April 29, 2017

Have you tried Bing search cost per click advertising yet?

Being tagged as one of the giant search engines around the globe and is owned and run by Microsoft, Bing is trusted by millions of businesses and website owners that give reliable and consistently accurate results when they are looking for information or data about a specific subject or query. Previously MSN, Bing services has expanded and offers advertising programs for website owners who aim to monetize or gain revenue out of their websites or blogs.

Bing Adcenter is another profitable service that Bing is offering that will help businesses to get maximum exposure for their products and services to a wider audience through their content advertising program. This Bing ad program is also keyword-oriented like Google Adwords, 7Search and others, meaning your main keyword or key phrases that will best describe your products and services must be included in your marketing content. For Bing, they call this service CPP (cost-per-click) while to some is PPC (pay-per-click).

Now, that Yahoo and Bing search have merged their advertising program, many are enticed to try the program because it’s just hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing. Through these combined markets, website owners and online marketers can be able to monitor or track their campaign performance through web based solutions. Once you are registered with Yahoo, your ads are running also with Bing. This is probably their scheme of overpowering Google Ads. With this union, Matt Lyndon, Microsoft Ad GM has this to say “You need a lot of advertisers to provide the most relevant advertising experience. You don’t want to show an ad for ‘Tacoma plumber’ when a visitor is searching for a plumber in Seattle. The only way to create a market to attract more advertisers is to have a product with a high volume of searchers using it.”

Here are some Pros that you may help you think of giving Bing Ads a try

  1. Low Bid Price. Of course, marketers will always ask for this and will always consider the cost before anything else. Bing search ad is said to be lower in price compared to other online advertising companies around. How low? Well, hundreds of website owners are bidding to be included in the first page of the SERP’s, and that line with Bing is shorter compared to Google, so advertisers pay less for their keywords to be placed in that page.
  2. Better Conversion rate. Google is more popular than Bing, that’s a fact. That’ why the chance of generating traffic is high, but with millions of competitors, you need to really work hard to be successful on your campaign. But, with Bing, although, you are not assured of getting high traffic, you can get an access to the customers of MSN, which can later on can convert you more sales. Google appeals to younger audience, while most MSN users are older, which are typically buyers.
  3.  Good Customer Service System. Bing is helping small online businesses to grow by attending to their queries and assessing their progress from time to time through their Quick launch program-an online free advertising consulting program. For you to be able to access this free advertising consulting in Bing search is that you need to at least spending $500 each month for your ad campaign.  Also, with those advertisers who have a staggering account of more than $500,000 per year have an assigned account representative that will attend to their problems either technical or in line with the billing. Search Traffic is already growing. Because Bing search ad is now becoming popular, it would mean that your marketing campaign have a higher chance of visibility to a wider audience.
  4.  Easy transfer of ads from Google Adwords account. This basically can’t be done with Google but possible with Bing. You can easily import all your keyword and ad groups to Bing search ad Center, no question ask, hassle-free!

With those promising Pro’s of using Bing search , here are some cons about this service that advertisers have experienced:


  • You need to have an established account history before your ads will show up.
  • channel is limited and thus you can’t add more keywords.
  • Not so competitive traffic compared to Google
  • Not so appealing to market and other huge companies around


Have you tried using Bing search ad program? What can you say about their service? How about the conversion rate? Share with me your thoughts on this by leaving your comment below.


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On Page Link Building Strategy, Internal Link Building Benefits and How To’s

Internal Link Building Strategy…


In this post I’m going to explain a link building strategy that is Internal link building. We will explain how you go about doing this task and what the many benefits are for doing so.

It is oftentimes observed that there are hundreds or even thousands of posts over the Internet that talk about maximizing external links for your blog, but no one pays much attention to increasing internal link building. From the term itself, “internal link” is a hyperlink that serves as a reference point or a navigation element in one web page to another (most likely as internal pages or relevant pages). Internal link building is a very powerful strategy to help you increase your page views per visitor by sending them into other pages. Internal links help you distribute the link juice equally that those external links bring in to your website or blog. In this post we will take a closer look on the benefits of internal linking and some effective internal linking strategies you may apply to your own website.

Internal Link Building

Internal Link Buidling

But before we go on, let us first take a closer look on what internal linking is. As mentioned in the first paragraph, internal links are links within a website. Remember that links are considered as either “external” or “internal”. Generally, a link to a page that is outside one domain is external. You probably experienced clicking a hyperlinked word in a blog post that takes you to a different website. While a link that takes you to another page within the same domain is considered internal. This is the key concept why you put tags or related keywords whenever you post a new blog post.


Internal links can also be referred to as jump links, in-page navigational links or on-site SEO. This is best utilized by many websites which caters content to its visitors like blogs and references. Wikipedia and IMDB are great examples of this as they have much information in fairly long pages and help users move through page content fairly easily.


After knowing what internal links are, the next big question is “why do we need to link our content internally?” Some may consider interlinking as very time consuming strategy and exerting of too much effort. But you know what, doing internal link building does give you and your readers a lot of benefits.

Here are some major advantages when you apply interlinking:

  1.  Easy navigation. If there are specific keywords linked to all the related contents of your website, the user will give as much information as possible regarding a certain topic without exerting too much effort. The easier it is for the user to navigate the site, the higher the probability the user will make a purchase, order, read more and ultimately return to the website.
  2.  Generate more traffic. If a single blog post is interlinked to your other posts, the user will spend longer on your site, giving an easy access to read all the posts related to what the user is looking for.
  3.  Previous posts don’t get lost. If you have a very updated blog and you might just wrote a great article one day and then after a few days no one is reading it, you may link back to them to make sure that readers see it.
  4.  Improves SEO across all pages. If you have pages with higher page rank, you might share it with other pages through internal link building. This is great since search engine spiders are crawling content based on specific search terms.

These are just the major benefits of having your own internal link building strategy for your own website or blog. You don’t need to understand these benefits in a SEO point of view when you try to decide to improve interlinking in your website. The whole process will just be very easy if you keep in mind those very useful advantages. To help you out, here is the basic steps of interlinking:

  1.  Keyword research. The first step is to look for keywords that you might want to develop  great content. You have to pick a specific keyword and some of its variations. But always remember that it must revolve around the kind of website or blog you are maintaining. For example, if your website is about athletic shoes, you might consider using the keywords “NBA athletic shoes”, “cheap athletic shoes” or “branded sneakers for sale”. You can start picking at least five keywords for your content.
  2. Create your first content. After picking the keywords, you will now create the first content or article that revolves around those keywords. It can be just an overview of the main topic and the keywords are just mentioned throughout the discussion.     Once you have the “mother content”, you can easily link it to the other pages which have an in depth discussion of the other specific keywords.
  3. Develop more content for each of the other related keywords. They will serve as the inside pages or linking pages to and from the main content you created.
  4.  Link the homepage to the inside pages. The internal link building will start in here. You may highlight all the related keywords mentioned in your first content page and do some basic HTML editing using the anchor tag. Placing the corresponding url of each linking pages to its specified keyword.

For example, you mentioned the keyword “branded athletic shoes” on your main content and you want to link it to another post which talks about “Top 10 Shoe Brands for Athletes of 2011”. You will just need to include the simple code below:

<a href=”http://www.shoes.com/top10shoebrandsof2011”>branded athletic shoes</a>


<a href=”url of the target page”>keyword/anchor text</a>

5.      Link the inside pages to the homepage. This is applied using the same process as with number 4. This time, you have to make an easy way for your users to return back to your main content. Aside from the homepage, you can also link each inside page to the other pages of your website as long as the keywords or the topics are related to each other.

Those five steps are just the very basic of internal link building. However some blogs today especially those that are very busy and create fairly long content, utilizes different plug-ins that can be installed for free or purchased. Here is two of the most widely used inter-linking plug-ins for blogs powered by different platforms:


  1. LinkWithin (http://www.linkwithin.com/). This is a free plug-in usually referred to as a blog widget usually found at the bottom of each of your content displaying a link to other related posts within your website or blog.

LinkWithin is a free widget and easy to install. It supports almost all platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. Every related story featured at the bottom of your each post is chosen based on several factors like title, tags and content. You just need to register you domain to their website and they will provide you a very easy instructions on how to install it on your site.

2.       NRelate (http://www.nrelate.com). This is another plug-in that you may use for your internal link building strategy. Just like LinkWithin it is for free and applies on all blog platforms.

This is not  much difference with LinkWithin except that you have all the control how the plug-in displays it’s related posts unlike LinkWithin which do this randomly but of course based on your content. NRelate also has the ability to bring in related posts from your other websites and monetize your related posts.

