April 29, 2017

Internet Marketing is too hard! I Quit

How many times have you said those words? It’s okay, we’re human and will have those days.  If those thoughts  cross your mind then maybe you just need to take a break, step away  and relax a bit.

I’m going to share with you something  that you may need to hear right now.  There is no magic button when it comes to internet marketing.  I’m so tired of seeing  all these new pre-launches  about how easy it is to get hundreds of leads each day with this miracle system.  The truth is that the one that buys most of these systems that promise a load of traffic to you are scams. They win by getting your money not YOU!

Now you noticed I said most systems! There are some good tools and systems that are well worth the money invested but you have to do your own due diligence. Just remember , there is no “MAGIC” push button system. Internet marketing requires a lot of work , something you usually do not hear from the guru’s who are selling you their secrets.

Yes, you can make a great living online…

Yes, it’s true you can live anywhere in the world while doing internet marketing…

Yes, it’s true that you can eventually have time freedom  by working online

But, and this is one big “BUT”  it’s not easy! If it was then everyone would be online marketers. I just want to be real and be totally honest with my readers because I’m tired of hearing about how easy it is to make a ton of money online . I’m tired of people being misled that anyone can retire their jobs in 30 days with this latest greatest secret.

Please do not quit your day job or main source of income until you have consistently earned what  your household needs to survive. Many people lose their shirts by buying into the hype and believing that the internet will provide for them if they work at it full time instead of working a Job. Hey, there is nothing wrong with having a job, it’s smart! Do not quit your day job until you know for sure that the money you are earning online is secured and will be coming in month after month.

Now for the good news,  If you have a level head from the start and you realize all of the above. You know that it is hard work with a learning curve then “YES” you can make great money online.

The truth is that most of the internet marketers online that are making a healthy full time income online took them years to get to that point. They had to roll up their sleeves and become a student of  internet marketing.

There is nothing easy about internet marketing, until you understand how everything works and have your own systems in place that then can work on autopilot for you.

Now , I do not want to scare anyone off from this awesome industry! I just want to be completely honest and upfront with you. There is too much hype and BS online surrounding this industry. However , YES, YES, YES its true you can make a very good living online.

During those times that you think things are too hard, and you just want to Quit! Remember , we have all felt that way before it’s okay. Just tells me that you need to simply take a break!

Shane V. Garrison


  1. Thank you Fizzystar for your well thought out comment. We are totally in agreement.

  2. That saves me. Thanks for being so sensible!

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