April 29, 2017

Have you tried 7search pay per click advertising yet?

What can 7search do for you? Well, Everybody wants a piece of cake in the online business. Website owners are finding ways on how to get maximum exposure to get targeted customers  to their sites. Advertising is the key to make it possible. We are not talking about the marketing paraphernalia here like posters, banners and the likes, but affiliate advertising. There are two online advertising options, which you can, select: paid and free advertising. Of course, it is a given fact that  paid advertising can benefit you faster for short term results. Free advertising requires a lot of hard work and patience and no assurance it will be successful or not.

7search pay per click

7search pay per click

One online paid advertising network is by far said to be the most popular and effective search engine advertising that most website owners are using called 7Search.

What is 7Search?

Brief company history:

Based on their site, 7Search is an internet affiliate network which specializes in pay-per-click type of advertising program. This company started in 1999 by Dante Monteverde, an online entrepreneur, who aims to help other web business owners to generate more revenue just by sending to 7Search network their high quality traffic ads.

What are the Advertising options that 7Search offers?

There are few advertising options that Search is offering, and by far the most popular is their pay-per-click advertising program.

How do 7Search pay-per-click works?

Advertisers are required to bid an amount every time a searcher visits their money site or blog and clicks on one of their submitted ads. Advertisers must put their keywords strategically within their submitted ads to have a higher chance to be places on the higher spot in the search results pages.

With this, it is deemed that advertisers know how keyword density works and apply it in their ads. In the same way, that they have a tracking on what keywords are giving their site a huge traffic.

How do 7Search text-based ad works?

A text-based ad is another great option offered by 7Search, wherein advertisers can place their ads in other participating websites which has the same niche as the advertiser’s website and that the products, services and other offers are relevant or matches to the ads the advertiser is promoting. The so-called “direct navigation” is a unique system that advertisers really like about 7Search. This system said to redirect visitors to the participating program sites or blogs directly to the websites of the advertisers.

More so, website publishers can  apply to 7Search ad network, and won’t have to pay a single penny if their websites qualify. The income that these website publishers will be getting will come from the revenue of the ads which are earned from their websites. 7Search will be the one to take a cut on the ad revenue to be given to the website advertisers.

Advertisers, on the other hand, will only pay once they are ready and decide to start marketing through 7Search, and the fee is dependent on the chosen type of marketing campaign.

You can never hide in 7Search! Your identity is required and is visible in their domain called “Whois”. Whois is the list of the owner’s site plus their relevant information, which is visible in public. This is basically a good thing especially for website publishers to check the reputation and legitimacy of the website through the website owner’s information. Is 7Search legitimate?

As always, people would want to know the legitimacy of a certain business or company before they join in, especially now that there plenty of  affiliate marketing programs around which promises big time revenue in a short period of time. Based on their site thousands upon thousands of big time website owners and web publishers chose 7Search as their partner in generating revenue through their web presence, and they are said to be paid millions of dollars every year! This is pretty impressive right?

I’ve read some reviews about 7Search and what I found are all positive feedbacks! Advertisers and web publishers alike are really happy on the turn-around that they are getting. Their sites are seen by their targeted customers, and the ROI is remarkable.

On Time and Decent Pay-out. Those websites who participates in 7Search report on time and decent pay-out. No reported complaints about the delay of payment.

Everybody said that 7Search service is definitely a service worth trying out! How about you? Have you tried 7Search yet? If so, I want to hear your personal experience to inspire others by adding your comment below.


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Google Analytics, Why should I use this tool?

A site’s ranking matters in the internet industry. Ranking is what website owners are competing on. Why? Because that’s how the internet world works. The pages that are usually on top of the search result pages are the sites that the audience only sees and deemed as authority sites that they can get reliable information from. For your site to be visible to searchers eyes using the keyword or keywords you are targeting on, it must be present on the top page or at least on the first few pages of the result pages.

But, how would you determine that your site is doing well in the search engines? What effective tool you should be using to track your site’s statistics?

Google Analytics and its importance
Google Analytics is the best tool for the job. It is a powerful and “FREE” tool used by website owners for tracking their site’s web presence. Basically, as the name implies, Google Analytics is created and powered by Google to measure web analytic queries.

Here, are some KEY Benefits of Using Google Analytics:

Track Visitors by:

Quantity. Whatever website you are running whether it is a personal site or an e-commerce one. You can use Google Analytics by tracking down or monitoring the number or visitors who visited your site on a daily, weekly, monthly or even on a yearly format depending on your preference. Google Analytics even has an option to trace how many absolute and unique visitors you have daily.

Location. Google Analytics provides a global map to point out to you the specific location on where your visitors are coming from geographically. You can also view the ranking of the countries where you have many visitors from. The darker the color of the country in the map, the more the number of visitors you have there.

Source. GA displays the source or the website your visitor came from to land on your site. Mostly, if you are bookmarking your every post on social bookmarking sites or websites you have links on, the name of the site will appear on the data.

Timeframe: GA records the time and date your every visitor viewed your site and what particular post.

Keyword. Keywords plays a great part in a site’s search engine rankings, that’s why you should be watching on those keywords that your visitors have used to land on your web pages. Keywords traffic is one of the most important data that GA is good at. GA analyzes and calculates those specific keywords sorted by popularity for you to weigh in if your search marketing campaign or your link building effort is effective or not. Focus on the keywords that are giving you more traffic by making articles or posts related to it. You can also apply changes to your other web pages not ranking well based on the popular keywords generated by the GA.

