April 30, 2017

Have you tried Bing search cost per click advertising yet?

Being tagged as one of the giant search engines around the globe and is owned and run by Microsoft, Bing is trusted by millions of businesses and website owners that give reliable and consistently accurate results when they are looking for information or data about a specific subject or query. Previously MSN, Bing services has expanded and offers advertising programs for website owners who aim to monetize or gain revenue out of their websites or blogs.

Bing Adcenter is another profitable service that Bing is offering that will help businesses to get maximum exposure for their products and services to a wider audience through their content advertising program. This Bing ad program is also keyword-oriented like Google Adwords, 7Search and others, meaning your main keyword or key phrases that will best describe your products and services must be included in your marketing content. For Bing, they call this service CPP (cost-per-click) while to some is PPC (pay-per-click).

Now, that Yahoo and Bing search have merged their advertising program, many are enticed to try the program because it’s just hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing. Through these combined markets, website owners and online marketers can be able to monitor or track their campaign performance through web based solutions. Once you are registered with Yahoo, your ads are running also with Bing. This is probably their scheme of overpowering Google Ads. With this union, Matt Lyndon, Microsoft Ad GM has this to say “You need a lot of advertisers to provide the most relevant advertising experience. You don’t want to show an ad for ‘Tacoma plumber’ when a visitor is searching for a plumber in Seattle. The only way to create a market to attract more advertisers is to have a product with a high volume of searchers using it.”

Here are some Pros that you may help you think of giving Bing Ads a try

  1. Low Bid Price. Of course, marketers will always ask for this and will always consider the cost before anything else. Bing search ad is said to be lower in price compared to other online advertising companies around. How low? Well, hundreds of website owners are bidding to be included in the first page of the SERP’s, and that line with Bing is shorter compared to Google, so advertisers pay less for their keywords to be placed in that page.
  2. Better Conversion rate. Google is more popular than Bing, that’s a fact. That’ why the chance of generating traffic is high, but with millions of competitors, you need to really work hard to be successful on your campaign. But, with Bing, although, you are not assured of getting high traffic, you can get an access to the customers of MSN, which can later on can convert you more sales. Google appeals to younger audience, while most MSN users are older, which are typically buyers.
  3.  Good Customer Service System. Bing is helping small online businesses to grow by attending to their queries and assessing their progress from time to time through their Quick launch program-an online free advertising consulting program. For you to be able to access this free advertising consulting in Bing search is that you need to at least spending $500 each month for your ad campaign.  Also, with those advertisers who have a staggering account of more than $500,000 per year have an assigned account representative that will attend to their problems either technical or in line with the billing. Search Traffic is already growing. Because Bing search ad is now becoming popular, it would mean that your marketing campaign have a higher chance of visibility to a wider audience.
  4.  Easy transfer of ads from Google Adwords account. This basically can’t be done with Google but possible with Bing. You can easily import all your keyword and ad groups to Bing search ad Center, no question ask, hassle-free!

With those promising Pro’s of using Bing search , here are some cons about this service that advertisers have experienced:


  • You need to have an established account history before your ads will show up.
  • channel is limited and thus you can’t add more keywords.
  • Not so competitive traffic compared to Google
  • Not so appealing to market and other huge companies around


Have you tried using Bing search ad program? What can you say about their service? How about the conversion rate? Share with me your thoughts on this by leaving your comment below.


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