May 30, 2017

Top 5 article directories to belong too!

Article submission is one of the most effective ways to promote your site and your “self” on the world wide web. Your article will serve as the reader’s basis if you are an expert on a particular field or not. Your articles can extremely help grow your online reputation!

But, even though you are a good writer and have the best and well written articles just confined exclusively on your blog for your friends eyes only or bulked on your computer’s memory, it will be useless. Your influential idea if ever won’t be benefited by those searchers who are desperately looking for information that you might have written already.  So, for your articles to work on its purpose, you need to promote. How will you do it?

An article directory website is the ideal platform to let searchers know that you and your well-crafted articles exist. There are already a huge number of article directory sites that are intentionally created for searchers. Each of them aims to give easy access to searchers by listing every submitted article to the appropriate category.

Most of these article directories have the same standard in accepting articles before they approved it for posting on their sites and that is “Quality and Uniqueness”.  They require that every article should be unique, meaning it is not duplicated or just copied from other websites and should have quality which means, an article should be well thought off, grammatically correct and free from spelling errors. Aside from that, some of them set limits on the number of articles to be submitted daily to avoid the so-called “spammers”. Article directory sites that are regarded as reputable ones are those that comply with the rules and regulations set by Google.  Google and Panda’s algorithm changes quickly and is more particular on the quality rather than quantity of every article.

Are you now ready to promote your articles? Here are the top 5 best article directories selected on based on Alexa Rating, Google Page Rank, popularity and credibility. To be fair, I’ve listed the good things and the downside for each site for you to weigh in.

  1. . The word knol refers to articles, journals, and e-books or other writings that are submitted in this website.  It is likely to be compared to encyclopedia and Wikipedia because of the concept and features the site is offering.

The Upside:

Knol is said to be the “brainchild” of Google’s Udi Manber and currently holds the top 1 in Alexa rating and has a Google Pagerank of 7. Certainly, a number one place to promote your articles! When you sign up for knol, it will serve as you’re your encyclopedia of personal works and ideas. All of your works posted in knol are protected by copyrights. Not only that, you can free to post whatever topic whether it be news, fashion, food and cooking and etc. Freedom to speak your mind and thoughts is the best thing that this site is offering, but get away with pornography or anything immoral because this site is a reputable one.  The best feature that knol has is that you can add your profile’s url from other websites like social networking sites (facebook, twitter, stumbleupon) for added exposure. And if you already have a Google plus account, everytime you update or list a link on your google profile, your knol  will automatically update too.  How to Earn from Knol? For writers, you will earn by the number of page views generated.

The Downside:

Since every article is not moderated or reviewed and is posted automatically, knoll has a lot of cases of plagiarism, fraud, scams, and issues on grammar and spelling errors.

    2. this site is well-known for “how-to articles”. The content format is either bulleted or numbered because every article tackles about the step by process on how to do or fix a thing.

The Upside:

 Ehow ranks 134 in Alexa with a google pagerank of 7. This is a great site if you want to earn from your articles. You can submit any topic that ranges from food to sports as long as it will adhere to their standards. Your payment is dependent on the number of clicks on your Goodle adsense ads. The more popular your articles are, the more money you can earn. You will get your payment via paypal.

The Downside:

You can’t write for your own format. Flowing articles are not accepted in e-how. Titles should start with How to, and the content should specific as if you are given a tutorial to a person on a particular chore. The moderator is very strict. They can delete your account if they think you are a fraud or the content you are submitting are copied.

3.  Alexa Rating is 218. Google Page rank is 7.  Squidoo is an excellent article directory site to make webpages. Features multiple categories to post your article.

The Upside: is the recommended article directory site for businesses concentrating on affiliate marketing and wants to generate more traffic to their site because of its built in community that are ready to look at your personal page.

Aside from the earnings you can get from your traffic level, you can earn also from your tons of pages through the ads. You can Amazon and Ebay ads to your page to maximize your earnings.

The Downside:

Although it is a fun, effective for promotion and user friendly site, the only downside most users find is the earning capability the site is offering. Earnings are dependent on the number of pages you have. You won’t be making more money here in Squidoo if you have a maximum of 10 pages/ articles only


                      4.  Ezine articles. Alexa Rating: 223 Google Page Rank: 6. A 10 year old article directory submission site and is now the largest among the article directories in the net.

The Upside:

In 10 years of existence, ezine already built a strong reputation and credibility. Categories here ranges from the general to specific that is why you can easily find the right content that you are looking for.  Every article is subject for approval for 2-4 days.  You will then be notified via email if one of your submitted articles is approved or rejected. They are also very particular to the uniqueness and quality of the content. They accept articles that are narrative and informative in format and reject the ones with advertising or promotion tone. To promote your site’s name you can include it in the resource box provided for its members.

The Downside:

 Earning is not instant in ezine. You have to plant and plant and plant and let it mature before you can harvest by encouraging website owners to advertise on your page. And that’s the only time you can make money.  But, you need to have popular articles posted for you to be visible and attract people or website owners to invest on your page.

  1.               5. Alexa rating: 344 Google Page Rank: 6. This is the place where you can earn by sharing your passion, interest, and expertise and getting in new acquaintances across the globe.

       The Upside: is a fun site to write advices, experiences, reviews, ask a question, and start a forumat the comfort of your home.  Every “hub” or article that you published is also sent to your networks to let them know that you have posted a new article on your page. Searchers and friends can assess your article whether it is useful, awesome or etc. What is more exciting about hubpages is that they have a feature that lets you write you write and edit your content to your page.

Hubpages is a great way to earn through your published articles. The more catchy and popular the article is the more traffic it will generate and of course the more money! You will get the 60% of the advertising revenues and 40% will be for Aside from the monetary reward that you can get here, they also acknowledge those “hubbers” that excels in their category or field and give them badges.  This site is popular among housewives who want to earn an extra income for the family.

The Downside:

Since earning is powered by Google Adsense, your account to hubpages should be at least six months to start generating ads. And you have to update your account by posting new posts or content on a regular basis.

That completes the TOP 5 article directories to belong to that will brand you and can generate more money to your site!

The best thing that these sites have in common: They are FREE! So make the most of it!