The bottom line is that whatever kind of plug-in you use; the most important aspect is to create a well written content that can be interlinked to your other pages. The secret is to create a website or a blog which talks about a specific topic or niche.

So the next time you update your website, don’t just focus on increasing your external links. You might start applying the simple concept of internal link building and enjoy its benefits.



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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Maintaining a website is probably the most crucial part of being a website builder. The challenges become more difficult as years go by. If you want your website to survive , you have to stay ahead of your competition.

A very powerful strategy to maintain a strong website is to know the current trends of modern technology. If you want to talk about these two things, you may have to look for  evidence where the technology is at its highest peak: mobile phone usage is HUGE and will be the FUTURE hot spot for online marketers.

She could be looking at your website...

Mobile phones in the past were simply used to send and receive messages or make and take calls. Now, however, these mobile devices can be used to play games, listen to music, take pictures, record videos and the most popular feature to people today: browse the internet.

The booming popularity of smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more obvious. Also, people are spending more time using their mobile phones than doing something else. In America, people spend two times the amount of time in using their mobile phones than they spend eating which is 1/3 of the amount they spend sleeping.

If you want to maintain and improve your website’s popularity, consider these numbers. The best thing that you should do is to learn how to reach these people who spend a lot of time browsing the internet using their mobile phones.  Make a mobile- friendly website. That is not only letting your site searchable or available but making it viewable, readable and user- friendly.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get if your site becomes mobile friendly. Let’s take a look at some mobile insights.

The Mobile Internet Growth

About 70 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone and according to Microsoft’s 2011 report about mobile statistics facts, out of 4 billion mobile users around the world, there are 1.08 billion smart phone users meaning 27 percent of mobile users access the internet through their mobile phones.

The Mobile Data Traffic

In another report made by Cisco from their Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast in 2015:

  • Mobile internet users will reach 788 million by 2015.


  • Global data mobile traffic grew in 2.6 fold last 2010 and which nearly tripled for the third year in a row. It is estimated that in 2015, the traffic from wireless devices will exceed the wired devices (desktops and PCs). Wired devices will be accounted for 46 percent of IP traffic while mobile devices and Wi-Fi will be accounted for 54 percent of IP traffic.
  •  During an average hour in 2015, there will be an equivalent of 200 million people streaming high- definition video continuously. In a busy hour, it will be equivalent to 500 million people.


  • Today, internet video is 40 percent of consumer traffic. By 2015, the sum of all forms of video will turn out to be approximately 90 percent of global consumer traffic.


If you will look at these insights, you will determine the importance of your website is mobile friendly. You have to provide millions of users their needs and that is to present them a website which can be browse via mobile devices.


Why Your Website should be Mobile Friendly:

1.    To increase traffic

From the above mentioned statements, it was stated that the mobile data traffic will increase in a drastic manner in the future. You have to use the mobile popularity to increase your site’s traffic. The more people who can view your site using their phones, the higher your site’s traffic will be.

 2.    To avoid high bounce rate

One of the most important things that determine a website’s effectiveness and popularity is its bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the lesser is its effectiveness. High search rate does not necessarily solve the problem when it comes to bounce rate. If millions of people can search your site but are not able to make use of your website (view, browse, read), it will be a very bad thing. You have to start building mobile friendly web pages.  Users will try to open your website but they will leave immediately if their device can not access your site’s pages.

3.   Avoid Losing Potential Customers/ Business Partners

The page rank and the search rate will mean nothing if users find your site “annoying”. It will be frustrating to be able to find a website that looks useful but is not viewable. Mobile web should be a hundred percent user- friendly. If not, its credibility will fluctuate and the website will lose its popularity among users.

Mobile web will be one of the most popular things in the world in the near future. The more you understand its importance, the better. The faster you can build a mobile friendly website, the more possibility of maintaining  your website’s credibility, popularity and effectiveness.

Mobile Friendly Website

Content Farms, Warning! Google may be coming for you!

Google has been labeled as “the perfect search engine” throughout the years. Users can undoubtedly testify for its usefulness and credibility. If you need some answers, you just have to go to Google.com and type the keyword(s) and you will be assured that the search engine will provide the best results that you need.

Google uses “Panda” algorithm to weigh which results comes first. It determines the ranking of the search results. This algorithm has proved to be very effective in the past years. Over the past months however, Google heard a lot of complaints about the quality of its search results.

A lot of factors brought up this problem. According to Matt Cutts himself, English- language spam is less than half five years ago. Spam in other languages is even lower than in English. However, there has been an upstick of spam in 2011. Another problem is that there are a lot of contents that are not “obvious spam” but are not designed to be the results that will satisfy the users when it comes to content quality.

New efforts will be made to improve Google’s search quality. The best solution is to change its algorithm. This will try to lessen the spam and clean up the search results from low quality content. This clearly spells war against spam, including the not- so- obvious spam. Content farms should probably watch out.

Understanding Content Farms

Like all the things you can find in the internet, content farms have some pros and cons. Defining the term can be tricky because its meaning revolves around some positive and negative facts.

Wikipedia defines the term as a company that employs large numbers of writers (often freelance) to generate large amounts of textual content. Their main goal leads to the benefit of advertisers which is done by attracting reader page views. Some refer the term to a website or database of user generated content. In this point of view, a lot of people will be benefited: writers, business men, advertisers, bloggers, freelancers and readers too for they will have the opportunity to get a lot of information from the numerous articles that can be found in content farms.

Using Content Farms for Search Engine Optimization

The reason why content farming has become so popular is that it is one of the most effective ways to optimize a website or a page. It allows room for more page views which helps improve the popularity of the site when it comes to search results. This is going on for years now. Writers around the world have been swarming the internet with their articles. Companies have found great opportunities to popularize their products and services. Websites have improved their page ranks and advertisers have gained more revenues.

Google’s Stand against the Rise of Content Farms

Not all content farms prove to deliver high quality articles. Also, a lot of advertisers have abused the SEO lovin’ by hiring more and more writers which does not necessarily generate high quality content.

As stated earlier, Google has been dealing with this problem since users were claiming that its searches have started to deliver poor results. Content farms are blamed. These farms have been even referred by Google as content “scrapers” which literally copy content from other websites. Although the articles found in the farm is not totally considered as spam, they have definitely lost its popularity among users. Its poor content delivery has been annoying and frustrating to users.

Google will try to form a new algorithm to solve the problem about poor search results. Cutts said that Google will find a solution to the scourge of low quality. Google would prefer its users to conduct searches logged into its site with all its personalization options. This will be done to weed out the spammy sites that users don’t need to see in the search results.

The new algorithm will definitely benefit individual users. Shallow or poor quality content will be removed from the search results. This will eventually take away the chance for advertisers to improve their page ranks through content farms. However, this solution still does not ensure the downfall of content farms.

No matter how complicated things may be, Cutts had stated that Google is still aiming to improve the quality of their search results. The search quality will rank among the higher priorities over the next months. The Google algorithm is being monitored and reviewed constantly. It is making about one change a day to the signals that determine where a site ranks against a search query.

Google strived for perfection and is doing its best to reach their main goal which benefits its users around the world. It has acknowledged the issue but it humbly noted that anything driven by humans is subject to flaws.


Have you tried 7search pay per click advertising yet?

What can 7search do for you? Well, Everybody wants a piece of cake in the online business. Website owners are finding ways on how to get maximum exposure to get targeted customers  to their sites. Advertising is the key to make it possible. We are not talking about the marketing paraphernalia here like posters, banners and the likes, but affiliate advertising. There are two online advertising options, which you can, select: paid and free advertising. Of course, it is a given fact that  paid advertising can benefit you faster for short term results. Free advertising requires a lot of hard work and patience and no assurance it will be successful or not.

7search pay per click

7search pay per click

One online paid advertising network is by far said to be the most popular and effective search engine advertising that most website owners are using called 7Search.

What is 7Search?

Brief company history:

Based on their site, 7Search is an internet affiliate network which specializes in pay-per-click type of advertising program. This company started in 1999 by Dante Monteverde, an online entrepreneur, who aims to help other web business owners to generate more revenue just by sending to 7Search network their high quality traffic ads.

What are the Advertising options that 7Search offers?

There are few advertising options that Search is offering, and by far the most popular is their pay-per-click advertising program.

How do 7Search pay-per-click works?

Advertisers are required to bid an amount every time a searcher visits their money site or blog and clicks on one of their submitted ads. Advertisers must put their keywords strategically within their submitted ads to have a higher chance to be places on the higher spot in the search results pages.

With this, it is deemed that advertisers know how keyword density works and apply it in their ads. In the same way, that they have a tracking on what keywords are giving their site a huge traffic.

How do 7Search text-based ad works?

