April 29, 2017

Making money with Fiverr.com

Are you a multi-talented person? Can do or create something in a short period of time? Can do bizarre, odd, strange, fantastic things or absolutely anything that you can think of that others can’t do? If so, there’s a place that can make your gig into dollars!


Fiverr.com is the site I’m talking about. This unique and fun site is offering surfers and internet buffs of all ages to hock their skills or even buy talents at a price of $5.


Fiverr.com started this latest internet craze in December 2009 and now becoming popular in all ages especially for home based individuals across the blogosphere who loves to convert their gigs into cash.

What Fiverr is offering? Fiverr offer two things- and that is Buying and Selling Gigs at $5.



How to Buy a Gig on Fiverr?



First, you need to sign up in order to have a full access of their service. Don’t worry, signing up and starting a transaction with Fiverr is totally FREE. You can search on the search box provided in the site your desired gig to buy by entering a specific keyword to describe your search.  A list of multi gigs will appear that fits your criteria. You will then given an option to sort the listings either by popularity (which is gauge by the number of people who clicked or viewed the gig) or by Rating (which is dependent on the buyer’s feedback. Once you have found the perfect gig you are looking for, you just have to click the “Order Now” button and go to Paypal box to pay for the chosen gig.


Sometimes, a seller will ask for your personal information to let them know who is interested to buy their gigs. This is also a reminder to them that they have a new job offer.



       How to Sell your Gig on Fiverr?



To start selling your gig, you need to sign up first and be a member. It’s free, no sign up fees or whatsoever, so no worries. After you have signed up, you can start posting your gig but make sure to submit to the right category for accurate listing. You can sell just about anything that you know of, like articles, videos, and so on. If someone buy your gig, you will then be notified via email about it but you will wait for 14 days clearing of your earning from fiverr account before you can transfer it your Paypal account.


    What’s HOT with Fiverr


An excellent part-time opportunity for freelancers and even employed individuals to earn extra cash

  •  $5 is not bad especially now that we are experiencing economic crisis. It is up to you on how to make it big.
  •   An excellent outsourcing platform to find new clients that you can talk with offline and discuss long term job opportunities.
  •  Limitless gigs. You can buy and sell unlimited gigs anytime.
  •  Multi selection of services you can choose from.
  •  Feedback system service
  • Free Sign-up
  • No fees to collected for buyers



      What’s COLD with Fiverr


  •  The price is fixed and non-negotiable. Meaning simple and tough task or gig is equivalent only to $5.
  • You will only get $4 dollar for the presented $5  fee for every gig, because they deduct $1 as a service fee.
  • Lots of competitors for a specific gig, so you need to create more gigs as you can to generate more money.
  • Lots of junk present so be careful when buying and check first the provider’s feedback before making any transaction.

 How Fiverr Will Pay You?


Fiverr.com use Paypal service to pay its members. For your every gig sold which is worth $5, you will only get 4$, because they charge $1 for each completed task as a service fee. But you can only withdraw your money, when you’ve reached the minimum required amount set by them which is over $40 which is equivalent to 10 sold gig.


  Great Income Opportunity with Fiverr beyond $5:

 Don’t just confine yourself with the idea of earning $5 only with Fiverr. You can make it huge if you want to and you will focus on achieving what you want. How?

Fiverr is a perfect market to scout for new clients that are willing to work with you on a regular basis or long term at a negotiable price. You can always upsell or charge your client on an amount that commensurate to the quality of your work.

For instance, if your client orders in bulk, you have a huge opportunity or making higher income right?


Second, you can make it as your full time gig at the comfort of your home by selling 5 gigs a day so your net will be $4 which is $20 dollars each day times 5 days, so you earnings in a week will be $100, and if you will be consistent on your work, your income in a month will be $400.


Third, the key to make sales on a regular basis is to stick on what is “in” or in-demand or what are the gigs that are usually seeking by buyers online.


These are some of the in-demand or highlight gigs in fiverr that converts more money easily:


1.    Video testimonials
2.    Content/Article Writing
3.    Backlinks/ SEO Services


Fiverr. com is just one of the many “income opportunity sites” around that helps you earn unlimited cash if you’ve maximize its offer. Just keep in mind that for every quality output delivered on the specified time at a consistent basis will surely generate more income on your pocket and an opportunity to build a good reputation online.


Interested in trying Fiverr.com and start earning for your every gig? Then sign up now. http://fiverr.com/


  1. Try this
    give it a try and enjoy

  2. I’ve been thinking about jumping into the fiverr game myself. Thanks for a great article that breaks it down perfectly. It’s curious how some off beat gigs attract so much attention there, though. It’s like if you can out-weird someone, you can out-earn them.

    • Jennifer D. says:

      Well you have to admit some of the gigs there are pretty creative. I mean, writing company names on feet and faces? For those who love to promote their company, those are some very unique things.

  3. I’ve heard people have the most success with fiverr selling a good or service that’s already made (an e-book, for example) or something that’s easy to do (like running a URL through an automated SEO program.) Yet some sell on fiverr just to hone their skills in any given field (like graphic arts.)

  4. Hey Shane, very nice overview of Fiverr. Great way to make a quick (or several quick) buck in these tough times if you can market yourself properly and are capable of delivering your job over and over.

    I’ve put together a post of my own about making money with fiverr but more specifically on how to stand out from your competition as a job lister.

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