April 30, 2017

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Maintaining a website is probably the most crucial part of being a website builder. The challenges become more difficult as years go by. If you want your website to survive , you have to stay ahead of your competition.

A very powerful strategy to maintain a strong website is to know the current trends of modern technology. If you want to talk about these two things, you may have to look for  evidence where the technology is at its highest peak: mobile phone usage is HUGE and will be the FUTURE hot spot for online marketers.

She could be looking at your website...

Mobile phones in the past were simply used to send and receive messages or make and take calls. Now, however, these mobile devices can be used to play games, listen to music, take pictures, record videos and the most popular feature to people today: browse the internet.

The booming popularity of smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more obvious. Also, people are spending more time using their mobile phones than doing something else. In America, people spend two times the amount of time in using their mobile phones than they spend eating which is 1/3 of the amount they spend sleeping.

If you want to maintain and improve your website’s popularity, consider these numbers. The best thing that you should do is to learn how to reach these people who spend a lot of time browsing the internet using their mobile phones.  Make a mobile- friendly website. That is not only letting your site searchable or available but making it viewable, readable and user- friendly.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get if your site becomes mobile friendly. Let’s take a look at some mobile insights.

The Mobile Internet Growth

About 70 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone and according to Microsoft’s 2011 report about mobile statistics facts, out of 4 billion mobile users around the world, there are 1.08 billion smart phone users meaning 27 percent of mobile users access the internet through their mobile phones.

The Mobile Data Traffic

In another report made by Cisco from their Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast in 2015:

  • Mobile internet users will reach 788 million by 2015.


  • Global data mobile traffic grew in 2.6 fold last 2010 and which nearly tripled for the third year in a row. It is estimated that in 2015, the traffic from wireless devices will exceed the wired devices (desktops and PCs). Wired devices will be accounted for 46 percent of IP traffic while mobile devices and Wi-Fi will be accounted for 54 percent of IP traffic.
  •  During an average hour in 2015, there will be an equivalent of 200 million people streaming high- definition video continuously. In a busy hour, it will be equivalent to 500 million people.


  • Today, internet video is 40 percent of consumer traffic. By 2015, the sum of all forms of video will turn out to be approximately 90 percent of global consumer traffic.


If you will look at these insights, you will determine the importance of your website is mobile friendly. You have to provide millions of users their needs and that is to present them a website which can be browse via mobile devices.


Why Your Website should be Mobile Friendly:

1.    To increase traffic

From the above mentioned statements, it was stated that the mobile data traffic will increase in a drastic manner in the future. You have to use the mobile popularity to increase your site’s traffic. The more people who can view your site using their phones, the higher your site’s traffic will be.

 2.    To avoid high bounce rate

One of the most important things that determine a website’s effectiveness and popularity is its bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the lesser is its effectiveness. High search rate does not necessarily solve the problem when it comes to bounce rate. If millions of people can search your site but are not able to make use of your website (view, browse, read), it will be a very bad thing. You have to start building mobile friendly web pages.  Users will try to open your website but they will leave immediately if their device can not access your site’s pages.

3.   Avoid Losing Potential Customers/ Business Partners

The page rank and the search rate will mean nothing if users find your site “annoying”. It will be frustrating to be able to find a website that looks useful but is not viewable. Mobile web should be a hundred percent user- friendly. If not, its credibility will fluctuate and the website will lose its popularity among users.

Mobile web will be one of the most popular things in the world in the near future. The more you understand its importance, the better. The faster you can build a mobile friendly website, the more possibility of maintaining  your website’s credibility, popularity and effectiveness.

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