April 29, 2017

Google Adsense strict policies? The plus side to this…

Google Adsense PLEASE forgive me! For all of us who have in the past , present, that has a google adsense account you’ll relate with this article. To those of you who are planning of applying for a google adsense account then I hope this article helps you.

Google Adsense probably has one of the strictest policies and T.O.S of any advertising network available. Many of the Adsense account holder’s live in fear of losing their account at any moment. Now, for those marketer’s that are making just a few dollars a month it may not be such a huge deal , But others earn a very good amount of income just from this one source.

Just today I had to report myself! Yup… I had to turn myself in to the google adsense compliance dept.

I realized when logging into a very old gmail email account that I have another adsense account. this is one of the many rules that they have. Users cannot have more than one account, oops I really did not know I had a first account. I opened this up over 5 years ago when I was not really serious with online marketing and never used it. Anyways , I did the right thing because I would rather deal with this compliance today than to get banned for life when I really start making some good money from this source.

Hopefully crossing fingers, that everything will be okay. As I believe I handled this in the correct manner.

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best ways for newbies to monetize their blogs or websites. It does not cost you or your website visitors any money, so not having to sell something to get paid is a win, win situation for both you and your visitors.

Reasons why I think the strict policies of google adsense can be a good thing.

1. More unique writing! Not only will you not get approved for a account, but once approved you will surely comply with their rules. One of them is unique content, so this will help clean up all the copy, paste, and PLR articles that we see on blogs.

2. More unique images! This is a bit of a controversy within google adsense community but to be safe you’ll be more careful of the images that you use on your site. No copyright images allowed, unless given permission from the original owner.

3. More unique videos! Another controversial subject within google adsense community. The rule of thumb is if the original owner enables the embed html it may be okay to use. Only if its unique! Do not use music videos, movie clips , or any clearly copyright videos even if it has a embed code.

4. More natural back linking! Yes google is very smart, they’ll know if you use any sorta black hat automated back linking tools. In other words if you have google adsense on your site, do not build back links via black hat or spam methods. This will get you Banned! This helps the world wide web community because as website owners we’ll receive less spam.

5. No more annoying pop ups or pop unders! This is clearly against adsense policy agreement. They consider it spam as well. Think about it , your visitor never asked for that annoying message to pop up and cover up the content they are reading. So to me it is spam!

Please read the TOS and policies within google adsense, if you stay in compliance with all of their rules you should have no problem. So you know, once terminated from the google adsense program it is for life! Only certain occasions will you get a second chance.

I really enjoy reading your comments and input. Please write your thoughts or any advice that I’m sure I missed below.


  1. Is it fine if i have put up my college lecture notes on my website?

  2. Yep! The strict TOS keeps those who use it serious about and it weeds out the scammers and cheaters. Great post on a important aspect of Adsense.

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