April 29, 2017

Get traffic to your blog 5 proven ideas for free blog traffic

Free Blog Traffic, 5 ideas!


Free blog traffic ways take more time but are proven effective as the paid methods.

Traffic creates competition in the web. Traffic is the determinant factor that will tell to the searchers and to the search engines that your site or blog is successful or not. The more traffic your site is generating, the more popular you are to the internet world.

Maybe you will be asking, especially if you are just starting  your first article or post in your blog, is how can my blog get visitors or what are the ways to get traffic to my blog? It’s indeed very frustrating if your site has been around for more than a year and  don’t have enough traffic coming in, while blogs that launched about 4-6 months ago, are getting adequate traffic. What are their secrets? What do they have in their sites that visitors keep coming back? Well, a well-planned strategy will surely work!

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Here are the 5 tested and proven free blog traffic ways to help you out in the competition.

1. Make your Content Catchy and Timely.

High quality, informative content written generates more traffic easily. Content that is liked, tweet or shared are said to be viral content which will get traffic. Content which are controversial, funny, interesting, suspense, and unusual or absurd stuff are what searchers mostly fond to share with each other. Catchy titles are also the key to make your visitor stay longer on your site and really read your articles.

2. Know Some SEO Techniques/Link Building.

Keywords are the key for readers to find or land to your site. Keyword is the most important thing in SEO. Take an extra effort to do Keyword research and know how long and short tail keywords are used. Be able  to know and understand the Keyword density thing, because it pays to know the difference between 5,000 visitors and 500 visitors your keyword has in generating more traffic. Keep in mind to don’t do keyword stuffing as Google will ban or penalize your site or blog.

Link Building is the best way in SEO that will give your site’s more traffic naturally. Although, it really takes time to get links but trust me, the pay-off is rewarding and long term.

3.Be active on Social Media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the three major and most popular social media sites today that can work wonders to your site and can give you free blog traffic! Be an active member of those social media sites and linked your every post to these sites. Ask your friends, relatives, and other colleagues to like, share and promote your post or site to their networks. With this, your site will have more viewers and readers. You can also add social media sharing button to your blog and encourage your readers to share it. This strategy is proven to really maximize traffic without spending any single cent.

4. Engage in Networking.

Remember that in the world of internet marketing, it doesn’t matter who you know, but what’s important is who knows you!  Almost everyone has a social media account or a website either personal or company website, so even if you engage yourself outside and meet people personally, you can always promote your site or your blog by giving them your business card  with your blog site written on it. Those that are curious to know what you are talking about, will likely visit your site.

5. Try Guest writing and Invite Guest Authors as well.

Being a guest author to someone else’s blog is an added exposure for your name and blog site. Plus, it’s an effective medium of creating a brand or portfolio for your name and will definitely give you free blog traffic. If your post to other sites attracts readers they will go and check your site for more interesting posts written by you. You will not only gain loyal readers but your guest post will boost sky-rocket traffic! But, remember to only guest post, on websites that have the same niche as yours.

More so, inviting guest authors to write on your site as well, can add traffic to your site, because those loyal readers of your guest authors will surely follow him or her.


These ways are natural ways of increasing traffic to your site. If you maintain to have killer content, practiced SEO effectively, and do the other free blog traffic ways, surely you will you be leading the competition.


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