April 29, 2017

Need to Outsource? Why not use Odesk.com

With the recession that the world faces today,  even multinational companies have tighten their budget and thinking of ways on a cost effective alternative to keep their businesses still running and gaining profits.

Outsourcing is the best option that they have found. Hiring employees from different countries enables businesses to save a lot of dollars and at the same time, creating more jobs especially those who prefer working from home.

One of the best platforms that offers legitimate outsourcing opportunities is Odesk.com. Founded in 2003 by two Greek entrepreneurs. Odesk, is very successful in offering jobs for job seekers and companies looking for freelance employees that will effectively do the task for them without going into their office.

Odesk is one of the most popular and legitimate outsourcing websites in the internet today. It is where freelancers can find work that rightfully fit their skills and experience and vice versa. It gives a great opportunity to freelancers with professional experience or with less experience alike to bargain their skills by completing the personal information and other fields provided in their Odesk account.

Odesk has nine categories of featured work such as:

1.             Web Development

2.             Software Development

3.             Networking & Information Systems

4.             Writing & Translation

5.             Administrative Support

6.             Design & Multimedia

7.             Customer Service

8.             Sales & Marketing

9.             Business Services


Each of the above categories is sub-divided into sub categories for specification. For instance, In Writing and Translation category , you will find in the sub-categories, blogging, content writing and any related work.

More so, here are the other Pros of Using Odesk:

For Freelancers or Contractors:

  1. Signing up is 100% FREE of charge for freelancers. Odesk will only charge the freelancers after they completed task of 10% withdrawal fee. Now, The contractor can also pay this fee its up to the two parties involved.
  2. You can view any job you want to apply. Notifications are updated especially if an employer wishes to interview you for a job.
  3. You can start up your hourly rate by $1 so you can get more jobs at the same time. You just have to balance your working hours so that projects will be delivered on time. You can then increase your hourly rate once you have established and have proven your expertise.
  4. Test Skills are available to test your writing and grammar skills.  This is applicable for every Odesk member. There are about 326 kind of tests that are available  for  free which includes Windows XP, U.S. English Basic Skills, HTML 4.01, Technical Writing Skills Certification, and Help Desk Certification to spice up or increase your profile and to let he employer see your proficiency in your chosen test.
  5.  Once you’ve got a perfect score or have made it in the top 10% or 20% of the result, you will be given a special badge that will also be displayed in your profile.
  6. Lets you include in your portfolio previous works and projects completed that are relevant to the jobs you wish to apply to.
  7. You can choose to decline or accept interview invitations depending on your preference.

For Employers or Buyers:

  1. Signing up is Free. Employers will be charged only after delivery of work.
  2. Allows you to pick skilled contractors like content writers, programmers, accountants, sales agents or telemarketers and even virtual assistant from around the globe.
  3. They have the option to pay Hourly or Fixed Rate.
  4. With built-in time clock monitoring system that enables employers to view freelancers work.  Offers screenshots of the activities of the contractor using the Odesk Monitoring software that is downloadable to verify work once the contractor clicked the start button, he or she is indeed working on the project and not just merely browsing stuff not related to the work.
  5.  Allows you to interview your applicants that fit your qualifications and decline those that don’t make it. With this, they will be notified that they have an interview invitation or they have been declined for the job.
  6. Enables you to verify the time logs or billed hours using their virtual time sheets.
  7. Has more payment options available.
  8. Since the kind of job you will be offering is a contractual basis, you are free to give employee benefits, pay employee taxes and other mandated benefits that an office employee must get.

With these stunning benefits that Odesk offers, it is perfect. Here are some cons that others found in using Odesk.

  1. Others find it too much to charge contractors 10% of their earnings for each completed job.
  2. Odesk is not liable if an employer didn’t pay their contractors in a fixed rate contract.
  3. Work screenshots sent to the employer to some is an invasion of their privacy.

To sum up, Odesk has proven its reputation through the years and still counting. With its millions of users around the globe and excellent payment system, it is one of the best online outsourcing company of today.

WordPress versus Blogspot Pros and Cons.

WordPress over Blogspot? Or Blogspot over WordPress? These two dominate the blogging platforms on the internet. If you are just thinking of making a blog of your own, you might be torn on which blogging platform to pick among the hundreds of them offering equally amazing features.

I will be concentrating on the two famous blog platforms. I’ll try to give you my pros and cons of both sites so that you’ll be able to decide what’s best for you.

