April 29, 2017

Have you tried Bing search cost per click advertising yet?

Being tagged as one of the giant search engines around the globe and is owned and run by Microsoft, Bing is trusted by millions of businesses and website owners that give reliable and consistently accurate results when they are looking for information or data about a specific subject or query. Previously MSN, Bing services has expanded and offers advertising programs for website owners who aim to monetize or gain revenue out of their websites or blogs.

Bing Adcenter is another profitable service that Bing is offering that will help businesses to get maximum exposure for their products and services to a wider audience through their content advertising program. This Bing ad program is also keyword-oriented like Google Adwords, 7Search and others, meaning your main keyword or key phrases that will best describe your products and services must be included in your marketing content. For Bing, they call this service CPP (cost-per-click) while to some is PPC (pay-per-click).

Now, that Yahoo and Bing search have merged their advertising program, many are enticed to try the program because it’s just hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing. Through these combined markets, website owners and online marketers can be able to monitor or track their campaign performance through web based solutions. Once you are registered with Yahoo, your ads are running also with Bing. This is probably their scheme of overpowering Google Ads. With this union, Matt Lyndon, Microsoft Ad GM has this to say “You need a lot of advertisers to provide the most relevant advertising experience. You don’t want to show an ad for ‘Tacoma plumber’ when a visitor is searching for a plumber in Seattle. The only way to create a market to attract more advertisers is to have a product with a high volume of searchers using it.”

Here are some Pros that you may help you think of giving Bing Ads a try

  1. Low Bid Price. Of course, marketers will always ask for this and will always consider the cost before anything else. Bing search ad is said to be lower in price compared to other online advertising companies around. How low? Well, hundreds of website owners are bidding to be included in the first page of the SERP’s, and that line with Bing is shorter compared to Google, so advertisers pay less for their keywords to be placed in that page.
  2. Better Conversion rate. Google is more popular than Bing, that’s a fact. That’ why the chance of generating traffic is high, but with millions of competitors, you need to really work hard to be successful on your campaign. But, with Bing, although, you are not assured of getting high traffic, you can get an access to the customers of MSN, which can later on can convert you more sales. Google appeals to younger audience, while most MSN users are older, which are typically buyers.
  3.  Good Customer Service System. Bing is helping small online businesses to grow by attending to their queries and assessing their progress from time to time through their Quick launch program-an online free advertising consulting program. For you to be able to access this free advertising consulting in Bing search is that you need to at least spending $500 each month for your ad campaign.  Also, with those advertisers who have a staggering account of more than $500,000 per year have an assigned account representative that will attend to their problems either technical or in line with the billing. Search Traffic is already growing. Because Bing search ad is now becoming popular, it would mean that your marketing campaign have a higher chance of visibility to a wider audience.
  4.  Easy transfer of ads from Google Adwords account. This basically can’t be done with Google but possible with Bing. You can easily import all your keyword and ad groups to Bing search ad Center, no question ask, hassle-free!

With those promising Pro’s of using Bing search , here are some cons about this service that advertisers have experienced:


  • You need to have an established account history before your ads will show up.
  • channel is limited and thus you can’t add more keywords.
  • Not so competitive traffic compared to Google
  • Not so appealing to market and other huge companies around


Have you tried using Bing search ad program? What can you say about their service? How about the conversion rate? Share with me your thoughts on this by leaving your comment below.


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Have you tried 7search pay per click advertising yet?

What can 7search do for you? Well, Everybody wants a piece of cake in the online business. Website owners are finding ways on how to get maximum exposure to get targeted customers  to their sites. Advertising is the key to make it possible. We are not talking about the marketing paraphernalia here like posters, banners and the likes, but affiliate advertising. There are two online advertising options, which you can, select: paid and free advertising. Of course, it is a given fact that  paid advertising can benefit you faster for short term results. Free advertising requires a lot of hard work and patience and no assurance it will be successful or not.

7search pay per click

7search pay per click

One online paid advertising network is by far said to be the most popular and effective search engine advertising that most website owners are using called 7Search.

What is 7Search?