Bounce Rate: The longer your visitors stayed on your site, the better. You can see the details of that in GA Bounce Rate category. Bounce Rate will give you the idea on what page or pages your visitors stayed longer and what pages have lesser minutes or visitors have just spent a minute or even seconds viewing the page. The higher your bounce rate, means that your posts are not user friendly and that they don’t find it interesting or appealing.

Quick Tip: Articles that are informative, catchy, useful, funny and timely written in a user friendly format are what appeals to readers thus have less bounce rate.

Google Analytics does well with Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Using GA, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can use GA to share data with AdSense and AdWords for your optimization campaigns. You can make up strategies using the data generated by these three tools in achieving high search engines traffic.

Google Analytics lets you compare historical data. Using GA you can compare historical and seasonal trends in your niche. With this information, e-commerce websites in particular can easily track down and analyze customer behaviour specifically shopping habits to create new offers or products that they know will work well.

Google Analytics can track your site’s revenue and possible sources.

This is the best thing with GA in favor on e-commerce websites. GA is somewhat an online stock management system that can provide a complete picture of your revenue in specified categories. Likewise, it can track possible revenue sources using Google Analytics URL Builder.

These are some of the significant queries that most website owners are searching for, and Google Analytics has it all.

The above are just the KEY Benefits on why you should be using Google Analytics to track down your site’s performance. For sure, there are other benefits that I haven’t mentioned in this article that you might come across while exploring Google Analytics more. So, explore it now, and please leave a comment on way’s that it helps you.

Getsubscribers with GetResponse autoresponder, A user review!

The question you may be wanting answered, ” Is Getsubscribers with Getresponse worth your investment?”

Well, I will give you my solid opinion from purchasing getsubscribers from getresponse. In short yes you will get real people that will subscribe to your auto series campaign.

I usually purchase the 200 subscribers for $89.95 each time. I have read other reviews and did my research as well before investing and from what I read other buyers said it took along time to get all of their leads. Well, Not for me it only took 3 days to receive all 200 subscribers.

Before you purchase your getsubscribers you’ll need to purchase a getresponse autoresponder account. As the leads you buy with getsubscriber will go right into your auto campaign. So be sure you sign up for a getresponse account first if you don’t already have one.

Secondly , you’ll want to set up a series of emails of whatever you wish to promote to the getsubscribers list that you are purchasing. I always say the more emails the better, usually I create at least 7 to a maximum of 12 emails in one campaign. I mean if you are going to pay for leads or spend the time to build a list you’ll want to maximize the potential of that list converting correct? So please be sure to write a good long series of emails for this investment.

Getsubscribers will convert to sales as long as you have a good offer and you stay in front of them with your email series. It is best to have a offer or opportunity that is international ” Worldwide” because you cannot target your subscribers by country. This means that you will get subscribers from india, australia, usa and all other countries.

There is a way to better target this list if your offer is country specific. To increase your subscribers from the country you desire you’ll want to put that into your textual ad that you write. For example ” USA AND CANADA ONLY” add this somewhere in your ad that you write. When the subscribers opt into someone else’s list they will see a option of other subscriptions they can subscribe to. This is where they will see your title and small ad that you’ve written explaining what your email series is about. I tested and tweaked mine to gather more usa based subscribers and it does work if you mention it in your ad. However, You’ll still get some subscribers from other countries just not as many.

I personally will continue purchasing getsubscribers as it is building my list fast and it does work. AS a user I highly recommend these leads and they will convert if your offer and copyright of your email series are very good.


Get More Subscribers!

Monetize Your Messages With High-quality Email Leads!

Do you need to build a profitable, permission-based email list?

GetSubscribers is a “pay per subscriber” advertising program that rapidly builds high-quality opt-in lists for our paid advertisers at a cost-effective price. How? What Google Adwords does to clicks, GetSubscribers does to email addresses. We automatically funnel email leads from your online ad appearing on our network, and you grow your mailing list 24/7/365. Just imagine how much income you could generate, if you had a steady stream of pre-qualified, top-notch prospects coming in!

Here’s what you’ll get if you qualify for the GetSubscribers “Pay Per Subscriber” Program:

You are building a real mailing list of real subscribers that are genuinely interested in your offers. First, they react to your GetSubscribers ad on the web (much like clicking on an Adwords pay-per-click ad). Second, they opt in to your list. Third, you go to work (aka you email your list and convert your subscribers to customers).
Subscribers you generate are never re-sold or incentivized ‚àí and you can rest assured that you’ll always get premium “bang for your buck”.
Your GetSubscribers email addresses are permission-based and generated via advertising on our trusted GetResponse network!
Each time a subscriber responds to your GetSubscribers ad, the world-class GetResponse email marketing system delivers your email leads straight to your campaign – instantly and automatically!

1 Choose the Amount of Leads
2 Create Your Ad and Place Your Order

Step 1: Choose the amount of leads you need
Leads Price Choose

2,000 subscribers $ 639.95 / 32 ¢ each

200 subscribers $ 89.95 / 45 ¢ each

500 subscribers $ 189.95 / 38 ¢ each

1,000 subscribers $ 359.95 / 36 ¢ each

** Important note: no refund policy on lead purchases.

To get started with getsubscribers you’ll need a getresponse account. Once you log into your getresponse account you’ll be able to purchase your getsubscriber package. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO GO TO GETRESPONSE&