April 29, 2017

Getsubscribers with GetResponse autoresponder, A user review!

The question you may be wanting answered, ” Is Getsubscribers with Getresponse worth your investment?”

Well, I will give you my solid opinion from purchasing getsubscribers from getresponse. In short yes you will get real people that will subscribe to your auto series campaign.

I usually purchase the 200 subscribers for $89.95 each time. I have read other reviews and did my research as well before investing and from what I read other buyers said it took along time to get all of their leads. Well, Not for me it only took 3 days to receive all 200 subscribers.

Before you purchase your getsubscribers you’ll need to purchase a getresponse autoresponder account. As the leads you buy with getsubscriber will go right into your auto campaign. So be sure you sign up for a getresponse account first if you don’t already have one.

Secondly , you’ll want to set up a series of emails of whatever you wish to promote to the getsubscribers list that you are purchasing. I always say the more emails the better, usually I create at least 7 to a maximum of 12 emails in one campaign. I mean if you are going to pay for leads or spend the time to build a list you’ll want to maximize the potential of that list converting correct? So please be sure to write a good long series of emails for this investment.

Getsubscribers will convert to sales as long as you have a good offer and you stay in front of them with your email series. It is best to have a offer or opportunity that is international ” Worldwide” because you cannot target your subscribers by country. This means that you will get subscribers from india, australia, usa and all other countries.

There is a way to better target this list if your offer is country specific. To increase your subscribers from the country you desire you’ll want to put that into your textual ad that you write. For example ” USA AND CANADA ONLY” add this somewhere in your ad that you write. When the subscribers opt into someone else’s list they will see a option of other subscriptions they can subscribe to. This is where they will see your title and small ad that you’ve written explaining what your email series is about. I tested and tweaked mine to gather more usa based subscribers and it does work if you mention it in your ad. However, You’ll still get some subscribers from other countries just not as many.

I personally will continue purchasing getsubscribers as it is building my list fast and it does work. AS a user I highly recommend these leads and they will convert if your offer and copyright of your email series are very good.


Get More Subscribers!

Monetize Your Messages With High-quality Email Leads!

Do you need to build a profitable, permission-based email list?

GetSubscribers is a “pay per subscriber” advertising program that rapidly builds high-quality opt-in lists for our paid advertisers at a cost-effective price. How? What Google Adwords does to clicks, GetSubscribers does to email addresses. We automatically funnel email leads from your online ad appearing on our network, and you grow your mailing list 24/7/365. Just imagine how much income you could generate, if you had a steady stream of pre-qualified, top-notch prospects coming in!

Here’s what you’ll get if you qualify for the GetSubscribers “Pay Per Subscriber” Program:

You are building a real mailing list of real subscribers that are genuinely interested in your offers. First, they react to your GetSubscribers ad on the web (much like clicking on an Adwords pay-per-click ad). Second, they opt in to your list. Third, you go to work (aka you email your list and convert your subscribers to customers).
Subscribers you generate are never re-sold or incentivized ‚àí and you can rest assured that you’ll always get premium “bang for your buck”.
Your GetSubscribers email addresses are permission-based and generated via advertising on our trusted GetResponse network!
Each time a subscriber responds to your GetSubscribers ad, the world-class GetResponse email marketing system delivers your email leads straight to your campaign – instantly and automatically!

1 Choose the Amount of Leads
2 Create Your Ad and Place Your Order

Step 1: Choose the amount of leads you need
Leads Price Choose

2,000 subscribers $ 639.95 / 32 ¢ each

200 subscribers $ 89.95 / 45 ¢ each

500 subscribers $ 189.95 / 38 ¢ each

1,000 subscribers $ 359.95 / 36 ¢ each

** Important note: no refund policy on lead purchases.

To get started with getsubscribers you’ll need a getresponse account. Once you log into your getresponse account you’ll be able to purchase your getsubscriber package. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO GO TO GETRESPONSE&


  1. Hey Shane!

    Thanks for this great post. I wonder what kind of offers you send to them? CPA? Affiliate Offers? Can you use this list for solo ads?

    Thanks in advance…

    • shane garrison says:

      Hey Gustavo,

      Sorry for the late response. I focus on the make money from home niche, as this post has been written well over a year. I have not used them in awhile, it works if your offer and follow up series is strong. Think about it .32 cents per opt in, that’s very cheap.

