May 30, 2017

Do you own Reasons why you should

In this modern world, we live in everything that you need to know can be found on the internet. A simple recipe that you wish to cook for dinner, history and meaning of a thing, up to the breaking news that happened a few minutes ago around the globe and even the information of a certain person you wish to know. You just have to search for its name, and the results will show up instantly.

Yes, The internet is the powerful medium that you can get information quickly. It is a tool that enables applicants to look for jobs in places or countries they wish to work. Lets employers assess applicants if they are really fit for the job and that their online results matches to the submitted portfolio.

According to a survey, 80% of employers are googling their applicants or searching for their names online to look for other information about them. With this, almost 75% of employers turned down or disqualify applicants if they find some “not so good” information about them.

Your online presence matters. Especially when you are applying for a job, and don’t know yet how many “You” are in the world. Meaning, how many people in the whole world has the same birth name as you, from the first name, middle initial up to the last name.

Try searching for your name in google or other search engines. Do you like what appeared in the results pages or are you dismayed? If you haven’t tried googling your name, I guess you should do it now to know how many “You” or doppelgangers will appear. Most people with common names are most likely to have millions of competitors worldwide. Some may just differ on their middle names. Those with unique names especially those who have two or three names have fewer competitors thus can feel relief because they are unique.

That’s why it would be ideal if you owned your own domain name. How? By simply purchasing your name domain preferably in a .com. For the minimal cost of $10 a year of securing your name online, you will reap these benefits:

1. Self-Branding. By legitimately owning your “own name” online helps you to brand yourself. Even though you don’t have a plan to pursue blogging now. You’re secured that no one will use your name in your behalf, when someone searchers for you online, they wont be landing on a site of someone else that might shed a negative impression.

2. Someone might claim that he is You. Better securing your own name before your doppelgangers do it for you.

3. It can be a credible online resume. Having a website named by your and duly registered can be a voice that will speak of your skills and experiences that will attract employers.

4. You can be easily distinguished by searchers especially employers.

5. Secures your profile to people with the same name and similar profile but with questionable or not so good reputation. There are cases that some people have same names to people that are convicted of a crime or are being sued for other cases. This is the most important thing that you should avoid that can taint your online reputation.

6. You can control what people especially employees see online. “By creating,” you direct or lead searchers and search engines to get the correct information about you even though you have thousands and millions with have similar names.

7. It helps to hide or suppress information about you that you don’t want people to see or find out. For instance, your friend tagged you in Facebook or Twitter a picture of you and your friends having some drinking spree with them or that you have some naked pictures on the web with your complete name in the caption. By updating and creating current good information about you through your own website may end an employer’s query about you and stick on the site that talks relevant information on you.

8.Everybody is doing it. So, don’t be left behind. “If you don’t exist online, it seems that you don’t exist at all”.

“You may not realize how important to own,” but certainly you will need it in the future.


  1. Another good reason to register your name as a domain is to preclude possible harassment by stalkers or other emotionally disturbed people who may target you in the future. Even if you do not develop the site, it offers some peace of mind. Don’t think it can’t happen to you!

  2. “If you don’t exist online, it seems that you don’t exist at all” This is a very strong phrase but it is completely true.

  3. I have my own domain for nearly three years now, I don’t update frequently, but I still want to hold it so that I can build good image about myself later on.

  4. I like the idea of online branding where people can get to learn about what you are doing rather than reading something negative of people who has the same name with you. It might kill your chance to find jobs or potential partner.

  5. I have my own name as the url of my blog but I am kind of worry that it is getting too public if my boss and my colleague found out about it. They might be reading every single thing I wrote about myself. It’s creepy.

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