May 30, 2017

How to write a good press release

Whether you’ll be launching a new product line, website, or to launch a campaign. A demonstration, announcing upcoming events, or disseminate news and information whether good or bad, choosing the right means of publicity that will instantly get the message across to the intended audience is key to make a campaign successful.

A effective medium of publicity that will get your issue covered by the media instantly is through a Press Release.

Press Release is just one marketing strategy that is used by businesses, for their advertising and marketing endeavors. It is sometimes referred to as a news release and can either be a one-page or two-page press release depending on the writer.

How to write a good press release

What should your Press Release be about? Here are the important things that you must be considering when writing a Press Release.

News Must be New. This is the whole point of writing a press release. It must be new. If you’ll be writing a press release that happened yesterday or a month ago, it will defeat the purpose of what a press release is. The information must be newsworthy. It must talk about what will about to happen and not what already happened.

When we talk about newsworthy, it must appeal to the human interest. Celebrities and other iconic faces in the world are mostly the talk of the world and people would love to read some upcoming events or tours or anything that’s new about them.

More so, controversies and scandals and other unusual, or quirky events also appeal to people and are newsworthy, thus can be a good topic for your press release.

Content. This is the most important part of the press release. It serves as voice that will speak in behalf of your product or company or anything that you wish to be known. Content must be written in a news story format, in a business tone, free from spelling and grammar errors and with a catchy headline. Content must be straightforward answering the four W(what, where, when, and why) and 1 H (how), and not leaving any unanswered possible questions on readers mind.

Format. A press release is written in a block style in a business tone. It must not show a biased report of your opinion, it’s not necessary.

Knowing these key considerations in writing a press release, let’s get into the step by step on how to make an effective press release without hiring a writer to make one for you:

1. Given that you have the topic for your press release, start with adding information like the contacts name, address, telephone numbers and your website’s url if you have one at the above left corner of the page. Type the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” in all caps above your relevant contact details.

2. Next, compose an appropriate and catchy headline for your topic and write it at the center of the page. Headlines must all be capitalized. Don’t forget to underline it or you can even bold it to grab the attention of the readers.

3. You can now write the article on the body of the page. Don’t forget that it must be written in a news style by beginning your article with the date and the city. (i.e. CINCINNATI, OHIO. – October 18, 2011). Keep your article straight to the point and avoid adding your personal opinion toward the news or else your press release will end up in your editor’s bin. More often a press release is just one page and covers the 4 W and 1 H.

Quick Tip: you can include some teasers on the article to entice your readers to respond on your post by actually going into the event or buying the product, etc. Teaser paragraphs spark curiosity to the readers.

4. Add to your last paragraph this phrase “for additional information” so that readers can be reminded once more, and you can include more details like contact information, a website, etc.

5. End your press release with these signs ” # # #” or “-30-“, at the page bottom. This is a journalistic mark that indicates “end”. Don’t forget to print it in high quality type of paper for a more presentable look.

That’s it. Your done writing your first Press Release.. All you have to do next is to Release it ahead of schedule.