April 29, 2017

How to start a blog for profit?

Why do you blog? Maybe you would answer that blogging is your way of sharing your ideas to others, to make new acquaintances, a place to showcase your passion and expertise, a perfect companion to blow off your steam and etc.

Others may say that they engage in blogging to promote their craft, or their products and services or their company in general. In this way, they use a blog to generate potential customers, thus have the higher chances of making sales and earning more money.

Yes, blogging is not just a way to INFORM, PROMOTE, and ENTERTAIN, but also an easy and effective way to EARN!

Let’s concentrate on how your blogging can give some money in your pocket:

First of course, remember to have a specific niche blog.  Your chosen niche should be something that you’re passionate of doing and that your heart is into. Each one of us has a special skill that we can write about. You just need to discover it and put it into practice for it to become your expertise later on. For example, you love taking pictures and images of animals and the shots are really great. You can make a blog out of it focusing on wildlife photography or animal photos. You can start writing on what is wildlife photography, how to capture good shots, and things like that.

You can always engage in photography but having a focus on one niche like animal photography can help you establish a distinct reputation online. Also, focusing on a niche that you have skills on would b easier and comfortable for you to write something about it.

A blog that talks about almost everything around doesn’t do well or won’t be successful compared to a blog that have a specific theme or niche.

Second, for you to monetize your blog, it must have more visitors visiting your blog and reading your blog posts. The number of minutes a reader spent on your blog post matters because it shows that they are really reading your posts and not just passing through or accidentally clicked your blog.

For your blog to draw traffic, you need to promote or advertise it. Start asking your friends and family members to visit your blog, follow it and comment on your posts. An effective way of generating more traffic is promoting your blog and your posts on social bookmarking sites, social media like facebook and twitter.  Remember that unique visitors are what matters and are the ones which have more weight.

Third, once you have established regular visitors and your blog is up and running at least three to six months, you can engage into money making ventures like:

  • Google Adsense
  • Sell advertisements
  • Engage into affiliate marketing
  • Ebook marketing.

Google Adsense is typically the one that almost all newbie bloggers prefer to start with. Aside from the fact that it is the simplest one to pursue and set-up, it is also a legitimate one.  With Google Adsense you are paid per clicks on the ads that you have posted on your blog.

Quick Tip: Google Adsense has very strict policies. Your blog must have regular posts and is updated regularly and is running online for at least six months. It is best to thoroughly read the policies set in by Google Adsense. Also, before deciding on signing up you may not be aware that you have added something on your site that would lead to the rejection or banning of your site when you’ve signed up. So please read the policies

When joining Affiliate Marketing, make sure to find a legitimate one that will work well with your site niche. You can earn a significant profit with affiliate marketing if you know how it works. So be sure you know how to play the game before making a bet.

You can also try making E-books and sell it on your site. E-books are downloadable electronic books that are in-demands now especially for students looking up some information on their projects online. You can write as many e-books as you can but make sure that the information are based on facts and credible. But don’t ever copy someone’s work and regard it as yours because you can be charged of plagiarism. Be unique in all your write-ups, make sense?

Your passion can be your profession when you start making money out of it. And blogging is the perfect medium to make it happen. Blogging is the fun way of showing your passion to the world and at the same time earning from it.



Making money with Fiverr.com

Are you a multi-talented person? Can do or create something in a short period of time? Can do bizarre, odd, strange, fantastic things or absolutely anything that you can think of that others can’t do? If so, there’s a place that can make your gig into dollars!


Fiverr.com is the site I’m talking about. This unique and fun site is offering surfers and internet buffs of all ages to hock their skills or even buy talents at a price of $5.


Fiverr.com started this latest internet craze in December 2009 and now becoming popular in all ages especially for home based individuals across the blogosphere who loves to convert their gigs into cash.

What Fiverr is offering? Fiverr offer two things- and that is Buying and Selling Gigs at $5.



How to Buy a Gig on Fiverr?