A text-based ad is another great option offered by 7Search, wherein advertisers can place their ads in other participating websites which has the same niche as the advertiser’s website and that the products, services and other offers are relevant or matches to the ads the advertiser is promoting. The so-called “direct navigation” is a unique system that advertisers really like about 7Search. This system said to redirect visitors to the participating program sites or blogs directly to the websites of the advertisers.

More so, website publishers can  apply to 7Search ad network, and won’t have to pay a single penny if their websites qualify. The income that these website publishers will be getting will come from the revenue of the ads which are earned from their websites. 7Search will be the one to take a cut on the ad revenue to be given to the website advertisers.

Advertisers, on the other hand, will only pay once they are ready and decide to start marketing through 7Search, and the fee is dependent on the chosen type of marketing campaign.

You can never hide in 7Search! Your identity is required and is visible in their domain called “Whois”. Whois is the list of the owner’s site plus their relevant information, which is visible in public. This is basically a good thing especially for website publishers to check the reputation and legitimacy of the website through the website owner’s information. Is 7Search legitimate?

As always, people would want to know the legitimacy of a certain business or company before they join in, especially now that there plenty of  affiliate marketing programs around which promises big time revenue in a short period of time. Based on their site thousands upon thousands of big time website owners and web publishers chose 7Search as their partner in generating revenue through their web presence, and they are said to be paid millions of dollars every year! This is pretty impressive right?

I’ve read some reviews about 7Search and what I found are all positive feedbacks! Advertisers and web publishers alike are really happy on the turn-around that they are getting. Their sites are seen by their targeted customers, and the ROI is remarkable.

On Time and Decent Pay-out. Those websites who participates in 7Search report on time and decent pay-out. No reported complaints about the delay of payment.

Everybody said that 7Search service is definitely a service worth trying out! How about you? Have you tried 7Search yet? If so, I want to hear your personal experience to inspire others by adding your comment below.


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Keyword placement in your blog post for best SEO results

Below you’ll find 9 steps for best Keyword Placement


In SEO, keywords are defined as “words that are key”, that’s why you need to know and learn the right keyword placement in your blog post to get a good ranking in search engines as well as to generate more traffic. For  content to be viral it should not just appeal to the readers but should also be searchable by search engines. If you want your content to get ranked well in search engines, you must know this SEO technique called keyword placement.

So what is keyword placement? Why is it crucial to SEO marketing? What are the key places to put your keywords to improve your site’s searchability? Keyword placement is an on-page optimization technique wherein keywords or keyword phrases are strategically placed in your content’s body.

Keyword Placement

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is crucial because it will determine your site’s ranking in the search engines. Remember that there are hundreds of websites aiming for that top spot in the search result pages having the same keyword target as yours. If your target keyword or keywords don’t appear in the first few pages of the SERP’s  for your SEO campaign, it’s not effective or maybe you are doing the wrong thing. Most searchers only click the sites that appear on the first page or up to the third page, but don’t go to the 5th or 10th page. You don’t want your site to be on the last page of the results, do you? If so, you must learn how to position your target keywords correctly to gain more traffic.

Before we go to the checklist of the proper keyword placement for best SEO results, you must identify primary keyword you want to optimize. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to know the keywords or key phrases with are relevant to your content. Normally, marketers pick their main keyword with the highest search volume. In picking the main keyword and the secondary keywords, it will be dependent on your strategy. Others pick those low, competitive keywords over the competitive ones. But the effectiveness of these two ways is solely dependent on the optimizer. Once you chose your keywords, it’s time to know the proper places to position it for your site to achieve good ranking.

9 steps for Keyword Placement

1. Include your Main keyword in the Post Title. Your title will be the first thing searchers will see in the results pages as well as to bookmarking sites, social media and other networking sites you have promoted your content to, so it is best to include your main keyword in the title of your post. Also, make sure that your title will not exceed 70 characters as longer titles may get cut off in the SERP’s.

2. Include your Target keyword in the URL of your post. Make your title your permalink. Permalinks is for the search engines to crawl your post whenever searchers typed your target keyword. So, be direct to the point as possible when creating a permalink to your blog post. It should not exceed  7 words and remove conjunctions like for, to, with, and, etc.

3. Include your keyword in the Post Description. Your post description plays a big part to persuade browsers to click on your site’s link. So, make sure to write a compelling description which also includes your keywords. This is also called your meta tags for your description.

4. Include your keywords in the Sub-heading. Sub-headings are important for easy readability for searchers and to the search engines as well. You can put in your sub headings your targeted secondary keywords.

5. Include your keywords in the article body. It is best to place your main keywords and your secondary keywords strategically in the whole article. Try to put the main keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph, one in the second paragraph, one in the third paragraph and one in the last sentence of the last paragraph. Know how keyword density works, so keyword placement will be easy for you.

6. Include your keywords in the post tag. Tag box is located in your dashboard and appears when you are writing a post. You can put in there your main and secondary keywords separated by comma. Again, don’t stuff your tag box with keywords as Google will penalize you.

7. Include your keywords in the Meta-keywords. If you are using WordPress powered platform, it won’t be hard for you to add meta keywords through its All In One SEO plug-in tool. Other platforms use html coding to add meta keywords.

8. Include your main keyword n Alt (image) tag. Spider can’t read images only text. For your image to be identified by the spider, you need to add an alt tag attribute. Be descriptive as possible and make sure to add your main keyword in the caption.

9.Include your keyword in the last paragraph. Don’t forget to mention the main keyword in the last paragraph of your content, but make sure your summary makes sense, and not obvious that you are doing it a part of SEO.

Following these nine keyword placement checklist will surely place your site on the spot you are aiming for. Do try it, and see the results.

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Get traffic to your blog 5 proven ideas for free blog traffic

Free Blog Traffic, 5 ideas!


Free blog traffic ways take more time but are proven effective as the paid methods.

Traffic creates competition in the web. Traffic is the determinant factor that will tell to the searchers and to the search engines that your site or blog is successful or not. The more traffic your site is generating, the more popular you are to the internet world.

Maybe you will be asking, especially if you are just starting  your first article or post in your blog, is how can my blog get visitors or what are the ways to get traffic to my blog? It’s indeed very frustrating if your site has been around for more than a year and  don’t have enough traffic coming in, while blogs that launched about 4-6 months ago, are getting adequate traffic. What are their secrets? What do they have in their sites that visitors keep coming back? Well, a well-planned strategy will surely work!

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Free Blog Traffic Ideas

Here are the 5 tested and proven free blog traffic ways to help you out in the competition.

1. Make your Content Catchy and Timely.

High quality, informative content written generates more traffic easily. Content that is liked, tweet or shared are said to be viral content which will get traffic. Content which are controversial, funny, interesting, suspense, and unusual or absurd stuff are what searchers mostly fond to share with each other. Catchy titles are also the key to make your visitor stay longer on your site and really read your articles.

2. Know Some SEO Techniques/Link Building.

Keywords are the key for readers to find or land to your site. Keyword is the most important thing in SEO. Take an extra effort to do Keyword research and know how long and short tail keywords are used. Be able  to know and understand the Keyword density thing, because it pays to know the difference between 5,000 visitors and 500 visitors your keyword has in generating more traffic. Keep in mind to don’t do keyword stuffing as Google will ban or penalize your site or blog.

Link Building is the best way in SEO that will give your site’s more traffic naturally. Although, it really takes time to get links but trust me, the pay-off is rewarding and long term.

3.Be active on Social Media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are the three major and most popular social media sites today that can work wonders to your site and can give you free blog traffic! Be an active member of those social media sites and linked your every post to these sites. Ask your friends, relatives, and other colleagues to like, share and promote your post or site to their networks. With this, your site will have more viewers and readers. You can also add social media sharing button to your blog and encourage your readers to share it. This strategy is proven to really maximize traffic without spending any single cent.

4. Engage in Networking.

Remember that in the world of internet marketing, it doesn’t matter who you know, but what’s important is who knows you!  Almost everyone has a social media account or a website either personal or company website, so even if you engage yourself outside and meet people personally, you can always promote your site or your blog by giving them your business card  with your blog site written on it. Those that are curious to know what you are talking about, will likely visit your site.

5. Try Guest writing and Invite Guest Authors as well.

Being a guest author to someone else’s blog is an added exposure for your name and blog site. Plus, it’s an effective medium of creating a brand or portfolio for your name and will definitely give you free blog traffic. If your post to other sites attracts readers they will go and check your site for more interesting posts written by you. You will not only gain loyal readers but your guest post will boost sky-rocket traffic! But, remember to only guest post, on websites that have the same niche as yours.

More so, inviting guest authors to write on your site as well, can add traffic to your site, because those loyal readers of your guest authors will surely follow him or her.


