May 30, 2017

Does Safelist Marketing Really Work? Will it build my list fast! My Thoughts…

I have been doing most of my marketing by utilizing off page Seo tactics which works but takes a lot of effort and time. Seo is more long term benefit not short term , instant results. I have a buddy who has been trying to convince me to add safelist marketing to my arsenal of online marketing techniques.

In short, Safelist and List Builders are permission based email marketing. Members sign up to these sites giving permission to receive emails from the site in return of being able to send out their own emails to that database. The more emails they open up and read the more credits they receive which allows them to send out more emails to that database.

It took several months of my buddy suggesting to me to add safelist marketing to my marketing efforts and I’m glad he persisted. Right now I’m averaging over 100 leads a month just by using safelist and probably only spend 10 to 20 minutes every 3 days on my safelist efforts.

I definetly plan on joining more safelist to my arsenal since I’m seeing 100 leads a month from just the little amount of time that I invest. In my opinion if you become aggressive with safelist you can easily get about 300 plus leads every month just from safelist and listbuilders. But, In order to see those kinda of results you have to become a upgraded member with several of these safelist.

Benefits of being a paid member is that you will not have to be reading other emails for hours a week earning credits. Paid members give you the access to send out a certain amount of emails usually every 3 days to the database. Some are every other day and others are every 4 days but the average is every 3 days. The first time you register as a member to a safelist you’ll receive a one-time-offer. I highly suggest you take advantage of those because you’ll see the best results, if you cannot afford the one-time-offers then join as a monthly paid member in at least a few of them.

Shane V. Garrison