technical definition of SEO is the method in which search engines analyze and construct individual web pages and compares them to other website pages in order to decide where to rank and index those pages to be discovered within the search engines.  I hope my first explanation was more defined in explaining to you what exactly SEO is and I’m sure you can realize the importance of using this strategy for your online marketing efforts.

I will go into future training on to help others start learning simple strategies for SEO, in the meantime  you can start using the search engines now to start learning how to implement this strategy with your online marketing. You’ll find loads of information on the internet.

 Thanks for reading

Shane V. Garrison