April 29, 2017

What is Google Page Rank, and why is it important?

Welcome to Shanegarrison.com, I’m assuming that you’re looking for a simple understanding of what google page rank is, and why is it important.

Please, stay with me for a few minutes and I’ll do my very best explaining what I know about this topic!

When someone post content to their website or somone else’s for example “Article Directories”. Google will use a PageRank Algorithm to decide where to rank that particular content within the search engines. Google page rank is a number between 0 to 10 which is assigned to websites that are indexed by google.

Here is an example on how sites may be ranked “ 0 lowest , 10 highest”

0-3: New sites or sites with very minimal links
4-5: Popular sites with a fair amount of inbound links
6: Very popular sites that have hundreds of links, many of them quality links
7-10: Usually media brands, big companies or A-list bloggers ( Small percent of sites will ever be ranked this high).

So, if you just started a blog, it will most likely be a PR of 0 for awhile. May never achieve higher page ranking as it all depends on the quality and relevancy of your content plus inbound links. More on this in a few…

Don’t sweat it in due time, and writing good exclusive content to your blog over a period of time your PR ranking should increase, which will help your blog tremendously with free organic traffic. This is why I’m a big believer of writing all of my own content to shanegarrison.com. It’s my personal blog and I’m aiming over time to reach a PR ranking of 5 to 6 which is HUGE for a blogging site.

Another huge importance of getting a higher PR rank is having a good number of inbound links. These are links from within a site and from outside the site. You may have heard outside linking more widely known as backlinks, same thing .

It’s important to consider in advance on how accepting certain comments posted to your site with their linkbacks may help or affect your site. If it is not relevant and considered spam I would never accept a comment. If it is coming from a good source with a link back from a site with relevant content then this can also help your sites performance. Say I go out and add backlinks to shanegarrison.com , we’ll assume I did 100 today. If 80 of those backlinks are on sites with a PR ranking of 2 or less and 20 were done on PR ranking sites of 5 or higher . Well, those 20 backlinks I done on the higher sites will help my site’s traffic in the long term versus those 80 sites with a lower Pr ranking. This is also assuming that I’m posting backlinks to sites with relevant content as mine.

Here is an example on where PR ranking comes to play. My goal is to get ranked high in the search engines preferably first page for the keyword “ How to groom your dog”. I do a similar post to my blog, then login to my ezine article directory that I’m a expert author in and post another similar write up with that keyword used within my body and also used in the title. I check back in a few days and noticed that my article in ezine article directory has the #3 spot on the first page for that keyword, my blog post in on page 5. Why is this, well ezine article holds a lot more authority then my blog currently has. Ezine articles holds a PR ranking of 6 points out of a possible 10. My blog currently because it’s a new site with not too many links pointing back holds a PR rank of 0.

Now, understand the importance of PR rank and why it is important to your online marketing efforts? It really makes perfect since now that you understand the what and the why’s .

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Shane V. Garrison