These ways are natural ways of increasing traffic to your site. If you maintain to have killer content, practiced SEO effectively, and do the other free blog traffic ways, surely you will you be leading the competition.


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Why is facebook advertising so hard to get approved?

Facebook Advertising is a great place to advertise.

Business analysts confirmed that social media is by far the most effective medium of reaching potential customers fast and easy. That’s why many business enterprises large and small alike see social media as a medium that can make their revenues flow into their pockets without slashing too much from their marketing funds.

The one that dominates the social media industry is Facebook. With millions of subscribers across the globe that interacts daily, minutes and even seconds, Facebook is regarded as the “king of social media”.  With its amazing features like chat, picture and video sharing, games, and many more, people are getting hooked to it. Plus, signing up is free and easy, so there’s no doubt that even your grandma has her own Facebook account right?

Facebook Advertising

Yes, Facebook is not just building a small community now, but becoming a “mini world wherein people of different races have the chance to interact with each other freely.  This is what marketers see as a potential to reach out to their customers easily and promote their products and services effectively.

Aside from Google Adsense and other Affiliate Marketing strategies that businesses are dealing with, they find Facebook Advertising as another valuable marketing avenue to generate more profit and gain more success.

But Facebook is also a company that set rules and regulations for security purposes. Facebook advertising specifically is just another awesome feature the company is offering since the market that Facebook holds is really huge.

However, there is one thing that marketers are concerned about, and that is why Facebook advertising is so hard to get approved?

Facebook has set terms and conditions regarding the ad approval processing. Of course, Facebook adheres to the standard of moral living thus; profanity and products that can harm people’s health and morality especially to minors are hereby restricted.

What are the Pro’s and Con’s of Facebook Advertising?


  • You can reach your specified target audience as their slogan says ‘Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business’. (For instance, you can set your ad o viewed by female audience only in a particular country or community having a particular hobby or activity.)
  • With millions of users worldwide, your ad has a very high chance of generating traffic
  • The ad cost is very low compared to others.
  • CPC and even CPM models are allowed
  • Easy to learn design screen ad system.


  • Only one shape of ad and only appears on the side panel not on your content.
  • Keywords and tags are limited
  • Tracking of your ads or the reporting system is not updated as it should be.
  • You can’t rename your page instantly. You need to contact the Facebook advertising department first before you can be allowed to do this.
  • If you’re a company, you can only run a Facebook business page and cannot create a group of personal Facebook profile.
  • Don’t allow same ads set in different currencies.
  • The ad approval process is very slow.

It seems the con’s outweigh the pros but given that the ad approval process takes 10-12 hours, sometimes a day and other cases takes weeks before they are approved, which is basically what marketers want Facebook to give utmost attention now.

What adds to the slow approval process is the checking of images that are submitted along with the ad. Facebook makes sure that your submitted image or images are appropriate to your product to be advertized, no nudity and adheres to the copyright or trademark law. I don’t know if they do it manually, but the percentage of skin or any exposed part of a body that is visible on your ad can be a ground for the disapproval of your ad.

Quick tip: The ad approval process depends on the present ads queue. There are times that ads are get approved in just 30 minutes or less. Don’t submit your ad after 5PM, because likely they will approve it the next day.  If you have waited for more than 3 days but no reply if your ad was approved, the key is to resubmit it.

The long approval process is indeed the disappointment of many to try Facebook advertising and marketers are appealing that Facebook must do something to improve it, but the way I see it, it really pays if you are really patient enough to wait and you know that you don’t violate any of the terms and conditions set by Facebook.

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Guest writing is the best way to get noticed for your writing TODAY!

Blogging is a well-known word in the internet community. With its amazing benefits and tremendous power in line with communication and business, everybody is creating one for their own and starting to build their own name and brand for the world to see. With millions of people blogging worldwide, with equally well designed blogs and great read articles, being the “brightest star” in the blogging universe is not as easy as you may think now if you will just be concentrating on your blog alone. Knowing some SEO techniques on how to get more traffic to your site is undoubtedly effective, but if you want to consider expanding your horizon and becoming a star blogger in your niche, you might want to consider guest writing.

Guest writing is a great avenue in building a brand name or a professional portfolio or an expert in a particular field. By becoming a guest author in other websites or someone else’s blog here are some of the great benefits that you can get:

1. New Audience, New Traffic. Once you’ve been a guest author or contributor for other websites, you will definitely have a new audience that will eventually be an avid follower or subscriber of yours if they like your ideas and they enjoy the way you’ve put it into writing. These new audiences will definitely become visitors to your site because websites that allow guest writing opportunity also lets you put your site’s link in your author’s bio. With these, it will be of great help, to even more improve your site’s search engine rankings especially if you’ve contributed to high quality or authority sites.

2. Great Medium to Showcase your Writing. Don’t just focus on writing for your own blog. Aim for a wide audience to read your good writings and ideas. By being a guest author, you can bring in fresh ideas, and new styles or tone of writing for someone else’s blogs that can spice up to the readers plus a guaranteed maximum exposure for your target audience especially when the sites you are guest writing with are already authority sites in their specific niches.

3. An Effective Avenue to Impress Employers. Employers now are googling applicants before deciding on who fits for the open position. Your contributed articles for other sites will speak in behalf of your expertise in the field you have mentioned in your resume. You don’t have to convince the employers seeking writers that you are a professional and experienced writer but, your online write-ups will show.

4. An Excellent Opportunity on Building a Brand name and a Credible Online Portfolio. When you are regularly practicing guest writing for other blogs, and focusing on a niche that you are good at and slowly creating loyal followers, sooner you can build your own brand online aside from the quality backlinks you are getting from them. Some writers that are doing guest writing for a while are getting job interviews and even job offers without even applying at all. You can always bargain on them at the rate you want to charge to them if they want articles done by you.

5. A Best Way to Improve your Site’s Backlinks. Being a guest author on someone else’s blog is a great way to boost your site’s backlinks. Your every post on other’s blogs generate a direct backlink from your blog same with the guest bloggers of your blog.

Although guest writing is a great opportunity for you and your blog to be gain online visibility, you need to be reminded of these few things that can harm your site. Guest writing can make or break your name and your site’s credibility if you don’t know these things:

1. Don’t guest post on spammy websites or sites that are only created to generate sales.

2. Don’t be a guest author on sites that are not related on your niche. If you do that, the latest Google Panda will think that your site is a content farm.

3. Don’t write short guest articles as it won’t be appealing to both human readers and the search engines.

On the other hand, if you allow guest authors to your site, proofread it and analyze very well the content before posting it on your site. Check for plagiarism as some guest authors is just copying content from other websites. Make sure also that the article is not written as if the author is marketing something or promoting his or her website in the article. Lastly, don’t accept a guest post that you don’t feel like posting. Remember that your aim is to build a credible website that readers will trust.


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What is Google Panda? Better play by the rules with your SEO.

Beware of Google Panda because Google’s main goal is to give searchers the best possible quality results whenever they search for information online. With this, Google just launched last February a very significant change in its algorithm known as “Panda” or “Farmer”.

What is Google Panda? It is created to identify pages that are called “content farms” or sites that are of low quality in terms of content value but shows up and dominates the results pages because of texts and keywords that are relevant to the searchers query.

Google panda, what is it?

There are tons of garbage pages and even websites that are created to aim the top spot in rankings. This is basically the technique used by SEO marketers who are practicing “black hat SEO”. They create pages and websites and bombard them with articles and text that are mainly keywords, most of these articles don’t make any sense.

That’s why with this recent Google Panda algorithm, highest quality, most relevant pages must be the ones that will shows up in the results pages. With this, it has changed the ranking system and the ones that are affected the most by this so-called Google Panda Effect are those websites that have higher bounce rates, duplicated content, and a lot of content farms.

Given that Google is the king of the search engines and Google’s rule is a rule that must be obeyed if you want to see your site in the top pages of the search engine rankings. Better play by the rules if you want your site to stay around for many years.

Things you need to consider so that your site wont be affected by Google Panda Effect:

1. Keep Posting Unique, Quality Content. Quality results every time is what Google is aiming for that’s why it’s constantly updating its algorithm system. Disregard copying content and posting it on your site. Unique content doesn’t necessarily mean new titles and new information always. You can borrow information or date from other sites and write about the same topic as theirs, but be sure to write it in your own thoughts and words.


When we speak of quality content, it should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. You want to please Google to get a good ranking on the search engines. Your main aim in writing good quality articles is for your readers to get the best quality information.


