May 25, 2017

Have you tried Bing search cost per click advertising yet?

Being tagged as one of the giant search engines around the globe and is owned and run by Microsoft, Bing is trusted by millions of businesses and website owners that give reliable and consistently accurate results when they are looking for information or data about a specific subject or query. Previously MSN, Bing services has […]

On Page Link Building Strategy, Internal Link Building Benefits and How To’s

Internal Link Building Strategy…   In this post I’m going to explain a link building strategy that is Internal link building. We will explain how you go about doing this task and what the many benefits are for doing so. It is oftentimes observed that there are hundreds or even thousands of posts over the Internet […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Maintaining a website is probably the most crucial part of being a website builder. The challenges become more difficult as years go by. If you want your website to survive , you have to stay ahead of your competition. A very powerful strategy to maintain a strong website is to know the current trends of […]

Content Farms, Warning! Google may be coming for you!

Google has been labeled as “the perfect search engine” throughout the years. Users can undoubtedly testify for its usefulness and credibility. If you need some answers, you just have to go to and type the keyword(s) and you will be assured that the search engine will provide the best results that you need. Google […]

Have you tried 7search pay per click advertising yet?

What can 7search do for you? Well, Everybody wants a piece of cake in the online business. Website owners are finding ways on how to get maximum exposure to get targeted customers  to their sites. Advertising is the key to make it possible. We are not talking about the marketing paraphernalia here like posters, banners […]

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement in your blog post for best SEO results

Below you’ll find 9 steps for best Keyword Placement   In SEO, keywords are defined as “words that are key”, that’s why you need to know and learn the right keyword placement in your blog post to get a good ranking in search engines as well as to generate more traffic. For  content to be […]

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Get traffic to your blog 5 proven ideas for free blog traffic

Free Blog Traffic, 5 ideas!   Free blog traffic ways take more time but are proven effective as the paid methods. Traffic creates competition in the web. Traffic is the determinant factor that will tell to the searchers and to the search engines that your site or blog is successful or not. The more traffic […]

Facebook Advertising

Why is facebook advertising so hard to get approved?

Facebook Advertising is a great place to advertise. Business analysts confirmed that social media is by far the most effective medium of reaching potential customers fast and easy. That’s why many business enterprises large and small alike see social media as a medium that can make their revenues flow into their pockets without slashing too […]

Guest writing is the best way to get noticed for your writing TODAY!

Blogging is a well-known word in the internet community. With its amazing benefits and tremendous power in line with communication and business, everybody is creating one for their own and starting to build their own name and brand for the world to see. With millions of people blogging worldwide, with equally well designed blogs and […]

Google panda, what is it?

What is Google Panda? Better play by the rules with your SEO.

Beware of Google Panda because Google’s main goal is to give searchers the best possible quality results whenever they search for information online. With this, Google just launched last February a very significant change in its algorithm known as “Panda” or “Farmer”. What is Google Panda? It is created to identify pages that are called […]

Do you own Reasons why you should

In this modern world, we live in everything that you need to know can be found on the internet. A simple recipe that you wish to cook for dinner, history and meaning of a thing, up to the breaking news that happened a few minutes ago around the globe and even the information of a […]

Need to Outsource? Why not use

With the recession that the world faces today,  even multinational companies have tighten their budget and thinking of ways on a cost effective alternative to keep their businesses still running and gaining profits. Outsourcing is the best option that they have found. Hiring employees from different countries enables businesses to save a lot of dollars […]

WordPress versus Blogspot Pros and Cons.

WordPress over Blogspot? Or Blogspot over WordPress? These two dominate the blogging platforms on the internet. If you are just thinking of making a blog of your own, you might be torn on which blogging platform to pick among the hundreds of them offering equally amazing features. I will be concentrating on the two famous […]

How to write a good press release

How to write a good press release

Whether you’ll be launching a new product line, website, or to launch a campaign. A demonstration, announcing upcoming events, or disseminate news and information whether good or bad, choosing the right means of publicity that will instantly get the message across to the intended audience is key to make a campaign successful. A effective medium […]

Google Analytics, Why should I use this tool?

A site’s ranking matters in the internet industry. Ranking is what website owners are competing on. Why? Because that’s how the internet world works. The pages that are usually on top of the search result pages are the sites that the audience only sees and deemed as authority sites that they can get reliable information […]

importance of social bookmarking

The importance of social bookmarking for SEO

It has been said that although you have excellent and quality posts on your site, when no one knows that it exists, your site is dead. When you don’t have an audience to read and interact with your posts, creating a site to inform, promote or express your thoughts and ideas doesn’t serve its purpose. […]

How to seo your images

How to SEO your article images and why you should?

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is basically true for humans who can interpret a picture or image without reading any caption of it. But in the internet world where robots and machines are programmed for certain limited tasks, like the search engines especially, it can’t read article images. Search engines can only read […]

Keywords are important

How important are keywords? Selecting the right keywords for best SEO

What is a KEYWORD? If you are not into SEO or don’t have any idea on how search engine optimization works, it will be hard for you to understand what a keyword is and its value in the content and how it affects the ranking of a site in the search engine rankings. Before we […]

Unique content is king for websites, Reasons why!

The catch phrase “Unique Content is King” sums up the importance of Unique content in a website. Since the internet is also known as the information super highway, people use it mainly to look for information. It is necessary that any website hoping to gain a significant presence in the web should have effective, quality […]

How to start a blog for profit?

Why do you blog? Maybe you would answer that blogging is your way of sharing your ideas to others, to make new acquaintances, a place to showcase your passion and expertise, a perfect companion to blow off your steam and etc. Others may say that they engage in blogging to promote their craft, or their […]

Starting a Blog, What will you write about?

Almost everybody has a blog. Either it is a personal blog, a business blog, a celebrity blog, a school blog or any activity that people do. People blog because it is an effective, efficient and an easy way of disseminating information across the globe. In minutes you can have your own blog as there are […]

Most expensive keywords

Here you’ll get a idea on how much adword advertisers are willing to pay for certain keywords. This will be a short post just redirecting you to a very informative website that I found with the most expensive keywords for adwords. Keep in mind that this is search engine Cost per click, not adsense. Adsense […]

Domain name tips, exact match keyword domains!

Did you know that you can get FREE traffic by choosing a domain name? It is very simple, and will only take a small amount of your time in researching. You’ll need to only use two tools while choosing your domain name for free traffic. 1. Goto  google adword keyword tool  ” just type in […]

Short or long blog post, which is better?

Since I’ve just started blogging seriously of a couple months ago. I’ve been researching a lot about blogging in general. One of my questions was the length of post, is there a benefit over shorter or longer post? The answers that I found were all over the board I must say, so I’ll share with […]

1 million alexa ranking good? my thoughts..

So you maybe wandering if reaching a 1 million alexa ranking is good.If you’re researching for this information you’ll find many different views, here are my thoughts. This blog that you’re currently reading just reached this milestone. About 6 weeks ago I was in the 9 million ranking. Blogging is rather new to me, I […]