April 29, 2017

Need to Outsource? Why not use Odesk.com

With the recession that the world faces today,  even multinational companies have tighten their budget and thinking of ways on a cost effective alternative to keep their businesses still running and gaining profits.

Outsourcing is the best option that they have found. Hiring employees from different countries enables businesses to save a lot of dollars and at the same time, creating more jobs especially those who prefer working from home.

One of the best platforms that offers legitimate outsourcing opportunities is Odesk.com. Founded in 2003 by two Greek entrepreneurs. Odesk, is very successful in offering jobs for job seekers and companies looking for freelance employees that will effectively do the task for them without going into their office.

Odesk is one of the most popular and legitimate outsourcing websites in the internet today. It is where freelancers can find work that rightfully fit their skills and experience and vice versa. It gives a great opportunity to freelancers with professional experience or with less experience alike to bargain their skills by completing the personal information and other fields provided in their Odesk account.

Odesk has nine categories of featured work such as:

1.             Web Development

2.             Software Development

3.             Networking & Information Systems

4.             Writing & Translation

5.             Administrative Support

6.             Design & Multimedia

7.             Customer Service

8.             Sales & Marketing

9.             Business Services


Each of the above categories is sub-divided into sub categories for specification. For instance, In Writing and Translation category , you will find in the sub-categories, blogging, content writing and any related work.

More so, here are the other Pros of Using Odesk:

For Freelancers or Contractors:

  1. Signing up is 100% FREE of charge for freelancers. Odesk will only charge the freelancers after they completed task of 10% withdrawal fee. Now, The contractor can also pay this fee its up to the two parties involved.
  2. You can view any job you want to apply. Notifications are updated especially if an employer wishes to interview you for a job.
  3. You can start up your hourly rate by $1 so you can get more jobs at the same time. You just have to balance your working hours so that projects will be delivered on time. You can then increase your hourly rate once you have established and have proven your expertise.
  4. Test Skills are available to test your writing and grammar skills.  This is applicable for every Odesk member. There are about 326 kind of tests that are available  for  free which includes Windows XP, U.S. English Basic Skills, HTML 4.01, Technical Writing Skills Certification, and Help Desk Certification to spice up or increase your profile and to let he employer see your proficiency in your chosen test.
  5.  Once you’ve got a perfect score or have made it in the top 10% or 20% of the result, you will be given a special badge that will also be displayed in your profile.
  6. Lets you include in your portfolio previous works and projects completed that are relevant to the jobs you wish to apply to.
  7. You can choose to decline or accept interview invitations depending on your preference.

For Employers or Buyers:

  1. Signing up is Free. Employers will be charged only after delivery of work.
  2. Allows you to pick skilled contractors like content writers, programmers, accountants, sales agents or telemarketers and even virtual assistant from around the globe.
  3. They have the option to pay Hourly or Fixed Rate.
  4. With built-in time clock monitoring system that enables employers to view freelancers work.  Offers screenshots of the activities of the contractor using the Odesk Monitoring software that is downloadable to verify work once the contractor clicked the start button, he or she is indeed working on the project and not just merely browsing stuff not related to the work.
  5.  Allows you to interview your applicants that fit your qualifications and decline those that don’t make it. With this, they will be notified that they have an interview invitation or they have been declined for the job.
  6. Enables you to verify the time logs or billed hours using their virtual time sheets.
  7. Has more payment options available.
  8. Since the kind of job you will be offering is a contractual basis, you are free to give employee benefits, pay employee taxes and other mandated benefits that an office employee must get.

With these stunning benefits that Odesk offers, it is perfect. Here are some cons that others found in using Odesk.

  1. Others find it too much to charge contractors 10% of their earnings for each completed job.
  2. Odesk is not liable if an employer didn’t pay their contractors in a fixed rate contract.
  3. Work screenshots sent to the employer to some is an invasion of their privacy.

To sum up, Odesk has proven its reputation through the years and still counting. With its millions of users around the globe and excellent payment system, it is one of the best online outsourcing company of today.