Brief company history:

Based on their site, 7Search is an internet affiliate network which specializes in pay-per-click type of advertising program. This company started in 1999 by Dante Monteverde, an online entrepreneur, who aims to help other web business owners to generate more revenue just by sending to 7Search network their high quality traffic ads.

What are the Advertising options that 7Search offers?

There are few advertising options that Search is offering, and by far the most popular is their pay-per-click advertising program.

How do 7Search pay-per-click works?

Advertisers are required to bid an amount every time a searcher visits their money site or blog and clicks on one of their submitted ads. Advertisers must put their keywords strategically within their submitted ads to have a higher chance to be places on the higher spot in the search results pages.

With this, it is deemed that advertisers know how keyword density works and apply it in their ads. In the same way, that they have a tracking on what keywords are giving their site a huge traffic.

How do 7Search text-based ad works?

A text-based ad is another great option offered by 7Search, wherein advertisers can place their ads in other participating websites which has the same niche as the advertiser’s website and that the products, services and other offers are relevant or matches to the ads the advertiser is promoting. The so-called “direct navigation” is a unique system that advertisers really like about 7Search. This system said to redirect visitors to the participating program sites or blogs directly to the websites of the advertisers.

More so, website publishers can  apply to 7Search ad network, and won’t have to pay a single penny if their websites qualify. The income that these website publishers will be getting will come from the revenue of the ads which are earned from their websites. 7Search will be the one to take a cut on the ad revenue to be given to the website advertisers.

Advertisers, on the other hand, will only pay once they are ready and decide to start marketing through 7Search, and the fee is dependent on the chosen type of marketing campaign.

You can never hide in 7Search! Your identity is required and is visible in their domain called “Whois”. Whois is the list of the owner’s site plus their relevant information, which is visible in public. This is basically a good thing especially for website publishers to check the reputation and legitimacy of the website through the website owner’s information. Is 7Search legitimate?

As always, people would want to know the legitimacy of a certain business or company before they join in, especially now that there plenty of  affiliate marketing programs around which promises big time revenue in a short period of time. Based on their site thousands upon thousands of big time website owners and web publishers chose 7Search as their partner in generating revenue through their web presence, and they are said to be paid millions of dollars every year! This is pretty impressive right?

I’ve read some reviews about 7Search and what I found are all positive feedbacks! Advertisers and web publishers alike are really happy on the turn-around that they are getting. Their sites are seen by their targeted customers, and the ROI is remarkable.

On Time and Decent Pay-out. Those websites who participates in 7Search report on time and decent pay-out. No reported complaints about the delay of payment.

Everybody said that 7Search service is definitely a service worth trying out! How about you? Have you tried 7Search yet? If so, I want to hear your personal experience to inspire others by adding your comment below.


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Get traffic to your blog 5 proven ideas for free blog traffic

Free Blog Traffic, 5 ideas!


Free blog traffic ways take more time but are proven effective as the paid methods.

Traffic creates competition in the web. Traffic is the determinant factor that will tell to the searchers and to the search engines that your site or blog is successful or not. The more traffic your site is generating, the more popular you are to the internet world.

Maybe you will be asking, especially if you are just starting  your first article or post in your blog, is how can my blog get visitors or what are the ways to get traffic to my blog? It’s indeed very frustrating if your site has been around for more than a year and  don’t have enough traffic coming in, while blogs that launched about 4-6 months ago, are getting adequate traffic. What are their secrets? What do they have in their sites that visitors keep coming back? Well, a well-planned strategy will surely work!

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Here are the 5 tested and proven free blog traffic ways to help you out in the competition.

1. Make your Content Catchy and Timely.

High quality, informative content written generates more traffic easily. Content that is liked, tweet or shared are said to be viral content which will get traffic. Content which are controversial, funny, interesting, suspense, and unusual or absurd stuff are what searchers mostly fond to share with each other. Catchy titles are also the key to make your visitor stay longer on your site and really read your articles.

2. Know Some SEO Techniques/Link Building.

Keywords are the key for readers to find or land to your site. Keyword is the most important thing in SEO. Take an extra effort to do Keyword research and know how long and short tail keywords are used. Be able  to know and understand the Keyword density thing, because it pays to know the difference between 5,000 visitors and 500 visitors your keyword has in generating more traffic. Keep in mind to don’t do keyword stuffing as Google will ban or penalize your site or blog.

