March 28, 2017

I’ve lost everything, how do you keep on going when you have nothing left?

You may have found yourself here reading this because maybe you are going through a really challenging time in your life! Maybe you found my blog because you’ve searched on one of the many search engines these exact words ” I have lost everything “.

Well, It really doesn’t matter how you found this blog but I would like to give you my perspective on this:
First, be thankful for what you do have. You may think you have nothing left, but you’re still breathing and alive correct? I’m sure you have family or love ones that care about you, So be thankful of that.

I’m qualified to write about this because I have been there, I’ve experienced losing everything. Was just a
few short years ago that I lost a great paying career then shortly following lost the house, the car, savings. I was so miserable at the time that I simply just walked away and left many household furnishings behind like furniture , appliances etc. I simply was not in a state of mind to deal with it or care, so I just walked away.

I remember a good friend of mine at the time who helped gather a few of my belongings in a small u-haul.
We packed whatever we could and left the rest, anyways he said something to me that resonated really well
with me about my situation. He said while smacking his hand on my lost house :-)!

Shane, This is just brick and wood man, everything else inside is just material things. You can get it all back! Afterall it is just things and really doesn’t matter because it all can be replaced.”

He was absolutely right everyone, Sometimes in life we have to lose ourselves in order to see what is really important in life. If you are currently going through a similar situation I’m sorry as I know it can be difficult. You will continue to wake up each and everyday still breathing which is most important than anything.

Some of the things that I’ve learned after losing everything were as follows:

1. I appreciate life more and respect the now ” Today, living in the present “. I don’t think about the past or future as much anymore. I focus on each day and more greatfull that I am here to enjoy today the here and now!


2. Although I still currently work, I am now the boss!. Actually I work a part time job than focus the rest of my work week on my own business. I stopped being a slave to corporations and see a very good well balanced life ahead of me by working for myself first.


3. I downsized my life in general. Now, to me small is good. Bigger and more things in my life just cause me to be more of a slave just maintaining those things.

4. I allocate more time for myself, there is nothing more precious to life then time to enjoy it. I no longer work 55 to 65 hour work weeks, I don’t have the large lawn and big house to take care of. I simply downsized my life and love it!


5. I will never depend on working for someone else again, I will create my own destiny! I will continue to
grow in my business and current trade and live life on my terms. Simply Feel FREE now than ever before!


Just remember if you are currently about to lose everything , it is going to be okay. You will end up becoming more wiser and see life at a whole different level than you ever had before.

P.S Thanks for reading my post if you would like to add to this or have anything positive to say please feel
free to add a comment below.

Shane V. Garrison


  1. You have no idea about loss. You have no idea about life. Yes, take any joy you can find. Don’t complain about what you have lost, because believe it or not, there are others that have lost so much more. The only thing in this life is the relationships you develop. They all take a little effort.

    • shane garrison says:

      Thank you Rita,

      For making me understand I have no idea about loss, I’ve been waiting for someone with your knowledge to tell me how it is . You so much full of knowledge your opinion matters only . Amen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    At this very moment I am watching my family sleep in our car (the only possession we have left, we were evicted from our apartment two days ago) from inside a 24 hour McDonalds as they sleep and I work on looking for work. We loaded up our car with what could fit, put the rest in storage and started driving west… we’ve crossed several state lines so far, we will stop when God tells us. We have feelings of hope and at the same time despair going in and out from being happy and excited to mad and frustrated to sad and depressed. Thank god our two little kids are taking it well and are really kind of too young to really realize what’s going on. My wife is more pessimistic where I seem to always be optimistic… we argued about that tonight and she is afraid that things will simply remain the same… Things have never been this bad, I understand how and why she feels this way. I pray that we make it through this… For the first time we talked seriously about divorce. I just want to be strong for her, I REALLY believe that we will be able to bounce back (maybe that’s just me always being optimistic, which seems to bother her). I don’t know what to do, but I do know that I can’t sit and do nothing so I am doing all I can to get us back on solid ground. 2:23am in the morning where a am currently in the world…

    • shane garrison says:

      Thank’s for sharing, it’s really hard for some to share when they’ve hit ROCK bottom! I really wish you the best, only advice I can give is from my own experience and struggles. When you are at rock bottom , remember there is nowhere to go but up! It will ONLY get better from here. Trust in the lord, he will guide you. Once you get settled in a city. You may want to go to a pizza shop and deliver pizzas, as many of them badly need drivers and will hire you fast. Until you can find another job in your field. I recommend this because it pays you cash daily, TIPS.. This will give you enough to pay for a daily cheap motel room until you find other suitable work in your field.

      God Bless,


  3. Hi, interesting to read the comments from the two ladies. I feel for them. Here I am thinking I have it bad, I guess we a’ll feel alone and like we are in the worst situation possible. My heart goes out to you both and keep on going. I keep on going, what seems like an inch at a time some days. Always keep a dream in your head, no one can ever take that from you.