Rewriting or spinning articles is still okay with Google Panda as of now as long as it is uniquely written. But for
how long? I prefer to write everything with with my own mind and thoughts, this way I can sleep at night knowing that I’ll never have to worry about being de-indexed from google. Warning, Google Panda may even affect this strategy in the future so why not play by the rules now.
Quick Tip: Keep in mind that low quality content in your other pages affects the entire site’s rankings even if some of your pages have high quality and popular content.


2. Go back to the basics of SEO. Google’s spider is still programmed to crawl alt attributes and still weigh in keyword density. Interlinking is also an effective basic SEO technique that you can use to recover your site from Google Panda effect as it reduces your bounce rate by holding your searchers to your site reading your older posts. Maximize how you can use keywords in your advantage especially the long tail keywords. Stay away from keyword stuffing as Panda can detect it.


3.Try not to use External Links.  Panda hates the use of paid external links especially when you are using this in monetizing your blog.


4. Try to make your site easy to navigate or easy to load. Google Panda hates sites that take time to load. Sites that have many images on it are the ones that load very slow. Try to minimize the use of images as it affects the loading speed of your site. Also, make sure that your readers can easily find their way around to your site with the right labels and right content.


5. Use social buttons to boost ranking. Social buttons like facebook, twitter, and other social bookmarking buttons will give you the chance of generating higher traffic when someone shares your article. Google Panda deemed that articles that are popular online or has generated more votes on bookmarking sites are reliable and quality articles.


To sum up Google Panda, Google will always change its algorithm if it sees any alarming situation that can hinder its main aim of providing high quality results to every search query. For you not to be affected by its changes, it is always best to obey the rules and follow the mandated guidelines. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you are always on the right side.


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Do you own Yourname.com? Reasons why you should

In this modern world, we live in everything that you need to know can be found on the internet. A simple recipe that you wish to cook for dinner, history and meaning of a thing, up to the breaking news that happened a few minutes ago around the globe and even the information of a certain person you wish to know. You just have to search for its name, and the results will show up instantly.

Yes, The internet is the powerful medium that you can get information quickly. It is a tool that enables applicants to look for jobs in places or countries they wish to work. Lets employers assess applicants if they are really fit for the job and that their online results matches to the submitted portfolio.


According to a survey, 80% of employers are googling their applicants or searching for their names online to look for other information about them. With this, almost 75% of employers turned down or disqualify applicants if they find some “not so good” information about them.

Your online presence matters. Especially when you are applying for a job, and don’t know yet how many “You” are in the world. Meaning, how many people in the whole world has the same birth name as you, from the first name, middle initial up to the last name.

Try searching for your name in google or other search engines. Do you like what appeared in the results pages or are you dismayed? If you haven’t tried googling your name, I guess you should do it now to know how many “You” or doppelgangers will appear. Most people with common names are most likely to have millions of competitors worldwide. Some may just differ on their middle names. Those with unique names especially those who have two or three names have fewer competitors thus can feel relief because they are unique.

That’s why it would be ideal if you owned your own domain name. How? By simply purchasing your name domain preferably in a .com. For the minimal cost of $10 a year of securing your name online, you will reap these benefits:

1. Self-Branding. By legitimately owning your “own name” online helps you to brand yourself. Even though you don’t have a plan to pursue blogging now. You’re secured that no one will use your name in your behalf, when someone searchers for you online, they wont be landing on a site of someone else that might shed a negative impression.

2. Someone might claim that he is You. Better securing your own name before your doppelgangers do it for you.

3. It can be a credible online resume. Having a website named by your name.com and duly registered can be a voice that will speak of your skills and experiences that will attract employers.

4. You can be easily distinguished by searchers especially employers.

5. Secures your profile to people with the same name and similar profile but with questionable or not so good reputation. There are cases that some people have same names to people that are convicted of a crime or are being sued for other cases. This is the most important thing that you should avoid that can taint your online reputation.

6. You can control what people especially employees see online. “By creating yourname.com,” you direct or lead searchers and search engines to get the correct information about you even though you have thousands and millions with have similar names.

7. It helps to hide or suppress information about you that you don’t want people to see or find out. For instance, your friend tagged you in Facebook or Twitter a picture of you and your friends having some drinking spree with them or that you have some naked pictures on the web with your complete name in the caption. By updating and creating current good information about you through your own website may end an employer’s query about you and stick on the site that talks relevant information on you.

8.Everybody is doing it. So, don’t be left behind. “If you don’t exist online, it seems that you don’t exist at all”.

“You may not realize how important to own yourname.com,” but certainly you will need it in the future.

Need to Outsource? Why not use Odesk.com

With the recession that the world faces today,  even multinational companies have tighten their budget and thinking of ways on a cost effective alternative to keep their businesses still running and gaining profits.

Outsourcing is the best option that they have found. Hiring employees from different countries enables businesses to save a lot of dollars and at the same time, creating more jobs especially those who prefer working from home.

One of the best platforms that offers legitimate outsourcing opportunities is Odesk.com. Founded in 2003 by two Greek entrepreneurs. Odesk, is very successful in offering jobs for job seekers and companies looking for freelance employees that will effectively do the task for them without going into their office.

Odesk is one of the most popular and legitimate outsourcing websites in the internet today. It is where freelancers can find work that rightfully fit their skills and experience and vice versa. It gives a great opportunity to freelancers with professional experience or with less experience alike to bargain their skills by completing the personal information and other fields provided in their Odesk account.

Odesk has nine categories of featured work such as:

1.             Web Development

2.             Software Development

3.             Networking & Information Systems

4.             Writing & Translation

5.             Administrative Support

6.             Design & Multimedia

7.             Customer Service

8.             Sales & Marketing

9.             Business Services


Each of the above categories is sub-divided into sub categories for specification. For instance, In Writing and Translation category , you will find in the sub-categories, blogging, content writing and any related work.

More so, here are the other Pros of Using Odesk:

For Freelancers or Contractors:

  1. Signing up is 100% FREE of charge for freelancers. Odesk will only charge the freelancers after they completed task of 10% withdrawal fee. Now, The contractor can also pay this fee its up to the two parties involved.
  2. You can view any job you want to apply. Notifications are updated especially if an employer wishes to interview you for a job.
  3. You can start up your hourly rate by $1 so you can get more jobs at the same time. You just have to balance your working hours so that projects will be delivered on time. You can then increase your hourly rate once you have established and have proven your expertise.
  4. Test Skills are available to test your writing and grammar skills.  This is applicable for every Odesk member. There are about 326 kind of tests that are available  for  free which includes Windows XP, U.S. English Basic Skills, HTML 4.01, Technical Writing Skills Certification, and Help Desk Certification to spice up or increase your profile and to let he employer see your proficiency in your chosen test.
  5.  Once you’ve got a perfect score or have made it in the top 10% or 20% of the result, you will be given a special badge that will also be displayed in your profile.
  6. Lets you include in your portfolio previous works and projects completed that are relevant to the jobs you wish to apply to.
  7. You can choose to decline or accept interview invitations depending on your preference.

For Employers or Buyers:

  1. Signing up is Free. Employers will be charged only after delivery of work.
  2. Allows you to pick skilled contractors like content writers, programmers, accountants, sales agents or telemarketers and even virtual assistant from around the globe.
  3. They have the option to pay Hourly or Fixed Rate.
  4. With built-in time clock monitoring system that enables employers to view freelancers work.  Offers screenshots of the activities of the contractor using the Odesk Monitoring software that is downloadable to verify work once the contractor clicked the start button, he or she is indeed working on the project and not just merely browsing stuff not related to the work.
  5.  Allows you to interview your applicants that fit your qualifications and decline those that don’t make it. With this, they will be notified that they have an interview invitation or they have been declined for the job.
  6. Enables you to verify the time logs or billed hours using their virtual time sheets.
  7. Has more payment options available.
  8. Since the kind of job you will be offering is a contractual basis, you are free to give employee benefits, pay employee taxes and other mandated benefits that an office employee must get.

With these stunning benefits that Odesk offers, it is perfect. Here are some cons that others found in using Odesk.

  1. Others find it too much to charge contractors 10% of their earnings for each completed job.
  2. Odesk is not liable if an employer didn’t pay their contractors in a fixed rate contract.
  3. Work screenshots sent to the employer to some is an invasion of their privacy.

To sum up, Odesk has proven its reputation through the years and still counting. With its millions of users around the globe and excellent payment system, it is one of the best online outsourcing company of today.

WordPress versus Blogspot Pros and Cons.

WordPress over Blogspot? Or Blogspot over WordPress? These two dominate the blogging platforms on the internet. If you are just thinking of making a blog of your own, you might be torn on which blogging platform to pick among the hundreds of them offering equally amazing features.

I will be concentrating on the two famous blog platforms. I’ll try to give you my pros and cons of both sites so that you’ll be able to decide what’s best for you.

