April 29, 2017

Pinging your website, what does it do?


Whatever your reason is of creating a website, you will see that the real challenge is the afterwork. I’m pretty sure your goal is to make a useful broadcast of your website, but how do you do it?

Fact is there’s an archive of inactive websites and others lost forever. Most publishers didn’t think their sites are going to end up just like that, not because they have ridiculous sites, I would say it’s poorly advertised with efforts barely noticeable. Successful web designers say that an effective way of promoting your site is by pinging your website.

Pinging a website in layman means sending a request to a site using your domain name or IP address and waiting for a response or feedback from the server you’re sending to, much like sending a text message and hoping for a reply. The sender’s phone number is like a domain name or IP address which is reflected to the receiver. This is an important step when you’re adding or making major updates in your website just like notifying search engines and directories of your progress.

            But how you do it can make all the difference!

You can take advantage of ping tools or you may also do it manually which I wouldn’t encourage because it might be too risky and very technical. See it this way, the internet is a bookshelf, and books just keep on piling up, pinging a website is like having your book indexed, making it easy to look for. Pinging your website makes a difference of how quickly other servers notice your new contents or pages. This is a serious job for ping tools like the Ping-O-Matic or pingoat.com. All you need is your site’s URL and websites that you want to ping.

Most blog sites like wordpress already have pinging featues, almost always set on the default though you have the option to edit the particular sites that you want to ping. There are also link building tools like Who Links to Me and Technorati, or what most bloggers refer to as Egorati which provides backlist analysis or linkbacks.

Who Links to Me works just the same except it’ll also show you your Google page rank. The higher your rank the better placement you get in search results. Now your goal is to get as many major sites to link to you to boost your rank. Ping tools offer common services like pinging weblogs.com, syndic8, Google blog search and My Yahoo. With an extra cost you may add special services like pinging audio.weblogs, blogshares and GeoURL. You may also use Feedshark to ping your blog, podcast and feed for free.

Pinging a website isn’t an easy task, you have to be careful when flaunting your IP address. The least that you want to happen is major websites blocking your IP because you’re flooding them with so many pings. They might detect it as a spam and it could take your site literally below the grave since many websites are linked as well. You don’t want bad publicity. Remember, you don’t need to ping a lot of websites. The key is having authority sites like Google.com link to you. Personalise your ping by pinging only related sites to your content or those sites that you think will also benefit from your site. It’s always a give and take action, that’s what makes pinging a website as important as creating it.

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