May 30, 2017

Reasons why network marketers should not promote their company replicated website


So your new to online marketing? Hopefully you’ll avoid this common mistake that many newbies make including myself many years ago. If your goal is to build your business utilizing the internet then I’m going to convince you on why

“You should not be promoting your company replicated website.”

As an online marketer it is essential to your success that you get your website organically ranked with the search engines. You can do this in several ways which include paid and free methods, but this article is not about how to get traffic it will be focusing on why you should not use a replicated website.

When I started marketing online several years ago in 2007 to be exact , just like a lot of you I had no clue on what I was doing so had to go through the learning curve just like everyone. I decided at the time to post a lot of ads utilizing free methods, I was very determined and spent up to six hours each day doing nothing but posting ads over a period of five months. During this time I was directing everyone to a company replicated website and have generated over 5,000 opt in leads.

Wow, 5,000 opt in leads and promoting a prelaunch mlm business that was promising all the wealth in the world to me if i just got several people that got several people and so on. Heck, I thought that I was surely destined at the time to reach the very top of there compensation plan within a matter of a couple of years.

Then one day BOOM, there site was offline! I rushed to my email inbox to see one short messsage that I missed hours earlier, saying we regret to inform you but we’ll be taking down our website and no longer offering this opportunity. OMG, I was crushed spending up to 6 hours a day 5 days a week posting ads during a prelaunch of 5 months to lose everything. All of my 5000 plus opt ins were gone never to see again. Thankfully I did not utilize any paid traffic which would have cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars to generate those opt ins.

Do you see my point? After that day I started researching and learning more and more on how to properly market and generate my own leads “THAT I OWN”, leads that if something like this were to ever happen again I would at least have my list. This bad news would not have been so bad if I at least still had access to the 5000 plus opt ins that I’ve worked so hard to get.

Now I was armed and ready to go on to my next venture, I was using my own unique capture page that once they opted in it went to my autoresponder “Aweber” which was outside of my primary business that I was promoting . The leads were now mine to take with me from one program to the next and market to that list however I seen fit.

Another thing that I learned is that:


“A replicated site will not get SEO”d ” picked up by the search engines” reason is that Google,Yyahoo,Msn search engines do not like duplicate content.”



When you are promoting your replicated website well guess what? So are hundreds and thousands of others. Does this make sense?

Now that I have been marketing online now for several years I’ve learned through the years. Not only do I own my own list outside of my primary company, I utilized a all in one marketing system where I can create an unlimited number of SEO custom capture pages.  Remember earlier how I said there are two ways of getting ranked in the search engines, you can either pay ” Pay per click , expensive” or get organically ranked “writing free articles, posting ads, blogs, press releases , etc.”

The system that I found has not only unlimited autoresponders but unlimited keyword enriched capture pages that I can create. Follow up postcard audio and video emails , and several valuable free give aways that I can give away for someone opting into my list.  So basically instead of using my own replicated website I stand out from all the other affiliates for one, and I can easily get organically ” Free ” rankings in the search enging since my capture pages are very google friendly and search engines can pick up the exclusive original content form my capture pages.

So please , if you plan on earning a living online then get away from those replicated sites and own your own list.  You’ll find several decent systems out there , some have to become paying members of several sites to get exactly what you’ll need. 

Shane V. Garrison