First, you need to sign up in order to have a full access of their service. Don’t worry, signing up and starting a transaction with Fiverr is totally FREE. You can search on the search box provided in the site your desired gig to buy by entering a specific keyword to describe your search.  A list of multi gigs will appear that fits your criteria. You will then given an option to sort the listings either by popularity (which is gauge by the number of people who clicked or viewed the gig) or by Rating (which is dependent on the buyer’s feedback. Once you have found the perfect gig you are looking for, you just have to click the “Order Now” button and go to Paypal box to pay for the chosen gig.


Sometimes, a seller will ask for your personal information to let them know who is interested to buy their gigs. This is also a reminder to them that they have a new job offer.



       How to Sell your Gig on Fiverr?



To start selling your gig, you need to sign up first and be a member. It’s free, no sign up fees or whatsoever, so no worries. After you have signed up, you can start posting your gig but make sure to submit to the right category for accurate listing. You can sell just about anything that you know of, like articles, videos, and so on. If someone buy your gig, you will then be notified via email about it but you will wait for 14 days clearing of your earning from fiverr account before you can transfer it your Paypal account.


    What’s HOT with Fiverr


An excellent part-time opportunity for freelancers and even employed individuals to earn extra cash

  •  $5 is not bad especially now that we are experiencing economic crisis. It is up to you on how to make it big.
  •   An excellent outsourcing platform to find new clients that you can talk with offline and discuss long term job opportunities.
  •  Limitless gigs. You can buy and sell unlimited gigs anytime.
  •  Multi selection of services you can choose from.
  •  Feedback system service
  • Free Sign-up
  • No fees to collected for buyers



      What’s COLD with Fiverr


  •  The price is fixed and non-negotiable. Meaning simple and tough task or gig is equivalent only to $5.
  • You will only get $4 dollar for the presented $5  fee for every gig, because they deduct $1 as a service fee.
  • Lots of competitors for a specific gig, so you need to create more gigs as you can to generate more money.
  • Lots of junk present so be careful when buying and check first the provider’s feedback before making any transaction.

 How Fiverr Will Pay You?


Fiverr.com use Paypal service to pay its members. For your every gig sold which is worth $5, you will only get 4$, because they charge $1 for each completed task as a service fee. But you can only withdraw your money, when you’ve reached the minimum required amount set by them which is over $40 which is equivalent to 10 sold gig.


  Great Income Opportunity with Fiverr beyond $5:

 Don’t just confine yourself with the idea of earning $5 only with Fiverr. You can make it huge if you want to and you will focus on achieving what you want. How?

Fiverr is a perfect market to scout for new clients that are willing to work with you on a regular basis or long term at a negotiable price. You can always upsell or charge your client on an amount that commensurate to the quality of your work.

For instance, if your client orders in bulk, you have a huge opportunity or making higher income right?


Second, you can make it as your full time gig at the comfort of your home by selling 5 gigs a day so your net will be $4 which is $20 dollars each day times 5 days, so you earnings in a week will be $100, and if you will be consistent on your work, your income in a month will be $400.


Third, the key to make sales on a regular basis is to stick on what is “in” or in-demand or what are the gigs that are usually seeking by buyers online.


These are some of the in-demand or highlight gigs in fiverr that converts more money easily:


1.    Video testimonials
2.    Content/Article Writing
3.    Backlinks/ SEO Services


Fiverr. com is just one of the many “income opportunity sites” around that helps you earn unlimited cash if you’ve maximize its offer. Just keep in mind that for every quality output delivered on the specified time at a consistent basis will surely generate more income on your pocket and an opportunity to build a good reputation online.


Interested in trying Fiverr.com and start earning for your every gig? Then sign up now. http://fiverr.com/

Making Money with Google Adsense

Is it really easy to make money online?  Many would say in their testimonials that you can earn much more than you can imagine at the comfort of your home while sitting in front of your computer.  Well, don’t take it literally. Making money online is easy indeed if you have the will and determination and would really work hard.

