April 30, 2017

Blog commenting is a great way to build Backlinks

Being a professional SEO specialist can’t happen overnight. In order for you to be tagged as an expert Search Engine Optimizer,  you must have years of experience in optimizing websites whether it is a personal website or an e-commerce website. And of course, you must have succeeded or have achieved the general rule of being an expert SEO for your every project- and that is to bring that web page you are optimizing on the top rank of the search engine result pages.  Quite a tough task though right? But it does all depend upon the effectiveness of the techniques and strategies an SEO specialist has.


For the internet industry, your online presence matters the most. Even though you have the best and the most useful, enticing, interesting, funny, controversial website across the globe, if you are not searchable, your effort will be useless because, it seems you don’t exist at all..

And that’s the biggest challenge of an SEO, to make your site visible and searchable.


One of the ways of gaining online visibility is the process called Link-building. It is regarded as the most important factor in SEO because it is the process of increasing the number and quality of incoming/inbound links from other websites to increase a web page’s link popularity and obtain higher position in the search engines.


These incoming/inbound links , inlinks, inward links or whatever synonyms might others use is more technically called as:

Backlinks- which is define to be the links pointing to your site.

What Backlinks can do to your site?


  • Search Engines like the mighty Google, Bing,  and Yahoo relies heavily on links especially the Backlinks to determine a website’s or blog’s relevance to a search.
  • Backlinks are “Vote” or a recommendation of your blog or website.
  • Backlinks will increase your website’s search engine ranking
  • The more backlinks you have, the more popular you will be
  • Backlinks can help you build an authority website later on.


Backlinks will definitely do wonders to your site’s online presence and credibility. But there’s one thing you need to be reminded of when linking to other websites.

If you are aiming to build a reputable and credible online presence, link to authority sites with the same niche as yours. Don’t just link to sites just for the sake of having more links to achieve more traffic. Your backlinks should be relevant to your site niche in order to be effective.

 To simplify: If your site focuses on “health issues on men” , you should have backlinks pointing to sites about health issues on men.

In this way, search engine will not regard you as spam or a site focusing on link building only for the sake of ranking, but a credible site aiming to build a long term online career and customer service satisfaction.


There are many ways on how to build Backlinks naturally. When we say Natural Backlinks, we use SEO techniques and not through paid ads or sponsored listings.


           You can build Backlinks through:

1.      Article Writing
2.      Web Directories Submission
3.      Forums
4.      Bookmarking to Social Bookmarking sites
5.      Blog Commenting


Among those mentioned ways on building natural backlinks, we will focus on “Blog Commenting”- as SEO’s consider it as the quick, easiest and effective way of building backlinks to your website.


Blog commenting is simply the process of commenting on other people’s blog or website, particularly on the specific blog post or article that catch your attention or that you are interested on to share your insights or thoughts whether you agree or disagree.


The Benefits of Blog Commenting in SEO:


  1. Blog Commenting can build direct traffic to your site if someone’s click your link.
  2. It is the best way to build your personal brand or be an expert on your chosen niche.
  3. Although most blogs have nofollow tag or atttibute, there are still some blogs or sites that are dofollow, so if you comment on dofollow blogs, the pagerank or “link juice” will be passed on to you.
  4. You will be getting backlinks from different places across the globe with different IP addresses, domains, and locations.




Do’s to Follow in Blog Commenting:



  • Comment on blogs that have similar niche as yours.
  • Comment Only on the most recent posts as possible.
  • Comment on blogs with good PageRank. The average page rank is 3-5.
  • Comment on blogs that have active comment threads or have current posts.
  • Post a relevant or insightful comment and not just confide on saying short words like “Excellent”,  “Nice idea”, “Great Post”, and etc.  If you comment like that, you will be regarded as a spam and the moderator will automatically delete your post.
  • Try to look for niche sites that have DoFollow tag.


Not-so-good/ Spam comment: Great Piece! Nice!, Great Stuff! Nice Try,  or Amazing Post!


Good Comment: This is a wonderful page and I am very sure that it would have consumed a good amount of your top quality time to write such an unique and new articles. Will follow your website and will be beneficial if you may supply far more periodical and organized blogs methods for beginners like us.




Donts’ to Avoid in Blog Commenting:



  • Don’t write short or un-real and meaningless comments
  • Don’t comment on blogs that the latest post is a year or two years ago.
  • Avoid blog spamming. Blog spamming is simply commenting on posts or articles not relevant to your site’s niche, and writing only short and very general comments.
  • Don’t use blog commenting software or robot as this is easily detected now and will automatically ban your site.


How to find niche blogs to comment on?

  • You can use Google Blog Search or simply click this link http://blogsearch.google.com. Just type in your main keyword to the search box and a number or relevant blog posts will be lay down to you.


  1. It does work great as long as the blog owner doesn’t strip your URL out of the comment. There should be some agreed upon code of conduct among bloggers that if someone takes the time to write a thoughtful and relevant comment he/she should be rewarded with the back link.

  2. There are lot of ways to get quality backlinks.But I ll recommend Blog commenting,forum posting,article submission,pres releases,directories submission,forum posting and social bookmarking.If we ll follow these techniques with quality work then we can get lot of quality backlinks for our website.
    Thanks a lot for sharing a very important blog post on how to get quality backlinks.

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