May 29, 2017

I’ve lost everything, how do you keep on going when you have nothing left?

You may have found yourself here reading this because maybe you are going through a really challenging time in your life! Maybe you found my blog because you’ve searched on one of the many search engines these exact words ” I have lost everything “.

Well, It really doesn’t matter how you found this blog but I would like to give you my perspective on this:
First, be thankful for what you do have. You may think you have nothing left, but you’re still breathing and alive correct? I’m sure you have family or love ones that care about you, So be thankful of that.

I’m qualified to write about this because I have been there, I’ve experienced losing everything. Was just a
few short years ago that I lost a great paying career then shortly following lost the house, the car, savings. I was so miserable at the time that I simply just walked away and left many household furnishings behind like furniture , appliances etc. I simply was not in a state of mind to deal with it or care, so I just walked away.

I remember a good friend of mine at the time who helped gather a few of my belongings in a small u-haul.
We packed whatever we could and left the rest, anyways he said something to me that resonated really well
with me about my situation. He said while smacking his hand on my lost house :-)!

Shane, This is just brick and wood man, everything else inside is just material things. You can get it all back! Afterall it is just things and really doesn’t matter because it all can be replaced.”

He was absolutely right everyone, Sometimes in life we have to lose ourselves in order to see what is really important in life. If you are currently going through a similar situation I’m sorry as I know it can be difficult. You will continue to wake up each and everyday still breathing which is most important than anything.

Some of the things that I’ve learned after losing everything were as follows:

1. I appreciate life more and respect the now ” Today, living in the present “. I don’t think about the past or future as much anymore. I focus on each day and more greatfull that I am here to enjoy today the here and now!


2. Although I still currently work, I am now the boss!. Actually I work a part time job than focus the rest of my work week on my own business. I stopped being a slave to corporations and see a very good well balanced life ahead of me by working for myself first.


3. I downsized my life in general. Now, to me small is good. Bigger and more things in my life just cause me to be more of a slave just maintaining those things.

4. I allocate more time for myself, there is nothing more precious to life then time to enjoy it. I no longer work 55 to 65 hour work weeks, I don’t have the large lawn and big house to take care of. I simply downsized my life and love it!


5. I will never depend on working for someone else again, I will create my own destiny! I will continue to
grow in my business and current trade and live life on my terms. Simply Feel FREE now than ever before!


Just remember if you are currently about to lose everything , it is going to be okay. You will end up becoming more wiser and see life at a whole different level than you ever had before.

P.S Thanks for reading my post if you would like to add to this or have anything positive to say please feel
free to add a comment below.

Shane V. Garrison

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