May 29, 2017

Disclosure Policy

As a successful online affiliate marketer of some standing, who has now been supporting my website and my own existence reasonably, I have a confession (or if you like, a “Disclosure”) to make. You are aware that an affiliate marketer lives on the strength of the astute affiliate links placed precariously in his website and the small commissions he receives when someone thankfully accesses a product or service through that link. Besides, their genuine appreciation and their heartfelt thanks in the form of a commission, the lingering pleasure of your little contribution, resulting in driving the traffic towards their product/service, possibly, even clinching a sale, is a wonderful feeling indeed.

My sole insurance is that I promote only the most reliable quality products in both my website and affiliate links.
Remember, I always make it a point personally to test every product that I propose to include in my website or my links, learning firsthand the pros and the cons about the product, so that my expert comments would help to guide you on its functions and benefits in order to give you a transparent fix on the product, you propose to buy. Today, the Internet is a vast landscape of information, and you must use it to maximum advantage, while you complete your parallel and independent selection process.

Last but not least, my suggestion to any Internet Marketer out there, with even a lone affiliate link in his website, is to ensure to attach your very own disclosure policy, which is clearly visible to all visitors to your website. This would not only satisfy the legal aspects deemed necessary as per the guidelines of the federal trade commission, but also provide the platform for a healthier and fruitful mutual relationship with the visitors to the site.

I shall be delighted to take your additional queries on my website, affiliate links or my disclosure policy.