April 29, 2017

Hosting your own blog, it’s a smart move!

Thinking of creating a website to showcase your product, services, skills and even expertise? The first thing you need to consider is to whether hosting your own blog or sign up for free website platforms available on the web. If you want to achieve your purpose you better make a smart move right from the start.

There are numerous website platforms available online that offers free web hosting and that are very popular among users especially bloggers. They are delighted by the “lifetime” web hosting service that these platforms are offering. So they jump into signing up an account without even knowing that there is a best way than having others host your blog- and that is by hosting your own blog!

Here’s what you will get by hosting your own blog:


 1.       You are the Sole Owner.


Looking on business point of view, when you set up an account to a free hosting platform, you    are obliged to abide by the rules and standard set by it. Although, you own every content posted on the blog, still platform and the domain is owned by a specific company which means that they have the full control of suspending or deleting your account if you have violated their Terms of Service. One more thing, if you want to sell your website, you can’t do it since you don’t own the blog but only the content on the blog.
Hosting your own blog gives you an absolute power of being the sole owner of the domain, platform and the content. You don’t have any rules to follow when it comes to designing or altering or adjusting on the over-all appearance of your blog or any terms of service or technical restriction to consider.


2.        You can Establish Credibility.


Hosting your own blog able you to establish credibility and professional appearance especially if you want to showcase your expertise on a particular field. Aside from that you can set up your own domain name that you think will be easier for your readers to find or recall. Some of the experts on the web use their full name as they domain name.
Although you can use your own name as the domain name on free web hosting sites, study shows that most of the blogs that generated by search engines in the result pages are mostly blogs that have topics about their day-to day life experiences than those blogs that are professional in approach.

                                                 3.         You Have the Total Control on these areas:

                  a.    Design: Hosting your own blog gives you a lot of freedom on the design and over-all look of your site. You   have the full control on the software and other tools you want to set up on your blog. Free web hosting sites have limited software and plug-ins to use and you can’t easily make changes unless allowed by them.

                 b.    Brand Endorsement or Promotion: By merely hosting your own blog, you’ve already starting promoting your own brand. Promotion will be easier since you create “individuality” on the web which is the basic requirement for you to rank in the search engine result pages.

                 c.    Security: You won’t have to worry that your account will be suspended or deleted when you violate certain rules and terms of service when you host your own blog. You are fully secured that you are the administrator of your site who is the only one to make any changes on your blog unless of course you have partners who can also access your account.

                  d.    Profit Generation: This is basically the main aim of many that is why they wanted to create a website of their own. You can maximize your earning potential through hosting your own blog because you have the full control on how you will generate a profit online. Aside from that, many companies may want to link to your site or may want to be your business partner because they deem your site as a credible and reputable one.With these benefits that you can get from deciding on hosting your own blog, you will create an edge over the many who relies on the service of free web hosting sites to host their blogs.




  1. Jennifer D. says:

    You’re absolutely spot on. I can’t believe I still see people using their personal ISP web space for their company site or, worse, a blogger account. Nothing screams ‘amateur’ like that!

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