Let’s start with the Pro’s and Con’s of Blogspot or Blogger:

Blogger is powered by the giant search engine Google and basically the first choice of most newbie bloggers because it is easy and simple to use. Here are the other advantages of using Blogger.

Pros of Using Blogspot:

1. It’s 100% FREE. From signing up to the customization of themes and plug-ins, you wont be spending a single penny.

2. It’s features are simple and easy to use. Creating a blog with blogger is fast and easy. The format and lay-out of the blog is easy to navigate. You don’t need to be a programmer to use blogger because it only requires some basic HTML coding if you want to customize your posts.

3. Easy Google Analytics set-up.  You can add the google analytics code to view your site’s statistics.

4. Easy to Customize.  You can easily customize your blog with blogger as it has an option of allowing you to move some gadgets , change your theme in seconds, make some color and font style adjustments quickly without the fear of losing or altering the HTML .

5. With blogger you can get free domain name hosting so you won’t be worrying about site and database crashes.

6. It has a built in 1G free photo space powered by PICASA.

Cons of Using Blogspot:

1. Customization features are limited.

2. If you are into SEO, and want to optimize your site more, blogspot is not the ideal platform for you as it lacks heading options and other tagging tools used by SEO’s.

3. Although Blogspot is improving in terms of its appearance, many new templates are already available, people especially bloggers still find it is not that professional looking as WordPress.

4. HTML coding is done manually. It would take you time to individually input the HTML codes you want to add on your post or page, unlike other blog platforms whereas it is already given or has an available shortcut key for it.

As for WordPress, we will be discussing the free hosting site which is WordPress.com and not WordPress.org. The differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org have already been discussed on my previous post.

WordPress fans enjoys this blog platform because of these reasons:

Pros of Using WordPress:

It’ 100% FREE.

2. More options for customization, offers hundreds of useful plug-ins to choose from to make your site attractive.

3. Variety of professional looking themes is available to match your site’s niche. Spam, security backup features and easy tagging attributes are also offered.

4. With All-in One SEO pack excerpt section allowing you to make your site competitive and search engine friendly.

  • 5. Has exclusive monitoring  of site’s statistics.  No need to add to add a code.
  • Also  allows optional paid upgrades if you want to access their premium features.


Cons of Using WordPress:


1. Since most of the many blog platforms are free, the options for plug-ins, widgets and themes are limited to their offers. You can’t design your own site unless you use WordPress.org which is a paid platform that allows you to customize your site in the way you want it.

2. since it is a self hosted site, expect that your site will crash and wait for admin to fix it in their own time.

3. Customizing your theme is restricted and the CSS feature is in a default mode.

4. Need to know HTML more, as adding HTML in changing lay-outs and widgets in WordPress is pretty  overwhelming.

5. Not compatible with Google Analytics.

There you have it! The Pros and Cons of either Using WordPress or Blogspot.  To sum up, these two free blogging platforms are perfect for people who enjoy blogging by sharing ideas with friends and colleagues, or by simply just hangin around to have some fun. As long as you keep your posts updated and that your number of visitors and friends are growing, any of these will be a good choice.

But if you blog to make money online, a self hosted blog is not ideal. You need to have a blogging platform that will allow you to have a complete control of all its features and no restrictions on plug-ins, widgets and other customization you want to put on your site.

How to write a good press release

Whether you’ll be launching a new product line, website, or to launch a campaign. A demonstration, announcing upcoming events, or disseminate news and information whether good or bad, choosing the right means of publicity that will instantly get the message across to the intended audience is key to make a campaign successful.

A effective medium of publicity that will get your issue covered by the media instantly is through a Press Release.

Press Release is just one marketing strategy that is used by businesses, for their advertising and marketing endeavors. It is sometimes referred to as a news release and can either be a one-page or two-page press release depending on the writer.

How to write a good press release

What should your Press Release be about? Here are the important things that you must be considering when writing a Press Release.

News Must be New. This is the whole point of writing a press release. It must be new. If you’ll be writing a press release that happened yesterday or a month ago, it will defeat the purpose of what a press release is. The information must be newsworthy. It must talk about what will about to happen and not what already happened.

When we talk about newsworthy, it must appeal to the human interest. Celebrities and other iconic faces in the world are mostly the talk of the world and people would love to read some upcoming events or tours or anything that’s new about them.

More so, controversies and scandals and other unusual, or quirky events also appeal to people and are newsworthy, thus can be a good topic for your press release.

Content. This is the most important part of the press release. It serves as voice that will speak in behalf of your product or company or anything that you wish to be known. Content must be written in a news story format, in a business tone, free from spelling and grammar errors and with a catchy headline. Content must be straightforward answering the four W(what, where, when, and why) and 1 H (how), and not leaving any unanswered possible questions on readers mind.

Format. A press release is written in a block style in a business tone. It must not show a biased report of your opinion, it’s not necessary.

Knowing these key considerations in writing a press release, let’s get into the step by step on how to make an effective press release without hiring a writer to make one for you:

1. Given that you have the topic for your press release, start with adding information like the contacts name, address, telephone numbers and your website’s url if you have one at the above left corner of the page. Type the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” in all caps above your relevant contact details.

2. Next, compose an appropriate and catchy headline for your topic and write it at the center of the page. Headlines must all be capitalized. Don’t forget to underline it or you can even bold it to grab the attention of the readers.

3. You can now write the article on the body of the page. Don’t forget that it must be written in a news style by beginning your article with the date and the city. (i.e. CINCINNATI, OHIO. – October 18, 2011). Keep your article straight to the point and avoid adding your personal opinion toward the news or else your press release will end up in your editor’s bin. More often a press release is just one page and covers the 4 W and 1 H.

Quick Tip: you can include some teasers on the article to entice your readers to respond on your post by actually going into the event or buying the product, etc. Teaser paragraphs spark curiosity to the readers.

4. Add to your last paragraph this phrase “for additional information” so that readers can be reminded once more, and you can include more details like contact information, a website, etc.

5. End your press release with these signs ” # # #” or “-30-”, at the page bottom. This is a journalistic mark that indicates “end”. Don’t forget to print it in high quality type of paper for a more presentable look.

That’s it. Your done writing your first Press Release.. All you have to do next is to Release it ahead of schedule.

Google Analytics, Why should I use this tool?

A site’s ranking matters in the internet industry. Ranking is what website owners are competing on. Why? Because that’s how the internet world works. The pages that are usually on top of the search result pages are the sites that the audience only sees and deemed as authority sites that they can get reliable information from. For your site to be visible to searchers eyes using the keyword or keywords you are targeting on, it must be present on the top page or at least on the first few pages of the result pages.

But, how would you determine that your site is doing well in the search engines? What effective tool you should be using to track your site’s statistics?

Google Analytics and its importance
Google Analytics is the best tool for the job. It is a powerful and “FREE” tool used by website owners for tracking their site’s web presence. Basically, as the name implies, Google Analytics is created and powered by Google to measure web analytic queries.

Here, are some KEY Benefits of Using Google Analytics:

Track Visitors by:

Quantity. Whatever website you are running whether it is a personal site or an e-commerce one. You can use Google Analytics by tracking down or monitoring the number or visitors who visited your site on a daily, weekly, monthly or even on a yearly format depending on your preference. Google Analytics even has an option to trace how many absolute and unique visitors you have daily.

Location. Google Analytics provides a global map to point out to you the specific location on where your visitors are coming from geographically. You can also view the ranking of the countries where you have many visitors from. The darker the color of the country in the map, the more the number of visitors you have there.

Source. GA displays the source or the website your visitor came from to land on your site. Mostly, if you are bookmarking your every post on social bookmarking sites or websites you have links on, the name of the site will appear on the data.

Timeframe: GA records the time and date your every visitor viewed your site and what particular post.

Keyword. Keywords plays a great part in a site’s search engine rankings, that’s why you should be watching on those keywords that your visitors have used to land on your web pages. Keywords traffic is one of the most important data that GA is good at. GA analyzes and calculates those specific keywords sorted by popularity for you to weigh in if your search marketing campaign or your link building effort is effective or not. Focus on the keywords that are giving you more traffic by making articles or posts related to it. You can also apply changes to your other web pages not ranking well based on the popular keywords generated by the GA.

Bounce Rate: The longer your visitors stayed on your site, the better. You can see the details of that in GA Bounce Rate category. Bounce Rate will give you the idea on what page or pages your visitors stayed longer and what pages have lesser minutes or visitors have just spent a minute or even seconds viewing the page. The higher your bounce rate, means that your posts are not user friendly and that they don’t find it interesting or appealing.

Quick Tip: Articles that are informative, catchy, useful, funny and timely written in a user friendly format are what appeals to readers thus have less bounce rate.