Link Building is the best way in SEO that will give your site’s more traffic naturally. Although, it really takes time to get links but trust me, the pay-off is rewarding and long term.

3.Be active on Social Media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the three major and most popular social media sites today that can work wonders to your site and can give you free blog traffic! Be an active member of those social media sites and linked your every post to these sites. Ask your friends, relatives, and other colleagues to like, share and promote your post or site to their networks. With this, your site will have more viewers and readers. You can also add social media sharing button to your blog and encourage your readers to share it. This strategy is proven to really maximize traffic without spending any single cent.

4. Engage in Networking.

Remember that in the world of internet marketing, it doesn’t matter who you know, but what’s important is who knows you!  Almost everyone has a social media account or a website either personal or company website, so even if you engage yourself outside and meet people personally, you can always promote your site or your blog by giving them your business card  with your blog site written on it. Those that are curious to know what you are talking about, will likely visit your site.

5. Try Guest writing and Invite Guest Authors as well.

Being a guest author to someone else’s blog is an added exposure for your name and blog site. Plus, it’s an effective medium of creating a brand or portfolio for your name and will definitely give you free blog traffic. If your post to other sites attracts readers they will go and check your site for more interesting posts written by you. You will not only gain loyal readers but your guest post will boost sky-rocket traffic! But, remember to only guest post, on websites that have the same niche as yours.

More so, inviting guest authors to write on your site as well, can add traffic to your site, because those loyal readers of your guest authors will surely follow him or her.


These ways are natural ways of increasing traffic to your site. If you maintain to have killer content, practiced SEO effectively, and do the other free blog traffic ways, surely you will you be leading the competition.


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Why is facebook advertising so hard to get approved?

Facebook Advertising is a great place to advertise.

Business analysts confirmed that social media is by far the most effective medium of reaching potential customers fast and easy. That’s why many business enterprises large and small alike see social media as a medium that can make their revenues flow into their pockets without slashing too much from their marketing funds.

The one that dominates the social media industry is Facebook. With millions of subscribers across the globe that interacts daily, minutes and even seconds, Facebook is regarded as the “king of social media”.  With its amazing features like chat, picture and video sharing, games, and many more, people are getting hooked to it. Plus, signing up is free and easy, so there’s no doubt that even your grandma has her own Facebook account right?

Facebook Advertising

Yes, Facebook is not just building a small community now, but becoming a “mini world wherein people of different races have the chance to interact with each other freely.  This is what marketers see as a potential to reach out to their customers easily and promote their products and services effectively.

Aside from Google Adsense and other Affiliate Marketing strategies that businesses are dealing with, they find Facebook Advertising as another valuable marketing avenue to generate more profit and gain more success.

But Facebook is also a company that set rules and regulations for security purposes. Facebook advertising specifically is just another awesome feature the company is offering since the market that Facebook holds is really huge.

However, there is one thing that marketers are concerned about, and that is why Facebook advertising is so hard to get approved?

Facebook has set terms and conditions regarding the ad approval processing. Of course, Facebook adheres to the standard of moral living thus; profanity and products that can harm people’s health and morality especially to minors are hereby restricted.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Facebook Advertising?


  • You can reach your specified target audience as their slogan says ‘Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business’. (For instance, you can set your ad o viewed by female audience only in a particular country or community having a particular hobby or activity.)
  • With millions of users worldwide, your ad has a very high chance of generating traffic
  • The ad cost is very low compared to others.
  • CPC and even CPM models are allowed
  • Easy to learn design screen ad system.


  • Only one shape of ad and only appears on the side panel not on your content.
  • Keywords and tags are limited
  • Tracking of your ads or the reporting system is not updated as it should be.
  • You can’t rename your page instantly. You need to contact the Facebook advertising department first before you can be allowed to do this.
  • If you’re a company, you can only run a Facebook business page and cannot create a group of personal Facebook profile.
  • Don’t allow same ads set in different currencies.
  • The ad approval process is very slow.