  2. This would be a low cost way for newbies to build a big enough list to start doing list-swaps.

  3. Hi Shane,

    I just bought getsubscribers, but I can’t get anybody to subscriber -_- 180 views but no single optin.

    I wonder if that is because of the link I prvide?

    what is that link anyway: “advertiser website”? where you fill your ad?


    • shane garrison says:

      When you purchase your getsubscribers, You’ll need to put in the campaign code of where you wish the opt in subscribers to go. You will need to create a campaign first with get response autoresponder before purchasing your leads.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Thanks for the review! I have a question, do you use a description your money advertisement right in the initial sign up ad? Or do you use a leader general statement about your newsletter for the sign up text?

    • shane garrison says:

      Hi SteveO,

      I’m assuming you are referring to the contextual advertisement that you use ” title and small description” , that someone checkmarks to be opted into your responder.

      If this is what you are asking you can do both all depends on what your purpose is. For me, I promote biz opps or affiliate stuff. I get right into it title may read ” Get free 30 day weight loss bottle” etc. then for this example my autoresponders will give you reasons why to take this offer and upgrade.

      Have a great day.

  5. Don’t bother with this like shane said UNLESS your going to hit your get subscribers list hard.

    I created a 12 day follow up promoting one offer. I Bought 200 leads at $89 and made $263. That’s a $174 profit and a 200 list I can mail when I want. This is a awesome way to build a list.

    Thanks Shane.. I knew about Getsubscribers before but I lost money until I followed your advice and hit the list pretty aggressively. I will be scaling up on this.

    I just want to make a quick disclaimer. I’m a full time internet marketer hence I know what I am doing. The offer that I promoted is something I promoted with my MAIN list and made 3k from with a $1.76 EPC. Don’t rush into this unless you got a good offer to promote and you know how to write good emails otherwise you will probably lose money.

    Finally DONT BE SCARED TO EMAIL YOUR LIST! I know there’s a lot of people that are scared. If you have a good source of traffic email your list and make MONEY!

    • shane garrison says:

      Awesome advice GAV…

      Thank you for sharing. Exactly right getsubscribers is not used for branding yourself and buttering them up for months trying to establish a relationship. Use this source to pitch , pitch , pitch! Now it could still be used to establish a relationship and long term subscriber of course. However, this target source opted into your list because of your contextual ad, Which should be about your opportunity or product.

      Question Gav,

      How long did it take Getresponse to complete your order of 200 leads? I know how long it takes for my orders, I’m just hearing from others it takes weeks. Not once have I ever waited more than 3 days for all my leads.

      • shane garrison says:

        AS Gav mentioned better know how, or know where to get some great email series to sell your product or opportunity. It will be your messages that will convert them.

  6. Shane – how are these subscribers adding up a few months down the line – are you seeing a good ROI with them at this point? I’d be interested to know as I came across this today while looking at Hypertracker and found the link as a recommended tool.

    Thanks in advance for your reply ;-)

    • shane garrison says:

      Hi Neil,

      I do have some on my list that are a few months old. Let me explain why… I suppose that needs an explanation :-). When it comes to using getsubscribers I do not use those opt ins to build a brand for myself. With you being a network marketer you probably give a ton of value to your list so that you can become somewhat of a authority and build a relationship.

      I now pay .38 cents per subscriber at 500 a time, so I’m pretty darn aggressive with that list. I sell..sell..sell. I know that goes against the holy grail of some marketers. But , I don’t use getsubscribers to build my brand. I take another approach by going right into the opportunity I’m offering with a series of drips on why you should join that biz opp or product etc.

      Yes , its a quality list and real subscribers that did take a action to join your list. My return is roughly 22%.

      Have a great day!

  7. Great information Shane!!

    Sounds like a great way to build a list and quick. With a solid message going out to those people on said list, in time should create a nice profit margin.

    Greg DeMario

    • shane garrison says:

      Yeah Greg, Getsubscribers really does work well. In fact one of the big full time marketers that earn over 50,000 a month has been using this method for years. They’re just not out publicly sharing the great news, why would they? It’s working well for them :-)

  8. Jennifer D. says:

    This is a really good review. Thanks! Many people find the concept of auto responders difficult to grasp, but it really is a must for those serious about online marketing. Based on your review, I’m checking this out.

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