May 25, 2017

How to start a blog for profit?

Why do you blog? Maybe you would answer that blogging is your way of sharing your ideas to others, to make new acquaintances, a place to showcase your passion and expertise, a perfect companion to blow off your steam and etc.

Others may say that they engage in blogging to promote their craft, or their products and services or their company in general. In this way, they use a blog to generate potential customers, thus have the higher chances of making sales and earning more money.

Yes, blogging is not just a way to INFORM, PROMOTE, and ENTERTAIN, but also an easy and effective way to EARN!

Let’s concentrate on how your blogging can give some money in your pocket:

First of course, remember to have a specific niche blog.  Your chosen niche should be something that you’re passionate of doing and that your heart is into. Each one of us has a special skill that we can write about. You just need to discover it and put it into practice for it to become your expertise later on. For example, you love taking pictures and images of animals and the shots are really great. You can make a blog out of it focusing on wildlife photography or animal photos. You can start writing on what is wildlife photography, how to capture good shots, and things like that.

You can always engage in photography but having a focus on one niche like animal photography can help you establish a distinct reputation online. Also, focusing on a niche that you have skills on would b easier and comfortable for you to write something about it.

A blog that talks about almost everything around doesn’t do well or won’t be successful compared to a blog that have a specific theme or niche.

Second, for you to monetize your blog, it must have more visitors visiting your blog and reading your blog posts. The number of minutes a reader spent on your blog post matters because it shows that they are really reading your posts and not just passing through or accidentally clicked your blog.

For your blog to draw traffic, you need to promote or advertise it. Start asking your friends and family members to visit your blog, follow it and comment on your posts. An effective way of generating more traffic is promoting your blog and your posts on social bookmarking sites, social media like facebook and twitter.  Remember that unique visitors are what matters and are the ones which have more weight.

Third, once you have established regular visitors and your blog is up and running at least three to six months, you can engage into money making ventures like:

  • Google Adsense
  • Sell advertisements
  • Engage into affiliate marketing
  • Ebook marketing.

Google Adsense is typically the one that almost all newbie bloggers prefer to start with. Aside from the fact that it is the simplest one to pursue and set-up, it is also a legitimate one.  With Google Adsense you are paid per clicks on the ads that you have posted on your blog.

Quick Tip: Google Adsense has very strict policies. Your blog must have regular posts and is updated regularly and is running online for at least six months. It is best to thoroughly read the policies set in by Google Adsense. Also, before deciding on signing up you may not be aware that you have added something on your site that would lead to the rejection or banning of your site when you’ve signed up. So please read the policies

When joining Affiliate Marketing, make sure to find a legitimate one that will work well with your site niche. You can earn a significant profit with affiliate marketing if you know how it works. So be sure you know how to play the game before making a bet.

You can also try making E-books and sell it on your site. E-books are downloadable electronic books that are in-demands now especially for students looking up some information on their projects online. You can write as many e-books as you can but make sure that the information are based on facts and credible. But don’t ever copy someone’s work and regard it as yours because you can be charged of plagiarism. Be unique in all your write-ups, make sense?

Your passion can be your profession when you start making money out of it. And blogging is the perfect medium to make it happen. Blogging is the fun way of showing your passion to the world and at the same time earning from it.