Let’s start with the Pro’s and Con’s of Blogspot or Blogger:

Blogger is powered by the giant search engine Google and basically the first choice of most newbie bloggers because it is easy and simple to use. Here are the other advantages of using Blogger.

Pros of Using Blogspot:

1. It’s 100% FREE. From signing up to the customization of themes and plug-ins, you wont be spending a single penny.

2. It’s features are simple and easy to use. Creating a blog with blogger is fast and easy. The format and lay-out of the blog is easy to navigate. You don’t need to be a programmer to use blogger because it only requires some basic HTML coding if you want to customize your posts.

3. Easy Google Analytics set-up.  You can add the google analytics code to view your site’s statistics.

4. Easy to Customize.  You can easily customize your blog with blogger as it has an option of allowing you to move some gadgets , change your theme in seconds, make some color and font style adjustments quickly without the fear of losing or altering the HTML .

5. With blogger you can get free domain name hosting so you won’t be worrying about site and database crashes.

6. It has a built in 1G free photo space powered by PICASA.

Cons of Using Blogspot:

1. Customization features are limited.

2. If you are into SEO, and want to optimize your site more, blogspot is not the ideal platform for you as it lacks heading options and other tagging tools used by SEO’s.

3. Although Blogspot is improving in terms of its appearance, many new templates are already available, people especially bloggers still find it is not that professional looking as WordPress.

4. HTML coding is done manually. It would take you time to individually input the HTML codes you want to add on your post or page, unlike other blog platforms whereas it is already given or has an available shortcut key for it.

As for WordPress, we will be discussing the free hosting site which is WordPress.com and not WordPress.org. The differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org have already been discussed on my previous post.

WordPress fans enjoys this blog platform because of these reasons:

Pros of Using WordPress:

It’ 100% FREE.

2. More options for customization, offers hundreds of useful plug-ins to choose from to make your site attractive.

3. Variety of professional looking themes is available to match your site’s niche. Spam, security backup features and easy tagging attributes are also offered.

4. With All-in One SEO pack excerpt section allowing you to make your site competitive and search engine friendly.

  • 5. Has exclusive monitoring  of site’s statistics.  No need to add to add a code.
  • Also  allows optional paid upgrades if you want to access their premium features.


Cons of Using WordPress:


1. Since most of the many blog platforms are free, the options for plug-ins, widgets and themes are limited to their offers. You can’t design your own site unless you use WordPress.org which is a paid platform that allows you to customize your site in the way you want it.

2. since it is a self hosted site, expect that your site will crash and wait for admin to fix it in their own time.

3. Customizing your theme is restricted and the CSS feature is in a default mode.

4. Need to know HTML more, as adding HTML in changing lay-outs and widgets in WordPress is pretty  overwhelming.

5. Not compatible with Google Analytics.

There you have it! The Pros and Cons of either Using WordPress or Blogspot.  To sum up, these two free blogging platforms are perfect for people who enjoy blogging by sharing ideas with friends and colleagues, or by simply just hangin around to have some fun. As long as you keep your posts updated and that your number of visitors and friends are growing, any of these will be a good choice.

But if you blog to make money online, a self hosted blog is not ideal. You need to have a blogging platform that will allow you to have a complete control of all its features and no restrictions on plug-ins, widgets and other customization you want to put on your site.

Google Analytics, Why should I use this tool?

A site’s ranking matters in the internet industry. Ranking is what website owners are competing on. Why? Because that’s how the internet world works. The pages that are usually on top of the search result pages are the sites that the audience only sees and deemed as authority sites that they can get reliable information from. For your site to be visible to searchers eyes using the keyword or keywords you are targeting on, it must be present on the top page or at least on the first few pages of the result pages.

But, how would you determine that your site is doing well in the search engines? What effective tool you should be using to track your site’s statistics?

Google Analytics and its importance
Google Analytics is the best tool for the job. It is a powerful and “FREE” tool used by website owners for tracking their site’s web presence. Basically, as the name implies, Google Analytics is created and powered by Google to measure web analytic queries.

Here, are some KEY Benefits of Using Google Analytics:

Track Visitors by:

Quantity. Whatever website you are running whether it is a personal site or an e-commerce one. You can use Google Analytics by tracking down or monitoring the number or visitors who visited your site on a daily, weekly, monthly or even on a yearly format depending on your preference. Google Analytics even has an option to trace how many absolute and unique visitors you have daily.