Google Analytics does well with Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Using GA, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can use GA to share data with AdSense and AdWords for your optimization campaigns. You can make up strategies using the data generated by these three tools in achieving high search engines traffic.

Google Analytics lets you compare historical data. Using GA you can compare historical and seasonal trends in your niche. With this information, e-commerce websites in particular can easily track down and analyze customer behaviour specifically shopping habits to create new offers or products that they know will work well.

Google Analytics can track your site’s revenue and possible sources.

This is the best thing with GA in favor on e-commerce websites. GA is somewhat an online stock management system that can provide a complete picture of your revenue in specified categories. Likewise, it can track possible revenue sources using Google Analytics URL Builder.

These are some of the significant queries that most website owners are searching for, and Google Analytics has it all.

The above are just the KEY Benefits on why you should be using Google Analytics to track down your site’s performance. For sure, there are other benefits that I haven’t mentioned in this article that you might come across while exploring Google Analytics more. So, explore it now, and please leave a comment on way’s that it helps you.

The importance of social bookmarking for SEO

It has been said that although you have excellent and quality posts on your site, when no one knows that it exists, your site is dead. When you don’t have an audience to read and interact with your posts, creating a site to inform, promote or express your thoughts and ideas doesn’t serve its purpose.

So, in order for your site to be readable, search able and be visible in the web community, you need to know Social Bookmarking?

What is Social Bookmarking? I know you will definitely be asking it, especially if you don’t have any background on SEO.

Social Bookmarking- it is a method or way to establish a web presence. In the simplest definition, it is an effective platform or tool to “advertise” or promote your articles, videos, images and the site in general. You can also use this to search for other sites with similar niche as yours to build a relationship with them.

In SEO, where your web presence is crucial to achieve higher rankings, social bookmarking is one effective method of “off-page” optimization which is an SEO term of optimizing their site outside of their web page.

Why Social Bookmarking is Crucial in SEO? Here, are some important points on why you “must” consider bookmarking you posts:

importance of social bookmarking

To Justify Existence. If you want your message on your blog to cross different shores, and not just limited to your close friends and family, you must promote it, unless you want it to be private. The blogosphere will know that your site exists if it is present in social bookmarking sites. It is also a way to determine that you are an active blogger and that you know how to promote your site effectively. Social bookmarking is just a basic SEO. Having a website, at least you know the basics of SEO.

To Increase Traffic. Bookmarking sites are easily indexed or crawled by search engines. If you bookmark your post, people from that bookmarking site can visit your site quickly through the link to your post, thus will increase your site’s traffic. And if they find your site very informative, for sure they will become your subscribers.

To Create a Community. The longer you are bookmarking quality posts and interacting with fellow niche bloggers, you can create a group or community which is a good start in building an authority site. If you are promoting a product or a service on your site and bookmark it, your chance of getting customers and referrals is high. In other words, you can enlarge your market by reaching your customers and potential customers globally.

Quick Tip: The web is a community of different genres and races. It would be very difficult to fit in if you don’t know where and what category you should bookmark your site. So, make sure to bookmark your post on the right category.


To Help in Branding your Site. If your regularly bookmarking posts to social bookmarking sites, people can easily recall your site’s name. Some bloggers who find your post interesting because it is timely, funny, unusual or even challenging, will likely to re blog it, or promote it to other social bookmarking sites. This will help in establishing a brand name of your site. More so, the more friends or followers you have, people deemed you as professional and authority author or blogger.

To Spread News and Alerts Quickly. Since, there are millions of people are also bookmarking their posts daily, hourly or even in seconds, it is a great tool to spread news or update quickly.


To Increase Backlinks. This is the most important factor why SEO marketers are doing bookmarking. Getting backlinks can’t happen instantly unless you will be paying someone or purchasing a machine that can generate backlinks quickly. Back linking is an important factor in SEO, and one of the essential determinants in search engines in calculating the rankings. To get natural backlinks, your posts must rank on the front page of the social bookmarking sites. In order for you to be on the top page, your posts should have more votes from people on the social bookmarking site. A popular post is also called a viral post. And search engines always look up on viral posts.

Quick Tip. Bookmarks that are not popular, or have minimal votes in the social bookmarking site, doesn’t help in getting a good ranking.

The best thing about social bookmarking is that most of the legitimate sites are “FREE” and is not limited to bloggers alone but is accessible to all who have a website domain.

Here are the Top TEN Social Bookmarking sites of 2011 ranked according to the number of users.

1. Twitter

2. Digg

3. StumbleUpon

4. Reddit

5. Delicious

6. Tweetmeme


8. Slashdot

9. Friendfeed


How to SEO your article images and why you should?

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. This is basically true for humans who can interpret a picture or image without reading any caption of it. But in the internet world where robots and machines are programmed for certain limited tasks, like the search engines especially, it can’t read article images.

Search engines can only read text. That’s why the need to describe or write a caption on the article image to be included in the content is essential.

In SEO, content not only means articles or posts alone. Images, pictures, and videos are also regarded as content. And if you own a site you need to have a deeper knowledge on why you should SEO your article images:

How to seo your images

Seo your blog images

Here’s WHY:

To Boost Ranking More.

Your articles are the key roles that you should focus on to achieve higher rankings in the SERP’s, but SEO’ing your article images can be of great help for higher chance of search ability. People often search phrases, or what we call long tail keywords, and if they have typed in the same words and phrases that describes your image, your site will likely to appear in the result pages.

To Gain More Traffic.

The number of traffic is crucial for a site to gain popularity. And one effective way to do it, is to add more images in your content and make an appropriate description of the article images. If your image shows up in the result pages when a searcher searches for something that somehow relates to the searcher’s query and lands on your site, it would still be a traffic to your site. Although at times, it is a given fact that searchers wont read your post because it’s not what they’re looking for or not relevant to the information that they need, but by just simply landing on your page, it is a vote for you.

To Be Competitive.

Knowing the techniques on how to SEO your article images is an edge on your competitors. You shouldn’t be left behind on how to optimize your site, or else expect to see your site on the last pages of the SERP’s.

So, Here are the Effective yet Easy ways on How to Optimize your article Images for the Search Engines:

Rename Your Image.

This is the easiest step but often neglected or taken for granted especially by the newbie SEO marketers. When you upload an image that reads IMG0089.jpg, rename or describe it as what you see it. Meaning the description must be literal and not too poetic or o something that puzzling. When naming article images, put yourself as the searcher. What would searchers type in when they search for something. Be simple and descriptive as possible. For instance, if your article image is an apple, you wont just rename it as apple.jpg, but it would be best if you would say a green apple.jpg or green apples.jpg if it’s green .

Quick Tip: Don’t rename your article image with the keyword you are optimizing if it is not related. Although Google cant read images, it would be a “not so good deed” to deceive the search engines. IF you do that, you are practicing “black hat SEO”.

Use Alt Tags.

Alt tags are created for search engines . It is somehow technical, but is easy if you know the basics of programming. The alt tag attribute is used when your image in the content doesn’t show up and what you see is just a blank box. If you use an alt attribute on your article image, search engine can read it, and searchers can still tell what kind of image is that in the blank box when they point the cursor on the blank image. Again, be descriptive as possible in describing your image.

Add Captions.

By adding captions on your images, it would still be a great help to boost your ranking by including your keywords.

Use SEO Images Plug-In.

It will be great news if you are using WordPress as your blog platform because WordPress has an SEO friendly Plug-In tool that allows you to rename your article image in no time. Additionally, WordPress allows you to insert text or texts into the alt text without worrying on messing or altering the actual HTML.

Although, it is not a guaranteed technique that your site will “immediately” generate more traffic by SEO’ing your article images, but it will definitely make your site search friendly to search engines and to searchers.

How important are keywords? Selecting the right keywords for best SEO

What is a KEYWORD? If you are not into SEO or don’t have any idea on how search engine optimization works, it will be hard for you to understand what a keyword is and its value in the content and how it affects the ranking of a site in the search engine rankings.

Before we come to the importance or value of keywords in your content, let’s first define what is a keyword.

For SEARCHERS- a keyword is the word, words or phrases that a searcher is typed into a search engine bar when they need to find information or data on something. These are search queries that are being recorded individually by search engines to determine the number of times searchers uses those words or phrases.

FOR SEO-,a keyword is said to be the “backbone of SEO”. A keyword is a prize that SEO marketers are targeting to get the highest spot in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s), for these reasons:

Keywords are important

High Chance of Visibility.

Being listed in the first few pages of in the SERP’s would mean higher visibility to searchers. When your site is always in the first few pages of the result pages, the higher chance of getting in more visitors and gaining popularity. But keep in mind that for your visitors to keep coming back to your site, it must not just be searchable, but also a credible source of have good and quality content that searchers ought to know and matches to the queries that they are looking for.

