April 29, 2017

Starting a Blog, What will you write about?

Almost everybody has a blog. Either it is a personal blog, a business blog, a celebrity blog, a school blog or any activity that people do. People blog because it is an effective, efficient and an easy way of disseminating information across the globe. In minutes you can have your own blog as there are plenty of blog platforms online that allows you to set up your own blog for free.

But, although you knew the technical side on how to set up a blog, name it with your name or alias or anything that you can think of, the hurdle that most bloggers face especially the new ones is the simple question of What to write about on the blog.

Maybe you will say that you can write on any topic that you can think of and post it on your blog because it is just a personal blog anyway. Of course, you can do that. But think of this, when you are driving your car, you have set your mind on a specific destination to go to right? Same with blogging. To have a successful blog and create an online footprint, you need to think of a specific theme or niche for your blog.

Why Choosing a Niche for your blog Matters?

  • You can set a specific direction for your blog.
  • You can set yourself as a specialist or an expert in a topic area.
  • You can create your own brand.
  • You can build your own business.
  • You can establish trust and credibility
  • You can create your own community.
  • You can justify higher fees later on.

Quick Tip: Having a specific niche blog matters to SEARCHERS and to SEARCH ENGINES. Searchers search for a specific topic when they need to get information and details. And they would type in a very specific keyword in the search engine bar to get the accurate result that they are looking for.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well aims to give searchers the accurate results that they need thus encouraging bloggers to have a specific niche blog to achieve this purpose.

How can you decide what niche is best for your blog?

Start answering these important questions that will help you decide on what niche to consider to:

What are your interests? Jot down the things and activities that you are having fun of doing. For instance, do you like sports? What specific sport? Basketball, football, volleyball or tennis? If basketball is your game then for sure you knew how many times Kobe Bryant became an MVP or what year Michael Jordan retired from the game right?

Your interests can lead you in writing credible and excellent articles for your blog. You wont be running out of topics to right about because you can always write updates from the previous posts you’ve written. And the fun and excitement of writing will always show on your every post.

What are your passions? If you have narrowed down all your interests and decided on a specific activity or topic that your heart desires and eventually loving writing about it, it becomes your passion. If you have picked a niche that you are really passionate about, you will definitely enjoy doing it over and over again.

What areas are you knowledgeable of?  Being knowledgeable on a certain topic would be easier and comfortable for you to come up with informative and plausible posts. Your knowledge on something will be your edge on establishing a credible online presence and will have a great chance of becoming an specialist on your chosen niche later on.

What are your experiences? As the saying goes, “Experience is the Best Teacher”. People will always ask you whenever you are claiming to be an expert or an experienced person on a particular area on how long have you been doing this or that before they will believe you are really experienced. Even though you have proven to them that you can definitely excel on your area, the number of years of practicing it indeed matters.

In blogging, you can consider your experience on a topic or an activity as your theme or niche because you are confident that what you will write on your blog are already guaranteed effective and reliable and factual.

If you have answered those questions above, your very first post will show that you are knowledgeable about a niche that interests you. Passionate about the subject, and would tell the readers that you’re indeed an experienced one that can be a credible source of information.

With regard to the formats and styles of writing, we all have our own distinct way on how to express our thoughts and ideas in writing. Make it simple. Simple writing is the most effective way of writing.  Keep in mind that you want your readers to understand your article or post.

What are you waiting for? Start writing your very first blog post!

Short or long blog post, which is better?

Since I’ve just started blogging seriously of a couple months ago. I’ve been researching a lot about
blogging in general. One of my questions was the length of post, is there a benefit over shorter or
longer post? The answers that I found were all over the board I must say, so I’ll share with you my thoughts after reading several blog post on this subject from top bloggers.

Does the blog post effect SEO results?

My understanding is that the longer the post, the higher authority the search engines can give it. For example , I read about one blogger who took his site from millions ranking to under 50K alexa in a matter of 2 months. His technique was posting daily, but also writing longer post between 800 to 1200 words.

Others have said that they’re able to post more frequently with average of 250 word post which can target even more seo back to their blog. Instead of posting once a day they can do 2 or 3 post in same time frame.

Again, you’ll see many different answers to this question. Personally , I do believe that a post with 750 to 1200 words would give you better authority with seo. Think about it, Take two post with same subject that is uploaded on same day. Google has to decide which one has more authority over the other. Of course there are many other factors to this decision but lets assume that each blog has the same PR rank, same popularity, and link juice. In this case I would have to go with the longer post wins the higher ranking.

Does length of blog post effect readership?

This is also all over the board when trying to find a factual answer. We all know that most people have a short attention span. When writing a blog post our most important priority should be the reader, correct?

The answer I found is that majority of first time visitors want shorter post, repeat visitors your real audience really don’t mind longer post. Again, a lot of factors go into this. I will continue to mix up my style of both shorter and longer post.

To me it all depends on my topic, some subject matters will need more longer post to get your message across. Others can be shorter but if you do go with the longer post mentality be sure to add bold paragraph headlines. This way when you are attracting the readers that prefer short post, they are able to scan your longer post to find their answers.

Please write your thoughts in the comments below, I’m interested to hear your views.