Location. Google Analytics provides a global map to point out to you the specific location on where your visitors are coming from geographically. You can also view the ranking of the countries where you have many visitors from. The darker the color of the country in the map, the more the number of visitors you have there.

Source. GA displays the source or the website your visitor came from to land on your site. Mostly, if you are bookmarking your every post on social bookmarking sites or websites you have links on, the name of the site will appear on the data.

Timeframe: GA records the time and date your every visitor viewed your site and what particular post.

Keyword. Keywords plays a great part in a site’s search engine rankings, that’s why you should be watching on those keywords that your visitors have used to land on your web pages. Keywords traffic is one of the most important data that GA is good at. GA analyzes and calculates those specific keywords sorted by popularity for you to weigh in if your search marketing campaign or your link building effort is effective or not. Focus on the keywords that are giving you more traffic by making articles or posts related to it. You can also apply changes to your other web pages not ranking well based on the popular keywords generated by the GA.

Bounce Rate: The longer your visitors stayed on your site, the better. You can see the details of that in GA Bounce Rate category. Bounce Rate will give you the idea on what page or pages your visitors stayed longer and what pages have lesser minutes or visitors have just spent a minute or even seconds viewing the page. The higher your bounce rate, means that your posts are not user friendly and that they don’t find it interesting or appealing.

Quick Tip: Articles that are informative, catchy, useful, funny and timely written in a user friendly format are what appeals to readers thus have less bounce rate.

Google Analytics does well with Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Using GA, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can use GA to share data with AdSense and AdWords for your optimization campaigns. You can make up strategies using the data generated by these three tools in achieving high search engines traffic.

Google Analytics lets you compare historical data. Using GA you can compare historical and seasonal trends in your niche. With this information, e-commerce websites in particular can easily track down and analyze customer behaviour specifically shopping habits to create new offers or products that they know will work well.

Google Analytics can track your site’s revenue and possible sources.

This is the best thing with GA in favor on e-commerce websites. GA is somewhat an online stock management system that can provide a complete picture of your revenue in specified categories. Likewise, it can track possible revenue sources using Google Analytics URL Builder.

These are some of the significant queries that most website owners are searching for, and Google Analytics has it all.

The above are just the KEY Benefits on why you should be using Google Analytics to track down your site’s performance. For sure, there are other benefits that I haven’t mentioned in this article that you might come across while exploring Google Analytics more. So, explore it now, and please leave a comment on way’s that it helps you.

The Benefits of using Google Alerts!

If you aren’t using Google Alerts, I think you should be NOW! because you are missing the great advantages of this amazing tool created by the World’s Largest and Best search engine-Google.

Google Alerts is just one of the many beneficial Google service tools to keep you “ALERT” on everything from news, blogs, groups, videos from all over the world timely and instantly delivered right into your inbox.

You can search in your queries as complex the keywords might be, as often as you want and get the results the way you want it, daily or weekly.

I’ve enumerated the many benefits that Google Alerts can give on specific genres:  I’m pretty sure you will belong on one of these groups.


For SEO Specialists

SEO Specialists tasks include monitoring daily the progress of the website they are optimizing. Thus they shouldn’t be left behind even a day if they wanted to maintain their rank in the search engines right? So with Google Alerts, SEO specialists are updated on these areas:

  • Easy tracking of specific keywords and phrases especially the competitive keywords that are being used globally in the web. If you created an alert for your main keyword or keyword phrase, you can monitor articles from your competitors that are using the same keywords as yours.
  • Easy generation of relevant or niche websites for “blog commenting” purpose, by just setting up an alert on the main keyword for your niche topic.
  • Easy monitoring of competitors recent posts and website activities. Just keep an eye on your competition.


For Business/Website Branding

In online business, the more visible you are to the searchers, the more the chance of generating more sales. That is why website owners need to keep an eye on with their website standing in the web and be up-to-date on the latest innovations especially on how to maintain their ranking, ways and techniques to find customers fast and what products and services are now trending in the web.

With the use of Google Alerts for your Business it enables you to:

  • Monitor who’s talking grudges or bad-mouthing about your products and services or to your company in general. Basically if anyone says anything about YOU or your website domain, you’ll be notified right away.
  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s business activities by receiving alerts on your inbox on their latest article posts or product launching and etc.


For Bloggers/ Writers

If you are a blogger, Google Alerts is a great tool to find or scout for your niche bloggers. In this way, you can easily comment on their blog posts regularly and build a common community later on.