It seems the con’s outweigh the pros but given that the ad approval process takes 10-12 hours, sometimes a day and other cases takes weeks before they are approved, which is basically what marketers want Facebook to give utmost attention now.

What adds to the slow approval process is the checking of images that are submitted along with the ad. Facebook makes sure that your submitted image or images are appropriate to your product to be advertized, no nudity and adheres to the copyright or trademark law. I don’t know if they do it manually, but the percentage of skin or any exposed part of a body that is visible on your ad can be a ground for the disapproval of your ad.

Quick tip: The ad approval process depends on the present ads queue. There are times that ads are get approved in just 30 minutes or less. Don’t submit your ad after 5PM, because likely they will approve it the next day.  If you have waited for more than 3 days but no reply if your ad was approved, the key is to resubmit it.

The long approval process is indeed the disappointment of many to try Facebook advertising and marketers are appealing that Facebook must do something to improve it, but the way I see it, it really pays if you are really patient enough to wait and you know that you don’t violate any of the terms and conditions set by Facebook.

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The importance of social bookmarking for SEO

It has been said that although you have excellent and quality posts on your site, when no one knows that it exists, your site is dead. When you don’t have an audience to read and interact with your posts, creating a site to inform, promote or express your thoughts and ideas doesn’t serve its purpose.

So, in order for your site to be readable, search able and be visible in the web community, you need to know Social Bookmarking?

What is Social Bookmarking? I know you will definitely be asking it, especially if you don’t have any background on SEO.

Social Bookmarking- it is a method or way to establish a web presence. In the simplest definition, it is an effective platform or tool to “advertise” or promote your articles, videos, images and the site in general. You can also use this to search for other sites with similar niche as yours to build a relationship with them.

In SEO, where your web presence is crucial to achieve higher rankings, social bookmarking is one effective method of “off-page” optimization which is an SEO term of optimizing their site outside of their web page.

Why Social Bookmarking is Crucial in SEO? Here, are some important points on why you “must” consider bookmarking you posts:

importance of social bookmarking

To Justify Existence. If you want your message on your blog to cross different shores, and not just limited to your close friends and family, you must promote it, unless you want it to be private. The blogosphere will know that your site exists if it is present in social bookmarking sites. It is also a way to determine that you are an active blogger and that you know how to promote your site effectively. Social bookmarking is just a basic SEO. Having a website, at least you know the basics of SEO.

To Increase Traffic. Bookmarking sites are easily indexed or crawled by search engines. If you bookmark your post, people from that bookmarking site can visit your site quickly through the link to your post, thus will increase your site’s traffic. And if they find your site very informative, for sure they will become your subscribers.

To Create a Community. The longer you are bookmarking quality posts and interacting with fellow niche bloggers, you can create a group or community which is a good start in building an authority site. If you are promoting a product or a service on your site and bookmark it, your chance of getting customers and referrals is high. In other words, you can enlarge your market by reaching your customers and potential customers globally.

Quick Tip: The web is a community of different genres and races. It would be very difficult to fit in if you don’t know where and what category you should bookmark your site. So, make sure to bookmark your post on the right category.


To Help in Branding your Site. If your regularly bookmarking posts to social bookmarking sites, people can easily recall your site’s name. Some bloggers who find your post interesting because it is timely, funny, unusual or even challenging, will likely to re blog it, or promote it to other social bookmarking sites. This will help in establishing a brand name of your site. More so, the more friends or followers you have, people deemed you as professional and authority author or blogger.

To Spread News and Alerts Quickly. Since, there are millions of people are also bookmarking their posts daily, hourly or even in seconds, it is a great tool to spread news or update quickly.


To Increase Backlinks. This is the most important factor why SEO marketers are doing bookmarking. Getting backlinks can’t happen instantly unless you will be paying someone or purchasing a machine that can generate backlinks quickly. Back linking is an important factor in SEO, and one of the essential determinants in search engines in calculating the rankings. To get natural backlinks, your posts must rank on the front page of the social bookmarking sites. In order for you to be on the top page, your posts should have more votes from people on the social bookmarking site. A popular post is also called a viral post. And search engines always look up on viral posts.

Quick Tip. Bookmarks that are not popular, or have minimal votes in the social bookmarking site, doesn’t help in getting a good ranking.