Instills Trust to Searchers.

Searchers deemed that those websites that come first in the result pages are the most relevant and authority sites that they can get reliable information from. That’s why, SEO marketers are competing to push their sites on top of the rankings.

Generate More Traffic.

Traffic” is a term used by SEO to mean “visitors visiting the site”. The more visitors your site is generating day by day, the popular your site will become. There is a tool that determines and records and analysis the number of “traffic” your site has. Google Analytics is the most popular and legitimate one.

Since “Keywords” are important to create a high search engine ranking page, How would you know that you are targeting or using the right keywords in your content?

The answer is very simple.

When you’ve reached the top rank with the keywords that best describes your website, then you are on the right path! All you have to do is maintain it to always be on top.

Quick Tip: Rankings fluctuates daily. You may be on the number spot now, but not tomorrow.

The keywords are determined according to their high keyword density. These keywords are used primarily to create a high search engine ranking page. The more popular keywords are used since these are the ones most internet surfers search on when looking for a particular subject. The tool used to determine keyword density is the Google AdwordS Keyword Tool. It is the most efficient, reliable and free tool that you can use.

With the help of this tool, you will have the idea and the edge to decide what keywords can boost your site to the top of the ranking.

In SEO, there is the so-called short tail and long tail keywords.

Short Tail Keywords – are keywords composing of 1 to two words. These are also said to be the most competitive type of keywords because they are very general. And SEO marketers are having a hard time ranking their sites when they are targeting those competitive keywords.

Long Tail Keywords- these are words composing of two or more words or phrases. Searchers type in a long tail keyword when they want specific results to show up. Compared to short tail keywords, long tail keywords are not so competitive, because searchers seldom use or repeat that words or phrases again.

But, the chance of ranking “fast” and “easy” is by targeting long tail keywords than short tail. Let me give you an overview for you to fully understand what I’m trying to say.

If long tail keywords has only 5,000 searches a month and short tail keywords has 500,000 or more, the competition would be very stiff if you would be using short tail and compete to that mind-bugling number of competitors.

The bottom line is, the long tail keywords you use in your content, the more chances to get that top spot that you are aiming for, hassle-free!

Selecting the right keyword is crucial since search engines use keywords to rank websites.

So, select wisely!


Unique content is king for websites, Reasons why!

The catch phrase “Unique Content is King” sums up the importance of Unique content in a website. Since the internet is also known as the information super highway, people use it mainly to look for information. It is necessary that any website hoping to gain a significant presence in the web should have effective, quality unique content. The information available in a website is its content and the essence of a website’s unique content lies in the text.

Writing for the internet is different to writing for other media, especially print. A web content writer should create unique content that is attuned for an audience with a different mindset compared to those reading in print. Hence, the web content writer creates unique content aiming not only for expression but more significantly for effective and concise communication of the message the website wants to impart.

A web content writer must put himself into his reader’s shoes, so to speak, to successfully impart his point. He can achieve this through the use of brief but concise sentences, simple, understandable unique content, organized and logical train of thought and visually attractive presentation.

Meanwhile, unique content also serves a very important purpose in optimizing a site for higher search engine rankings. The use of important keywords and key phrases help in promoting the website to gain these higher rankings. Aside from link popularity, search engine optimization through the use of keywords is one of the most significant ways of boosting site traffic.

Unique content writing can be classified into three different approaches for different purposes:

Marketing Content:

Writing marketing content is akin to writing an advertisement. You will often see this cliché when you’ve searched for writing marketing content. Without successful marketing, your product or service will fail, without effective unique content, your message is lost, without good writers, no doubt there will be no good content”. However, in making marketing content, your marcom (marketing communication) materials must inform, captivate, and motivate your potentials customers, in a professional way. Meaning even though the aim is to attract potentials customers, it should always be in business tone.

Custom Content:

It is the creation of coherent, custom sentences based on a certain keyword forming three or more paragraphs. This content is normally used as the main page content of an e-commerce website. In this type of content, either the boss or the content writer himself determines which keywords will be used in the content. Usually the keywords are incorporated into the content making it keyword-rich and thus, increase the chances of a high search engine ranking. Paragraphs are made in a light, business tone.

Blog Content:

Blog content can be informal or formal or don’t need to follow any format or style of writing depending on the purpose of the owner of the blog. If the blogger intend to blog to market his skills or just showcase his craft, he can write a post about it in a tone or style that he wants, after all he is his own boss.

What these three types of content must have in common is that it must all be unique. A website content either it is a marketing, custom or plain blog content that is unique generate higher ranking compared to copied or duplicate content.

Quick TIP: Unique content is the very foundation of a website for it to be successful and achieve higher search engine ranking

Some website owners prefer to buy Private label rights (PLR) articles because they are cheap and you can get it in bulk. Unfortunately, the risk of duplicate content or copied content is very high thus your chance of generating higher search engine rank is just average and at worst is low.

Unique Content is always KING as:

  • It will gear you toward establishing a reputable or authority site on a specific niche
  • The chance of getting the higher ranking in the search engine is high
  • Google changes its algorithm by eliminating copied content from the search results giving way to unique, and quality contents

Web content writing has gone through different approaches like spinning or rewriting or rewording articles just to make a whole new article out of it. But the idea of “uniqueness” is no longer present there because the ideas and thoughts are the same. And that’s how web content writing works this time. But unique content in the very sense is writing an article on a topic that no one has ever written before.

New ideas, new thoughts should be the definition of unique content.


How to start a blog for profit?

Why do you blog? Maybe you would answer that blogging is your way of sharing your ideas to others, to make new acquaintances, a place to showcase your passion and expertise, a perfect companion to blow off your steam and etc.

Others may say that they engage in blogging to promote their craft, or their products and services or their company in general. In this way, they use a blog to generate potential customers, thus have the higher chances of making sales and earning more money.

Yes, blogging is not just a way to INFORM, PROMOTE, and ENTERTAIN, but also an easy and effective way to EARN!

Let’s concentrate on how your blogging can give some money in your pocket:

First of course, remember to have a specific niche blog.  Your chosen niche should be something that you’re passionate of doing and that your heart is into. Each one of us has a special skill that we can write about. You just need to discover it and put it into practice for it to become your expertise later on. For example, you love taking pictures and images of animals and the shots are really great. You can make a blog out of it focusing on wildlife photography or animal photos. You can start writing on what is wildlife photography, how to capture good shots, and things like that.

You can always engage in photography but having a focus on one niche like animal photography can help you establish a distinct reputation online. Also, focusing on a niche that you have skills on would b easier and comfortable for you to write something about it.

A blog that talks about almost everything around doesn’t do well or won’t be successful compared to a blog that have a specific theme or niche.

Second, for you to monetize your blog, it must have more visitors visiting your blog and reading your blog posts. The number of minutes a reader spent on your blog post matters because it shows that they are really reading your posts and not just passing through or accidentally clicked your blog.

For your blog to draw traffic, you need to promote or advertise it. Start asking your friends and family members to visit your blog, follow it and comment on your posts. An effective way of generating more traffic is promoting your blog and your posts on social bookmarking sites, social media like facebook and twitter.  Remember that unique visitors are what matters and are the ones which have more weight.

Third, once you have established regular visitors and your blog is up and running at least three to six months, you can engage into money making ventures like:

  • Google Adsense
  • Sell advertisements
  • Engage into affiliate marketing
  • Ebook marketing.

Google Adsense is typically the one that almost all newbie bloggers prefer to start with. Aside from the fact that it is the simplest one to pursue and set-up, it is also a legitimate one.  With Google Adsense you are paid per clicks on the ads that you have posted on your blog.

Quick Tip: Google Adsense has very strict policies. Your blog must have regular posts and is updated regularly and is running online for at least six months. It is best to thoroughly read the policies set in by Google Adsense. Also, before deciding on signing up you may not be aware that you have added something on your site that would lead to the rejection or banning of your site when you’ve signed up. So please read the policies

When joining Affiliate Marketing, make sure to find a legitimate one that will work well with your site niche. You can earn a significant profit with affiliate marketing if you know how it works. So be sure you know how to play the game before making a bet.

You can also try making E-books and sell it on your site. E-books are downloadable electronic books that are in-demands now especially for students looking up some information on their projects online. You can write as many e-books as you can but make sure that the information are based on facts and credible. But don’t ever copy someone’s work and regard it as yours because you can be charged of plagiarism. Be unique in all your write-ups, make sense?

Your passion can be your profession when you start making money out of it. And blogging is the perfect medium to make it happen. Blogging is the fun way of showing your passion to the world and at the same time earning from it.