Aside from that, by easily finding your niche bloggers through Google alerts:

  • You can find inspiration on topics, interesting reading materials, and forums that you might be interested on and write something about it.
  • You have the freedom and the access to pick from the sites that have good PR to comment on.
  • Enables you to find websites that are using or copied your articles either legally or illegally by setting up a Google Alert for your name or for your main keyword or phrase or for your article titles.


For Job Seekers

Believe it or not! Google Alerts can help you find a job that fits your qualifications. By typing in your query, for instance,  “administrative assistant in Ohio”, Google alerts will email you a list of websites that are looking for that specific position in that specific location, without the hassle of browsing for different job sites. You can choose to email the job alerts to you daily or weekly and showing your specified results whether “all results” or just the best results”.

The best among the benefits that Google Alerts offer is its quality service is absolutely FREE! So, why not use it now to your advantage?

For newbies, here’s a Google Alert Tutorial video clip you can view on:

To Get Signed up with Google Alert just click on the image below…




What is the difference between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com?

As the cliché goes, “if you don’t have an online presence, it seems you don’t exist at all.” That’s why almost every company nowadays has their own company website aside from their physical business building.

Having a company website offers a global visibility of your products and services thus the higher the chance of gaining more profits. But for those companies or businessmen who are also targeting to create a website of their own, deciding on the type of blog or site platform to use is indeed a tough and mind bugling decision.

There are numerous blog platforms that are available online and all of them have different amazing features to offer. One of which is WordPress. But WordPress has two forms and it somehow cause some confusion to web marketers on the distinction between the two, thus can’t decide on which of them is the best: WordPress.com or WordPress.org.


To clear things up: Let’s define each:


                          What is WordPress.org?

Based on the WordPress website, WordPress.org is the main software that provides in creating a blog, but it doesn’t offer to host your blog on the net. You will need to pay for a different hosting provider to have a domain name and to host your company blog. This is a paid a platform, thus provides you with ultimate customization or any plug ins that you need for your company site.

         What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is the subset of WordPress.org. It is their Open Source Software that offers free blog creation and free sign-ups, but since it is free, it has limited access for customizations and other tools.

Still Puzzzled? Let’s get into the details by weighing the Benefits and Limitations of the two:



Benefits of WordPress.com:


  • It’s Free and Easy to Use:  All you need is your email address and sign up for an account, and presto! You have your own blog!
  • No software to be downloaded or pay for hosting your site.
  • Everything from the theme, upgrades, spam security, backups feature, and etc are available.
  • Allows you to monitor your real time traffic stats, comments, post rankings, and other special features not available in most free blog platforms.
  • Offers optional paid upgrades if you want to access their premium features.
  • No technical knowledge on coding require


Limitations of WordPress.com



  • Limited options for themes, plug-ins and widgets
  • Running a custom theme is restricted. CSS is in default mode, but if you want to access the full CSS editing tool, you can pay for the upgrade version.
  • It does not permit to include any advertisements on the blog
  • If you want to switch to WordPress.org in cases that your blog becomes popular and want to monetize it, you will get a new domain name and URL address.
  • No RSS Stats and not compatible with Goggle Analytics

Benefits of WordPress.org



  • Unlimited access for uploading themes and plugins
  • Ultimate control on code changing if you are a programmer
  • Offers, automatic ping, multiple authors access, sidebar widgets, custom themes and other plug-ins
  • Income Opportunity by allowing advertisements, shopping carts and third party sales to put into your blog.
  • You can customize your domain, email address and etc.
  • You can sell it if you don’t want it anymore.
  • You can have a great community and can establish a good business standing later on.


Limitations of WordPress.org



  • Doesn’t host your blog for you, thus you need to pay for a good web hosting provider to host your blog. So if you don’t have a cash, let’s say $100 a year to compensate for a hosting site that assures you of generating high traffic, you will resort to wordpress.com, because it is free.
  • You need to be technically minded to set up and run the site and of course to maximize the options offered.
  • You’re responsible for everything, from handling back-ups, stopping spam, and upgrading a new software manually if there’s a new version that comes out.

To conclude:

Choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, depends on your purpose. If you want to establish a long term goal for your business, then you have to choose the platform that can give you unlimited access to all your desired look and feel of your site and that you can call it as your own. But you need to be willing to sacrifice a little and be open to the fact that you need to pay a small host fee for the other.

Thanks for reading,

Feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts!

Internet marketing tools that will surely fire your online business on top!

