April 29, 2017

Making Money with Google Adsense

Is it really easy to make money online?  Many would say in their testimonials that you can earn much more than you can imagine at the comfort of your home while sitting in front of your computer.  Well, don’t take it literally. Making money online is easy indeed if you have the will and determination and would really work hard.

Let’s take a review on one of the most popular money making opportunity around and a certified reputable one which is “Google Adsense”.

What is Adsense?

This is basically the foremost question almost everybody will be asking especially the newbies in the web.


To define, Adsense is one of Google’s most valuable programs that allow you to earn money by displaying text ads through your website. The calculation of the revenue that your site will be getting is dependent on the number of “clicks” by the visitors who visits your site. The ads that Google will be displaying on your site are the ones that appear on the search results pages. But, Google chooses only those ads that are relevant to your website niche based on the blog posts or content of your site.


Who is Eligible to join Adsense?


You need to be 18 years old and up.

You need to have a “niche website”

Your website should be running 6 months onwards

You need to have 10-15 pages of content in your site.

Your website should have decent content or posts, as Google is more particular on the quality of the website and ignore sites that contain pornography and obscene videos, content and images.


Tips to Qualify for Google Adsense




Tip 1: Create a Niche Website:  Sites that have specific and interesting niche are most likely the sites that are popular. And once you are popular, you will always be crawled by Google, because many searchers are searching for you.

Reminder: Don’t use a free web hosting site if your purpose is to monetize your blog later on because free web hosting sites will likely to have banners and other pop-ups. If you have this, Google will automatically reject or disable your account.

Tip 2: Write More Quality and Compelling Content: The key to generate more traffic is quality and interesting content or blog posts. The purpose on why your niche is something that you are interested of, is passionate about it or an expert on it is that you will be writing more often. The most important thing is that it will be easy for you write blog posts as often as you feel like writing and won’t be bored.  And for sure you will be confident writing posts that you are sure that you know about. Making money with google adsense means writing more and posting on a regular basis.

Reminder: Google is very particular on the quality and usefulness of the content. So, when we say quality, your posts must not be plagiarized or copied.

Tip 3: Get Traffic.  How would you do this? The best way to generate more traffic is to be listed in the first page of the major search engines. You need to do bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting and other avenues to be visible to all users around the world. It is best to focus on your niche and make sure that you are on the right category when you are promoting your site. You can also use social media like creating a facebook fan page and twitter account for your website. Try adding friends and build rapport with them.

Reminder: If you comment on other blogs, don’t let your comment look like a spam, write something decent that the webmaster can appreciate! Don’t just run around and comment like, great stuff, very nice, thank you very much and put your link in there. The webmaster will going to click the spam button. That spam button is going to click your blog to the curve. You will get deleted. You will definitely lose your adsense account. Don’t waste your time doing crappy spamming.

Tip 4: Take time to read the Adsense policies, before signing up, because they have strict regulations that you might have neglected and later on you will ask why your account was disabled.

Reminder: Making money with google adsense is dependent on the number of clicks on the google ads in your website. So even if you have plenty of visitors, coming in and out of your site but don’t even bother to click on one of the ads, you earn nothing.


How to make money with Google Adsense?    


Making money with Google Adsense comes in three ways:

Google AdSense for Content. Google allows you to advertise your content or your image through their specified shape ads.  They have the so-called Link units which is a strip of text links for your visitors to click.

  • Google AdSense for Search- You will see a search box on your site, and if ever visitors enter a keyword or phrase and search for it, a search results page will open more pay-per click ads.
  • Google Referrals – When you refer to our visitors to use one of these google products: AdSense, AdWords, the Google Toolbar and other Google software, and when he signs up for a google adsense account, whatever he will earn, you will earn also.


How much can you earn with Google Adsense?

 You can earn unlimited income! But your income is dependent on the number of clicks on your ads. But advertisers pay more on ads that have popular keywords.


What’s the payment system?

 You will only get a check if your earnings exceed $100. You can either get a check yearly, every six month, every three months, or monthly depending on your ads performance. Of course, the more visitors click on your ads, the more income will be generated.


How does “click” on ads calculated?

Their is no definite answer on how google calculates your earnings per ads per click because all ads have different pricing options also and are based on different factors. You can calculate how much are you getting on every ad when you are already receiving checks and viewing your reports.


To keep your Google Adsense account running:  Here are the Dont’s you need to avoid:

            Don’t ever dare to click on your own ads.

            Don’t beg for others to click on your ads.

           Don’t include any pornography, obscene videos, images or copyrighted material

           Don’t try modifying the AdSense code.


You can definitely earn online, especially with Google Adsense! Everything you need to succeed, you already have in you. All you need to do is to actually put it to work and put it into action.


To sign up for a Google Adsense account: just click the image below…


  1. Though I’ve never made a killing with google adsense, I do make pizza and margarita money with it. ;) A nice little monthly bonus. Thanks for tips in your article.

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