  4. You lost material things. You did not lose a child or a spouse or a loved one….

    You don’t know about real loss.

    • shane garrison says:

      Hi Leanne,

      Correct, you are right when it comes to that. Material things can be replaced a loved one cannot. Thanks for your comment.

  5. It’s interesting when you Google “what do you do when you lose everything” and most of the websites contain song lyrics. We can sing about it, but we can’t talk about it. (This website being the exception.) I know this is a growth experience and a challenge that will help me be a better me, but I’m so tired, after three years of losing people (to death) and all my savings and most of my possessions. I don’t know how much more I can take. After years of living comfortably, everything is gone, and I just found out that the National Collegiate Trust is after me for about $90k (on a $30k loan). I haven’t worked in 3 years but still keep trying. I am a washed up corporate attorney. Can’t get hired as an attorney because of my age; can’t get hired by Walmart because, “you wouldn’t be happy here with an education and background like yours.” Everytime I get a small reprieve, something else hits me. Selling my grandparents’ wedding rings tomorrow in order to keep our cars so my husband can go to work and I can keep looking for work.

    • shane garrison says:

      Hi Kay,

      Thanks for taking your time to add a comment regarding your situation. People do read comments, my wish is that more people will write comments regarding their own situations. Time’s are definetly tough not only here in america but in every country. When people find this article it is usually because they’re in a similar situation. More of you that write comments is much appreciated as it can possibly help other’s that come here.

      Kay, yeah I have known many people get the excuse, ” well, your too overqualified”.

      thanks again.

      • Yes, I’m from England. I’ve worked so hard for the last twenty years to bring up my son alone. I worked day and night and managed to buy my own home. However 3 years ago, I was made redundant and lost my house and now all my savings. I now have nothing left. I cant claim benefit and am terrifed as to how I will survive and where I will live.

        I am in the same position in that Im very well educated but noone wants me . I apply for jobs that are in my range for my qualifications but Im older now and they seem to go to younger people. If I apply for low paid jobs I dont get them People are terrified – even if I dumb down my CV. Also many people want me to work for free which seems to be the new in thing. Im so terrified what Im going to do in a few weeks time.
        I’ve been through some awful things in my life. I was nearly murdered several years ago but now to feel I may have absolutely nowhere to live is terrifying me. I keep thinking I survived the PTSD from the R but I have no energy to cope with anymore struggles. Ive just had enough. I also got a near fatal illness and was in intensive care a few years back too and I amnaged to fight through it. This is breaking me as I no longer have any energy left.

      • I’ve been very successful in the past. Due to the economy downturn in 2008 my life has changed dramatically.

        I may think I am in a unique situation now. The reality is, I think we’re all in a similar situation, mine just seems unique because I don’t KNOW ANYONE else who is in my situation.

        I have many friends and acquaintances, and a family who loves me. However, none so close to me that would be willing to take me in. My housemate is about to put her house on the market to sell. When and if that happens, I have no idea where I’m going to live. I haven’t been able to find work for over the past five years. What little work I do find is JUST enough to get me by.

        I have never been so fearful as this time in my life. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

  6. shane garrison says:

    Hi Sabrina,

    Thanks for sharing that. I know that when we reach a very low point as you are now. I’ts hard to feel greatful , but from my experience I’ve learned to realize that everything happens for a reason. We just usually don’t understand the reason until maybe a few years further into our journey.

    Here is a clip I would wish to share :-)

    Have a great day!

  7. sabrina says:

    This was very inspirational to me… As I read this I was in tears. I don’t know if I came by this by fate but I’m glad it happened.. See, on mothers day, my fiance of 2 years and father of my un-born child left me.. He made promises of a great life that he ripped away from with the words “I don’t love you anymore” I am 7 months pregnant raising a 4 year old and a baby on the way, all on my own.. If that wasn’t enough, I lost my job and can’t afford car payments anymore so I am soon going to lose my only means of transportation.. I’m living with a broken heart and stress every day.. The one person I depended on the most turned out to be the worst person.. So when I read this I felt inspired I felt better as it gave me some insight on my life.. How to appreciate the small things like breathing and the smile on my 4 year olds face and feeling my son squirm around in my belly.. At one point I felt I’d never find happiness again.. But day by day I feel the smile on my face become less fake and more real. So thank you for sharing this. There are people, like myself, who’s lives take a turn for the worst.. Its justy about finding the strength to smile.

    • I brought up a child on my own. It is very hard work but I don’t regret any of it. Forget the man. He’s not worth anything. You will find someone much better and more deserving of you and your gorgeous child and soon to be baby. I found in my toughest days my son has given me a reason to live and carry on and it was for his sake I fought so many battles and continue to do so.
      You will forget stupid boyfriend. He is not worth your love.
      Take care.

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