Let’s take a review on one of the most popular money making opportunity around and a certified reputable one which is “Google Adsense”.

What is Adsense?

This is basically the foremost question almost everybody will be asking especially the newbies in the web.


To define, Adsense is one of Google’s most valuable programs that allow you to earn money by displaying text ads through your website. The calculation of the revenue that your site will be getting is dependent on the number of “clicks” by the visitors who visits your site. The ads that Google will be displaying on your site are the ones that appear on the search results pages. But, Google chooses only those ads that are relevant to your website niche based on the blog posts or content of your site.


Who is Eligible to join Adsense?


You need to be 18 years old and up.

You need to have a “niche website”

Your website should be running 6 months onwards

You need to have 10-15 pages of content in your site.

Your website should have decent content or posts, as Google is more particular on the quality of the website and ignore sites that contain pornography and obscene videos, content and images.


Tips to Qualify for Google Adsense




Tip 1: Create a Niche Website:  Sites that have specific and interesting niche are most likely the sites that are popular. And once you are popular, you will always be crawled by Google, because many searchers are searching for you.

Reminder: Don’t use a free web hosting site if your purpose is to monetize your blog later on because free web hosting sites will likely to have banners and other pop-ups. If you have this, Google will automatically reject or disable your account.

Tip 2: Write More Quality and Compelling Content: The key to generate more traffic is quality and interesting content or blog posts. The purpose on why your niche is something that you are interested of, is passionate about it or an expert on it is that you will be writing more often. The most important thing is that it will be easy for you write blog posts as often as you feel like writing and won’t be bored.  And for sure you will be confident writing posts that you are sure that you know about. Making money with google adsense means writing more and posting on a regular basis.

Reminder: Google is very particular on the quality and usefulness of the content. So, when we say quality, your posts must not be plagiarized or copied.

Tip 3: Get Traffic.  How would you do this? The best way to generate more traffic is to be listed in the first page of the major search engines. You need to do bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting and other avenues to be visible to all users around the world. It is best to focus on your niche and make sure that you are on the right category when you are promoting your site. You can also use social media like creating a facebook fan page and twitter account for your website. Try adding friends and build rapport with them.

Reminder: If you comment on other blogs, don’t let your comment look like a spam, write something decent that the webmaster can appreciate! Don’t just run around and comment like, great stuff, very nice, thank you very much and put your link in there. The webmaster will going to click the spam button. That spam button is going to click your blog to the curve. You will get deleted. You will definitely lose your adsense account. Don’t waste your time doing crappy spamming.

Tip 4: Take time to read the Adsense policies, before signing up, because they have strict regulations that you might have neglected and later on you will ask why your account was disabled.

Reminder: Making money with google adsense is dependent on the number of clicks on the google ads in your website. So even if you have plenty of visitors, coming in and out of your site but don’t even bother to click on one of the ads, you earn nothing.


How to make money with Google Adsense?    


Making money with Google Adsense comes in three ways:

Google AdSense for Content. Google allows you to advertise your content or your image through their specified shape ads.  They have the so-called Link units which is a strip of text links for your visitors to click.

  • Google AdSense for Search- You will see a search box on your site, and if ever visitors enter a keyword or phrase and search for it, a search results page will open more pay-per click ads.
  • Google Referrals – When you refer to our visitors to use one of these google products: AdSense, AdWords, the Google Toolbar and other Google software, and when he signs up for a google adsense account, whatever he will earn, you will earn also.


How much can you earn with Google Adsense?

 You can earn unlimited income! But your income is dependent on the number of clicks on your ads. But advertisers pay more on ads that have popular keywords.


What’s the payment system?

 You will only get a check if your earnings exceed $100. You can either get a check yearly, every six month, every three months, or monthly depending on your ads performance. Of course, the more visitors click on your ads, the more income will be generated.


How does “click” on ads calculated?

Their is no definite answer on how google calculates your earnings per ads per click because all ads have different pricing options also and are based on different factors. You can calculate how much are you getting on every ad when you are already receiving checks and viewing your reports.


