April 29, 2017

1 million alexa ranking good? my thoughts..

So you maybe wandering if reaching a 1 million alexa ranking is good.If you’re researching for this information you’ll find many different views, here are my thoughts.

This blog that you’re currently reading just reached this milestone. About 6 weeks ago I was in the 9 million ranking. Blogging is rather new to me, I had this blog since spring of this year but did not really start getting serious with this site until 6 weeks ago. Below is a picture of my ranking taken from alexa

Now, before I get into explaining my thoughts, for those wandering how many hits etc for me to reach this. I’ve done some reading about this subject on other blogs and I’ve been hearing to reach 1 million you’ll need 100 to 300 unique visitors. Well in my case this is not true, I average only 40 to 50 unique visitors each day. Yeah I know , some maybe thinking that this is not a lot of traffic, and you’re right. I think the reason for me achieving a score under 1 million is because my page views is also taken in consideration.

Having a average page view per visitor of 5.3 pages helps substitute the low unique visitors. 50 unique, plus 5 page views each unique will equal 250 page turns a day. So if you are also reading that you’ll need 100 to 300 unique visitors this is not true, well at least in my case.

Okay , so is this a big deal?

Well, No and yes..

Many people will argue that Alexa’s traffic measurement is not accurate and that it doesn’t matter. Others would say that reaching 1 million is nothing to sneeze about, maybe true.

Here are my views on that 1 million mark

1. It’s a great measurement for you, showing progress from all that hard work that us bloggers do. It lets you know that your efforts are starting to pay off.

2. 1 million mark should be your first goal as a blogger if traffic and popularity is important to you.

3. Now, you’re definitely not ready to make any money being at 1 million but reaching this achievement will build confidence and assure you that you’re well on your way.

4. Think about it like this, there are well over 100 million websites on the world wide web. By reaching the 1 million mark you’re now in that top 1 percent of traffic. Well done!

5. Once you achieve that first goal of 1 million your next goal should be 500,000, 250,000 and so on. Eventually you’ll need to be under 100,000 to really make any okay money from a blog. Just my opinion.

6. Of course traffic is not everything, there are many factors. I know some website owners who have under 100,000 and aren’t making any money, they lack monetization skills which they can learn. However 1 million alexa ranking is a very good first start.

7. Once you reach a very good score, advertisers and jv partners will start contacting you. To those that say alexa scores are not important, try telling that to these partners that will be seeking you out for monetization offers.

So in my conclusion, reaching the 1 million alexa as a first goal is a job well done and should not be looked at as not a big deal. congrats , to all of you who are getting near that score or currently heading towards this score. Now, lets make that next goal 500,000 and go from there.

Please feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts. Do you agree, disagree? let myself and other readers know. Don’t forget to leave your do follow link back to your website I’ll approve as long as it’s not spam.

Have a great day!


  1. My site is currently moving towards the 1 million mark, and I feel it’s a good thing.
    Besides the fact that it makes you feel good about yourself, there are a lot of sites that displays alexa’s top 1 million sites, so if you listed on any of these it’ll add to your site’s backlinks.

  2. It’s mean your blog is progressing. It’s good for first goal.

  3. Well I’ve started last year on September and I’m stuck to the 1500000 mark which is frustrating, but I do have other blog ranked 250000.

  4. I receive 1000 unique visitors a day and my alexa rank is also 1 mil….strange!

    If you install the alexa toolbar in your web browser and keep visiting your site every day, you can easily bring the rank down to top 400,000.

  5. Thank you for the info – it is exactly what I was looking for. I am about to dip under the 1,000,000 mark after 8 months of work. I consider this an important achievement as I was truly starting from scratch. I spent about 1/2 that time or more trying to figure out how it all works together. Now I need to concentrate on the content, I suppose. Again, thanks for the insights. i will press on and hope that some advertisers grow interested.

  6. I started on Aug 1 2012, and my rank was at 22 million. Now, on Sept 9, 2012, my rank is 1,005,486. What are some things I can do to help me get to the 500,000 mark?

    • shane garrison says:

      Hi Maxillo,

      That is pretty good rank in that amount of time. My ranking on this blog is not even 500,000 as I have not been actively writing for awhile due to other projects I’m involved in. I have had this at 300,000 before, all I did was posted content regularly , got some good backlinks from related niche sites as mine.


  7. Congratulations! I have mixed feelings about Alexa. It’s a fine measurement of your place on the internet among Alexa users but some people put way to much emphasis on it. Still it shows you’ve been noticed! Good job!

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