April 29, 2017

Make money with clickbank, cost you nothing!


Have you come across clickbank.com? I’ve read a lot of good testimonials about this company and I must admit most of the clients who posted their testimonials are those business tycoons now in the industry.

Here are the two client’s testimonials that really made me even curious about what the company is offering and what makes them stand out among the rest!

 Michael Rasmussen:  

“ClickBank has been a fantastic solution for me, and I have used them now for about 5 years. The built in affiliate program has allowed me to focus on my marketing and not have to worry about the admin side of running an affiliate program. This has saved me lots of time and headaches, plus it gives the affiliates the confidence to know they will get paid, and you can tap in to their existing database of affiliates. It’s a fantastic start up solution for any info marketer, and I highly recommend them.”

 Martin S.

“ClickBank is by far the best tool to use in Internet marketing. It gives you the opportunity and ability to capitalize on your online business. Without ClickBank, I don’t know where I would be. The products and services are amazing! Keep up the good work!”

 Here’s a detailed review about the site that would be beneficial for business owners and individuals who might want to try their service.

Brief Company Description

Clickbank started in 1998, under the umbrella of Keynetics. Clickbank three major services are to promote products, buy products and sell products. Their main goal is to help their affiliates and vendors to achieve their success by driving more traffic and sales to their businesses.  It offers commission splits as high as 75%, that is why it generates a sale for every three seconds and processing 35,000 digital transactions a day across the globe. Currently it holds 50, 000digital products and amazing 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

Run by Bradley J. Wiskirchen, the company’s current CEO backed with skilled team, clickbank already made its mark in the internet marketing world.



           How to Join Clickbank and Earn Big as what they promised!




For Vendors who want to sell products using Clickbank, here’s what you will do:

  1. Sign up an account.
  2. Find the appropriate category that you want to belong with and that your product fits. Make sure that the product you want to sell is available for upload, that is why they call every product for selling are digital products, meaning the content and the over-all appearance can be viewed by searchers.
  3. You can set the retail price of your product and the affiliate commission you want for your product.
  4. You can then submit your application to clickbank for approval. If approved, you will be paying a one time activation fee of $49.95
  5. Clickbank will then secure your product for fraud prevention, and will take care of the order processing and customer support for those that are interested on your product.
  6. Clickbank will automatically pay you and your affiliate for each product that is sold.


For Affiliates who want to promote products using Clickbank, here’s what you will do:

  1. Sign up an account.
  2.  Find a specific product category that interests you. Remember that you can effective market a product that appeal to you and that you have the knowledge and the experience on how to use that product.
  3. After deciding what products to promote, create a “personalized HOPLINK referral tracking URL
  4. You can now start promoting the selected products by posting your unique HOPLINK referral tracking URL on your facebook account and other social media, in search engine ads, on your personal blog and other websites that you think will generate more customers that will buy the products.
  5. Affiliates earning is calculated on the number of clicks on the HOPLINK referral tracking URL. The more people click on the url, the higher the commission rate.


For Customers Looking for Products to Buy:

  1.   Clickbank Products are categorized for easy access to customers who wish to find products to buy. 
  2.  Just browse the category and find the product that you want by typing in the product name to the “Find Products Box”.


 For 13 years in the business arena, I guess it is fair enough to say that this company already established a good reputation and credibility that is worthy to be recognized of.  Do you agree with me?

To get started earning money with clickbank just click on the image below…






  1. I was sign ip to clickbank before 4 months.. but i dont got any sale… How i get Buyers??? Can you please help me???

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