By now, you can easily predict the future of online business as small and large corporations shifts to reaching their customers using the internet. In 10-20 years from now, physical stores won’t be visible anymore, and people will just sit in front of their computers and type in their needs and wants.


If you are one of the aspiring business tycoons, you need to cope with this trend to be successful. And Internet marketing solution is the best and popular way on how to start and promote your business online. Internet marketing strategy is an essential part of online success. For you to succeed in these endeavors to be one of the top and profitable online businesses worldwide, developing and implementing a strategic plan is a great factor that will help in building effective marketing styles and techniques. A strategic plan includes great and effective products, well- designed website and a killer marketing strategy.


Internet tools are also part of internet marketing solution. A marketing solution that is needed in building links to the website. Different kinds of internet marketing tools are now present in the computer industry that will surely help the website owner to have a nice, informative and pleasant page for the users. Search engine submitter is one of the advances that the technology has today. It has the ability to submit the web site’s URL to all important search engines and promote your site instantly.  You don’t have to hire SEO’s to do the task for you manually using this tool. Unfortunately, google’s algorithm has changed and focuses more on building quality links. So, this “bot” or software is regarded as creating spam links. So, better to build links naturally by developing good relationship with other niche websites. And only human can do that!      



    Let Your Design Speak For Your Products 

      In the promotion of professional websites, web design plays an important role. The better the design, the more attractive and appealing it is to the searchers. The elements of an effective website are the logos and layout, flash animation and graphics, and easy navigation.



The site should have a unique and appealing design and style and well-organized design structure. The design should speak on what the product or service you are offering. It would be ironic if the design of your website is fruits where in fact the product you are promoting are fashion dresses, and garments.                                              




     Craft the Best Strategy

Internet marketing consulting is also another effective way give you ideas on how you will start the business by developing a good marketing plan. Because the internet is thriving in sales, many people expect to have success, simply by starting a business website.



This internet marketing consulting tool helps a lot in determining what strategies is the best and effective to apply to have a strong customer based internet marketing plan. It can also guide you through the process of optimizing your product materials or services on your website. Aside from that, it also generates website traffic which is said to be the most important tool for success online. Search engines are commonly used by people looking for information on a specific product or service on the internet.  You website should include information about topics that may be included in searches by your prospective customers. That’s why it is important that you know how to use the google adwords keyword tool to let you know the competitive keywords that you should incorporate in your content to drive more visitors to your site.


These are the best marketing solutions that are available online today. All online businesses are using these marketing solutions to stay on top of the market industry. But the most important thing for success is to always be on the safe side and abide by the rules set for the online industry. Remember that, for every “against the rule” deed, there is always a corresponding penalty. And most of the time, the penalty will leave a stain not just to your company but to your valued customers. Credibility and good reputation matters a lot in online business.

How to Add a Photo to your Blog Comment

Puzzled on why some people have a picture of themselves, a celebrity image or an icon each time they commented on other blogs?

You don’t have to envy them; you can make one too, because it was just easy to create with the help of www.gravatar.com!

Gravatar is the best online service that enables bloggers to upload a picture or “avatar” of their own that will automatically appear each time they add a comment on other blogs. It also has a gallery of gravatar images or simply “avatars” available for you to choose from if you don’t want to use your own photo.

With the picture you have for every blog comment that you make especially when you upload your own photo, it create an identity for yourself.  Fellow bloggers will deem you as a credible persona and a “human” and won’t be regarded as a “blog comment bot”.

Here’s a quick and simple step by step tutorial on how to add a photo to your blog comment using gravatar.com:

  1. Go to www.gravatar.com
  2. Log in to your account if you are already a member.  Or you can sign up if you are a new user.
  3. Find the “My Account” button in the menu bar, then click the option “Add an Image”
  4. Gravatar offers an instant photo shoot of your face by clicking “A webcam attached to this computer”.  But if you want to use your existing photo or image, just select “My computer’s hard drive”, then click “Browse” to find the image to be uploaded, and then click “Next” to start uploading the selected image.
  5. Gravatar has the option to let you resize and crop your uploaded photo if you desires. Just click the “Crop and Finish” button.
  6. (“G,” “PG,” “R,” or “X”). These are the ratings that you have to select for your image to be specific on the sites that you want to display your gravatar image.
  7. Once you are assured that you’ve done the uploading process perfectly, your gravatar image will now automatically appear alongside of your every comment on blog!

What are you waiting for? Don’t just be a “shadow”, a “gray figure” or a “smiley icon” when you make a comment to other blogs. Start creating your “avatar” now!