April 29, 2017

Skinny Body Care: Is it a scam or legit? Unbiased Review

There are hundreds of new Multi-level Marketing (MLM) companies nowadays that sprout like mushroom in the online industry. Some of them have already established a realm in the market and have successfully achieve their goals while others who made sweet promises to their customers and was broken were likely to get bitter remarks from their customers thus disappears in the circulation.

And now, another promising MLM company is now the talk of the blogosphere because of its in-demand and attractive product offers, unique marketing plan and alluring profit design system.

The company is called Skinny Body Care, who just made a pre launch last January 2011 and is now on its 7th month running online. In less than a year, this company has already gained numerous customers and many of them were convinced about the legitimacy of this company based on their testimonials. With their testimonials, many and many are really wanted to give it a try yet quite hesitant to make the move without a concrete and reliable basis, thus if you try to search online for skinny body care company, you will see many reviews already and many questions if it is a scam or legit?


Well, let’s get into the details about this company to help you out deciding on to be a member or not:


Who owns Skinny Body Care?  Ben Glinsky is the sole owner of the company. He is a network marketing expert with office based in Texas, USA.  He started this company at the comfort of his home that is why he designed this business to give “work from home” individuals an opportunity to be successful financially.


What is the company’s main goal? Skinny Body Care aims to be the top MLM Company and a global “work from home” business opportunity group for the health and wellness industry.


What are their product offers? As the company name implies, their main products are slimming and diet pills. “Skinny Fiber” is the name of their top product line, a weight loss capsule which promises to burn fat, increase energy and metabolism. This product also has the ability to make you feel full therefore your craving for foods will decrease.  According to the product description, this pill is packed with Cha de Bugre, Glucomannan and Caralluma extracts which are scientifically proven to be the most effective elements for dieting.


When to take the pill?  To be effective, you should take the pill thirty minutes before you eat a meal.



Knowing the basics about this company, let’s go now to the most interesting part that for sure all of you are really eager to know:  The Profit Opportunity!

How to earn with Skinny Body Care?

First you need to sign up and be a member to access all possible income opportunities that they are offering.  A start up fee of $69.95 is required and will serve as your investment and you need to have a consistent monthly purchase of $59.95 to be regarded as an active member of the company. After you pay for the initial investment, the company will provide you training supplies and tools and a replica site that will aid you in promoting the products.


 Based on their Skinny Body Care Affiliate program strategy, there are five ways on how you can earn with this company through:

 5-Way Earning Opportunity:

  1. Powerline Bonus- this is also called a 3×8-forced matrix. You need to have 3 persons as your direct downline either recruited by you or by someone above you. You will get a bonus to all your down lines up to 8 levels if all of them are regularly making a monthly product purchase.
  2. Fast Start Bonuses & Infinity Overrides- Anyone who purchases a product from you, you will automatically earn a a $25 Fast Start bonus and an additional $5 as an override bonus for every sale from your down line.
  3. Long Term Residual Income- with their Forced Matrix scheme, you can generate a huge amount of up to $10,366 for every paid signups and it does not matter who the sponsor is so spillover is very possible.
  4. Infinity Matching/ Pairing Bonus- the more recruits you have, the more down lines, thus the more pairs you will have, the higher the bonus. For every pair or match, you will get an additional bonus.
  5. Leadership Pools-for a member who made it to the top rank, there is an additional bonus that is given. Every member knows how to compute for this particular bonus.

Skinny Body Care is a company that offers a “FAT” opportunity to make quick and easy cash through online marketing, but for you to achieve like what others have achieved with this company based on their testimonials is not a one-day process. This type of company is just like the hundreds out there who are willing to offer you a step or a breakthrough to be successful financially but the working and strategies will always be dependent on you. You have to be positive backed up with clear determination and willingness to achieve your goal and succeed.

If you are on the right track, Skinny Body Care will definitely give you a chance to earn unlimited income!

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