April 29, 2017

Guest writing is the best way to get noticed for your writing TODAY!

Blogging is a well-known word in the internet community. With its amazing benefits and tremendous power in line with communication and business, everybody is creating one for their own and starting to build their own name and brand for the world to see. With millions of people blogging worldwide, with equally well designed blogs and great read articles, being the “brightest star” in the blogging universe is not as easy as you may think now if you will just be concentrating on your blog alone. Knowing some SEO techniques on how to get more traffic to your site is undoubtedly effective, but if you want to consider expanding your horizon and becoming a star blogger in your niche, you might want to consider guest writing.

Guest writing is a great avenue in building a brand name or a professional portfolio or an expert in a particular field. By becoming a guest author in other websites or someone else’s blog here are some of the great benefits that you can get:

1. New Audience, New Traffic. Once you’ve been a guest author or contributor for other websites, you will definitely have a new audience that will eventually be an avid follower or subscriber of yours if they like your ideas and they enjoy the way you’ve put it into writing. These new audiences will definitely become visitors to your site because websites that allow guest writing opportunity also lets you put your site’s link in your author’s bio. With these, it will be of great help, to even more improve your site’s search engine rankings especially if you’ve contributed to high quality or authority sites.

2. Great Medium to Showcase your Writing. Don’t just focus on writing for your own blog. Aim for a wide audience to read your good writings and ideas. By being a guest author, you can bring in fresh ideas, and new styles or tone of writing for someone else’s blogs that can spice up to the readers plus a guaranteed maximum exposure for your target audience especially when the sites you are guest writing with are already authority sites in their specific niches.

3. An Effective Avenue to Impress Employers. Employers now are googling applicants before deciding on who fits for the open position. Your contributed articles for other sites will speak in behalf of your expertise in the field you have mentioned in your resume. You don’t have to convince the employers seeking writers that you are a professional and experienced writer but, your online write-ups will show.

4. An Excellent Opportunity on Building a Brand name and a Credible Online Portfolio. When you are regularly practicing guest writing for other blogs, and focusing on a niche that you are good at and slowly creating loyal followers, sooner you can build your own brand online aside from the quality backlinks you are getting from them. Some writers that are doing guest writing for a while are getting job interviews and even job offers without even applying at all. You can always bargain on them at the rate you want to charge to them if they want articles done by you.

5. A Best Way to Improve your Site’s Backlinks. Being a guest author on someone else’s blog is a great way to boost your site’s backlinks. Your every post on other’s blogs generate a direct backlink from your blog same with the guest bloggers of your blog.

Although guest writing is a great opportunity for you and your blog to be gain online visibility, you need to be reminded of these few things that can harm your site. Guest writing can make or break your name and your site’s credibility if you don’t know these things:

1. Don’t guest post on spammy websites or sites that are only created to generate sales.

2. Don’t be a guest author on sites that are not related on your niche. If you do that, the latest Google Panda will think that your site is a content farm.

3. Don’t write short guest articles as it won’t be appealing to both human readers and the search engines.

On the other hand, if you allow guest authors to your site, proofread it and analyze very well the content before posting it on your site. Check for plagiarism as some guest authors is just copying content from other websites. Make sure also that the article is not written as if the author is marketing something or promoting his or her website in the article. Lastly, don’t accept a guest post that you don’t feel like posting. Remember that your aim is to build a credible website that readers will trust.


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