May 25, 2017

Domain name tips, exact match keyword domains!

Did you know that you can get FREE traffic by choosing a domain name? It is very simple, and will only take a small amount of your time in researching. You’ll need to only use two tools while choosing your domain name for free traffic.

1. Goto  google adword keyword tool  ” just type in google search take you right there”.

2. Goto godaddy or another domain service provider where you buy your domains from.

Now, that you have these two pages open in your browser you’ll be going back in forth between the two sites.

Think about what you would type into the search engines to find a topic that interest you. Let’s say your new website project will be targeting people who are looking to repair their credit. type in two to three word phrases that you feel many others will type in the search engines using the google keyword tool.

  In this example, I’ll type in credit repair using the google keyword tool, once I submit it will give some ideas.

exact matched keywords. Is the com, net, org, info available? If so you have a winner!

I personally focus on the exact keyword match domains that are 25,000 and under global monthly searches. Yes, you can still benefit with a much higher search but will find it more competitive, for this reason I try to find 25,000 or less.

Imagine you buy a exact match domain that has 25,000 searches monthly and you are on the front page of google. Let’s say you get only 5% of that traffic clicking on your site, that is 1250 monthly visitors.
Wouldn’t you agree that if you have the exact match keyword as a domain your chances of getting on the first page is higher than having some odd domain name? Of course it will, and I have proven this technique on a couple niche sites that I own. Works like a charm every time, the more you test and utilize this tool the better you’ll get at finding the right targeted keyword domains.

Please leave a comment below if you have more tips regarding exact match domains.

Thanks for reading,