April 29, 2017

Why postcard marketing makes sense if you’re marketing high end profits.

Have you ever thought about postcard marketing? Well, if you have the right offer this can be a highly profitable endeavor.

“The First rule of postcard marketing is that you must be able to make around $100 at the bare minimum from your offer.”

So we will use this $100 profit margin for our example.

The average sales per mailings you should see with the right offer and copyright should be between 1 to 2 %. So for our example lets say that we do a mailing of 1000 postcards this is what you will need to have a successful campaign. Proven offer, Proven copyright, and Proven list.


So if you are going to be entering the arena of postcard marketing I say why try to reinvent the wheel. There are many business opportunities on the internet pick one that is focused on postcard marketing that has already proven to be successful.


With that said lets do the math on what 1000 postcards will cost you on average…


  • 1000 postcards printed double sided, if you have somone print them for you $75
  • 1000 stamps at .28 cents each will cost you $280
  • 1000 mailing list, be sure to buy a opportunity buyers list not seekers list. cost $90

If you take all the above and fix the labels, stamps yourself total cost is $445. Now you can have a full service provider do everything and mail them for you cost $525

So lets say you do it yourself at first and have spent $445 on 1000 postcards, and you see the industry low at 1% sales ratio. Remember you earn $100 from each sale so you’ve just made $1000 at 1%. Now subtract your expenses at $445 then your total profit is $555.

So the key would be in above scenario, “the more postcards you can send, the more money that you will make.”

Now with the opportunity that I market I also earn $100 from each sale of everyone that I personally bring into the business. So when I sign up 10 people , they will commit to mailing out 1000 postcards monthly each. Well, that is 10,000 postcards being mailed that I benefit from without paying anything. 10,000 postcards at 1 percent in sales will equal 100 sales, I’ve just made 10,000 without spending a dime on postcards.

As you can see from the above figure postcards can be highly profitable. Because of the front line commissions that I earn from everyone. I actually can be in very good profit with just a 1/2 percent sales to mailing ratio.

Shane V. Garrison