The best thing about social bookmarking is that most of the legitimate sites are “FREE” and is not limited to bloggers alone but is accessible to all who have a website domain.

Here are the Top TEN Social Bookmarking sites of 2011 ranked according to the number of users.

1. Twitter

2. Digg

3. StumbleUpon

4. Reddit

5. Delicious

6. Tweetmeme


8. Slashdot

9. Friendfeed


Most expensive keywords

Here you’ll get a idea on how much adword advertisers are willing to pay for certain keywords. This will be a short post just redirecting you to a very informative website that I found with the most expensive keywords for adwords. Keep in mind that this is search engine Cost per click, not adsense.

Adsense cost per click I’m sure is much lower, however you can use this site to get a idea on high paying adsense niches. It is always best to pick niches that you’ll be able to write about on a consistent basis, something that you have experience in. If you’ve never made money online than do not create a website niche about making money online, make sense? Go where your passion is not what pays the highest would be my advice.

Here is a list of top 10

1. dui attorneys phoenix $133.14 cost per click

2. sell my structured settlement payment $111.36

3. donate your car los angeles $109.31

4. donate a car los angeles $103.03

5. texas mesothelioma lawyers $95.22

6. sell my annuity payments $94.16

7. florida mesothelioma lawyers $90.89

8. company settlement structured $90.44

9. mesothelioma clinical $88.89

10. rhode island mesothelioma attorney $87.56

There is also a search tool you can use on this site to find the cost per click on any adword keyword.
To see the list of 100 highest paid keywords just click on image below.

Google Adsense strict policies? The plus side to this…

Google Adsense PLEASE forgive me! For all of us who have in the past , present, that has a google adsense account you’ll relate with this article. To those of you who are planning of applying for a google adsense account then I hope this article helps you.

Google Adsense probably has one of the strictest policies and T.O.S of any advertising network available. Many of the Adsense account holder’s live in fear of losing their account at any moment. Now, for those marketer’s that are making just a few dollars a month it may not be such a huge deal , But others earn a very good amount of income just from this one source.

Just today I had to report myself! Yup… I had to turn myself in to the google adsense compliance dept.

I realized when logging into a very old gmail email account that I have another adsense account. this is one of the many rules that they have. Users cannot have more than one account, oops I really did not know I had a first account. I opened this up over 5 years ago when I was not really serious with online marketing and never used it. Anyways , I did the right thing because I would rather deal with this compliance today than to get banned for life when I really start making some good money from this source.

Hopefully crossing fingers, that everything will be okay. As I believe I handled this in the correct manner.

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is one of the best ways for newbies to monetize their blogs or websites. It does not cost you or your website visitors any money, so not having to sell something to get paid is a win, win situation for both you and your visitors.

Reasons why I think the strict policies of google adsense can be a good thing.

1. More unique writing! Not only will you not get approved for a account, but once approved you will surely comply with their rules. One of them is unique content, so this will help clean up all the copy, paste, and PLR articles that we see on blogs.

2. More unique images! This is a bit of a controversy within google adsense community but to be safe you’ll be more careful of the images that you use on your site. No copyright images allowed, unless given permission from the original owner.

3. More unique videos! Another controversial subject within google adsense community. The rule of thumb is if the original owner enables the embed html it may be okay to use. Only if its unique! Do not use music videos, movie clips , or any clearly copyright videos even if it has a embed code.

4. More natural back linking! Yes google is very smart, they’ll know if you use any sorta black hat automated back linking tools. In other words if you have google adsense on your site, do not build back links via black hat or spam methods. This will get you Banned! This helps the world wide web community because as website owners we’ll receive less spam.

5. No more annoying pop ups or pop unders! This is clearly against adsense policy agreement. They consider it spam as well. Think about it , your visitor never asked for that annoying message to pop up and cover up the content they are reading. So to me it is spam!

Please read the TOS and policies within google adsense, if you stay in compliance with all of their rules you should have no problem. So you know, once terminated from the google adsense program it is for life! Only certain occasions will you get a second chance.

I really enjoy reading your comments and input. Please write your thoughts or any advice that I’m sure I missed below.