To keep your Google Adsense account running:  Here are the Dont’s you need to avoid:

            Don’t ever dare to click on your own ads.

            Don’t beg for others to click on your ads.

           Don’t include any pornography, obscene videos, images or copyrighted material

           Don’t try modifying the AdSense code.


You can definitely earn online, especially with Google Adsense! Everything you need to succeed, you already have in you. All you need to do is to actually put it to work and put it into action.


To sign up for a Google Adsense account: just click the image below…

Make money with clickbank, cost you nothing!


Have you come across clickbank.com? I’ve read a lot of good testimonials about this company and I must admit most of the clients who posted their testimonials are those business tycoons now in the industry.

Here are the two client’s testimonials that really made me even curious about what the company is offering and what makes them stand out among the rest!

 Michael Rasmussen:  

“ClickBank has been a fantastic solution for me, and I have used them now for about 5 years. The built in affiliate program has allowed me to focus on my marketing and not have to worry about the admin side of running an affiliate program. This has saved me lots of time and headaches, plus it gives the affiliates the confidence to know they will get paid, and you can tap in to their existing database of affiliates. It’s a fantastic start up solution for any info marketer, and I highly recommend them.”

 Martin S.

“ClickBank is by far the best tool to use in Internet marketing. It gives you the opportunity and ability to capitalize on your online business. Without ClickBank, I don’t know where I would be. The products and services are amazing! Keep up the good work!”

 Here’s a detailed review about the site that would be beneficial for business owners and individuals who might want to try their service.

Brief Company Description

Clickbank started in 1998, under the umbrella of Keynetics. Clickbank three major services are to promote products, buy products and sell products. Their main goal is to help their affiliates and vendors to achieve their success by driving more traffic and sales to their businesses.  It offers commission splits as high as 75%, that is why it generates a sale for every three seconds and processing 35,000 digital transactions a day across the globe. Currently it holds 50, 000digital products and amazing 100,000 active affiliate marketers.

Run by Bradley J. Wiskirchen, the company’s current CEO backed with skilled team, clickbank already made its mark in the internet marketing world.



           How to Join Clickbank and Earn Big as what they promised!




For Vendors who want to sell products using Clickbank, here’s what you will do:

  1. Sign up an account.
  2. Find the appropriate category that you want to belong with and that your product fits. Make sure that the product you want to sell is available for upload, that is why they call every product for selling are digital products, meaning the content and the over-all appearance can be viewed by searchers.
  3. You can set the retail price of your product and the affiliate commission you want for your product.
  4. You can then submit your application to clickbank for approval. If approved, you will be paying a one time activation fee of $49.95
  5. Clickbank will then secure your product for fraud prevention, and will take care of the order processing and customer support for those that are interested on your product.
  6. Clickbank will automatically pay you and your affiliate for each product that is sold.


For Affiliates who want to promote products using Clickbank, here’s what you will do:

  1. Sign up an account.
  2.  Find a specific product category that interests you. Remember that you can effective market a product that appeal to you and that you have the knowledge and the experience on how to use that product.
  3. After deciding what products to promote, create a “personalized HOPLINK referral tracking URL
  4. You can now start promoting the selected products by posting your unique HOPLINK referral tracking URL on your facebook account and other social media, in search engine ads, on your personal blog and other websites that you think will generate more customers that will buy the products.
  5. Affiliates earning is calculated on the number of clicks on the HOPLINK referral tracking URL. The more people click on the url, the higher the commission rate.


For Customers Looking for Products to Buy:

  1.   Clickbank Products are categorized for easy access to customers who wish to find products to buy. 
  2.  Just browse the category and find the product that you want by typing in the product name to the “Find Products Box”.


 For 13 years in the business arena, I guess it is fair enough to say that this company already established a good reputation and credibility that is worthy to be recognized of.  Do you agree with me?

To get started earning money with clickbank just click on the image below…